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The Hero of CHS: Omnitrix Chronicles by Freelancer1337
The Hero of CHS: Omnitrix Freelancer1337
You are described as a hero of your old school. Then you transfer from your old school to Cantorlot High School. What you don't know, you're getting a lot of attention f...
Rejected/abused Kamen rider ooo in canterlot by Dratinibro
Rejected/abused Kamen rider ooo Dratinibro
Dratini yagi wanted to be like his family a hero but when he found out he doesn't have powers his life goes to hell his family start to beat him up and abuse him until h...
The Savior Of CHS by Jordanwolfboy9743
The Savior Of CHSby Jordanwolfboy
(EG Harem x Magical Male Reader) Since day one, you were gifted with magical abilities. You weren't sure where they came from or how you got them, but they've been a par...
Equestria Girls Watch Friendship Is Magic by IdeaFan128
Equestria Girls Watch Friendship
Set after the events of Rainbow Rocks. Following two encounters with Equestrian magic, the girls (except Sunset) and the rest of Canterlot High's students and teachers f...
The Hero Of CHS: Multiverse Adventures Season 1 by AnimeBoy2k
The Hero Of CHS: Multiverse Jan Ed Winreylle Rivera
A boy named Kevin Trident who came to canterlot high when he transfer to his old school but one day when he was little he has superpowers and he has romantic with the ma...
Wolf boy of Chs by Dratinibro
Wolf boy of Chsby Dratinibro
Dratini was running for his life from a hunter when he finally passes out from his injuries when the main6 find will he be able to trust humans or will he always hate th...
Kamen rider Revice in Chs by Dratinibro
Kamen rider Revice in Chsby Dratinibro
Anon igarashi and his best friend a demon named vice move to canterlot city so he can finish school but what people don't know is that are heroes dratini and vice being...
MLPEG x Male OC Draco (Harem Story) by AlecAmmerata
MLPEG x Male OC Draco (Harem Story)by Alectric25
You are known as Draco, the Half-Human Half-Dragon hero. You are capable of many dragon transformations from the HTTYD series. You have a total of 10 lives, but you are...
Lost Loyalty  by CharaDemonChild
Lost Loyalty by CharaDemonChild
Rainbow Dash hid true feelings, her past, behind her attitude of confidence. She pushes herself to be the best to prove her past demons wrong. Pushes herself for her dr...
Worlds Apart (FlashLight) by caironbooks
Worlds Apart (FlashLight)by Cairo
A story about an Equestrian princess and a human guitarist. Worlds, realms, and poles apart, will their love last? (credits to the artist of the cover)
Trouble at Crystal Prep by Abra_catabra
Trouble at Crystal Prepby Shimmer Song
Shimmer's cousin River, is causing a lot of problems for her classmates at Crystal Prep Academy, especially Cheese Sandwich. Can River accept help and change her ways fo...
Descendants (Book 1) by 24minckkatelynn
Descendants (Book 1)by 15animal Queen
18 years before the supers were made illegal. The government ordered that all villians would be sent to live on the isle of the lost. With the help of Celestia and her m...
The cat of Chs by Dratinibro
The cat of Chsby Dratinibro
Dratini is not a normal boy he is part cat and he has lived in canterlot his entire life he hasgreat friends the main 5 and had amazing parents but that changed when his...
MLP EG: Rainbow Rocks Sundown Glare x Reader by KBPeanutGirl24578377
MLP EG: Rainbow Rocks Sundown Kassie@2336473
Second book of my MLP EG Male Sunset Shimmer x Reader! The Dazzlers(the sirens) have come to CHS in search of Equestrian magic, Allegro Gleam, Sonant Nightfall and Anth...
How Did It Come To This? by PrincessLocket
How Did It Come To This?by PrincessLocket
After The Dazzlings are booed off stage from The Battle Of The Bands they go on a little adventure to filled with many new experiences. Adagio separates from Sonata and...
Equestria Girls harem x Spiderman Male reader  by DJBron3
Equestria Girls harem x Lightning Burn
You were an ordinary guy in Canterlot High School who lives with his aunt and uncle until you were bit by a spider in school
TMNT/MLPEG: Lolirock Love Story  by camilalia9898
TMNT/MLPEG: Lolirock Love Story by camilalia9898
Twilight Sparkle is the princess of the Crystal Kingdom and is loved by her parents, but one day the Shredder and the Foot Clan came and try to take over her home and fo...
Kamen rider double in chs by Dratinibro
Kamen rider double in chsby Dratinibro
Dratini hidari is the son of the original kamen rider double and he has decided to move to canterlot for a change of scenery but watch as he helps a princess get her cro...
Canterlot high gains a dragon by Dratinibro
Canterlot high gains a dragonby Dratinibro
Yusei fudo a boy that lost his father at the age of 4 who only had one thing to remember him a card called stardust dragon but this was no ordinary card it could come to...
The invader of canterlot by Dratinibro
The invader of canterlotby Dratinibro
After Zim received his mission he traveled to earth to a city know as canterlot he was originally sent there to take over the world but what happens when he meets 6 frie...