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The Kings Mistress by therosescrown
The Kings Mistressby 🕊
In 1514, Elizabeth Blount catches the eye of the young King Henry VIII. Handsome, young and athletic, Henry soon finds himself infatuated with Elizabeth, much to the di...
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Lethal by gorgmeil
Lethalby Amy Valenzuela
/ˈlēTHəl/ harmful or destructive. sufficient to cause death ______________ Are you one of those individuals who loath women turning themselves a mistress of someone's h...
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Jenlisa: Mistress by Error0123
Jenlisa: Mistressby Lims707
I love you! And I'm willing to be your mistress! Please I can't live without you- Jennie said as her tears are non stop falling through her eyes. G!P Lisa👀
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Ruby Rose by maikitamahome
Ruby Roseby Señora Miaki
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His Rose Her Destiny by insdove
His Rose Her Destinyby Danyell and Jon
Kaylee Peters He protects everyone he cares for. I am not one of those people. Who is this he? He is the Chief of the Intergalactic Police. His real name is Prince Regen...
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Fangs: The Revamp (BOOK 1 & 2 & 3) by DarkWater120
Fangs: The Revamp (BOOK 1 & 2 & 3)by Magenta
Book 1: Clara. An 18 year old young woman who thought life was easy. What a lie that was. Her parents were taken away from her. Her only best friend, Elisa had gone miss...
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The Husband Mistress by Your_Sab
The Husband Mistressby mickodlcz
I was his first love and he is my first love he is a husband material an romantic man,an inspirational,hard working man and loyalty man but it all changed when he starte...
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𝘼𝙡𝙚𝙠𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙧  by radiantbrown
𝘼𝙡𝙚𝙠𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙧 by 𝓇𝒶𝒹𝒾𝒶𝓃𝒸ℯ
Even in light there was darkness. ©This story belongs to me, radiantbrown, meaning this story is mine and legal action can be taken if you decide to claim it as your own.
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mistress by dxddyslilmonster
mistressby babygirl
mistress and submissive smut/nsfw stories
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My lord and his mistress by DearestShookenkooky
My lord and his mistressby aSuGaKoOkIeWiThTaE
*VERY MATURE CONTENT WITHIN* I wasn't partial living in a man's home I had literally no clue of. It slightly disturbed me, but Im getting used to living here. Strange ho...
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The Mistress  [English Version] by ShadowlessPersona
The Mistress [English Version]by ⭐️
Once a wife but now, a mistress.
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SecreTary [R-18] by SleaphRow
SecreTary [R-18]by SR
Tarisha Lynne Valdez Galing sa isang mayaman at respetadong pamilya. Tinuring na prinsesa at pinalaking may dignidad at respeto sa sarili. Nang makilala niya si Vaughn P...
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The Ultimate Betrayal  by Queen_Tingzzz
The Ultimate Betrayal by Autumn ☺️🤓😜
Logan Carter. A happy, married, rich man. Only the age of 26. His wife, Sarah, is a woman he's known his whole life. They were highschool swethearts and stayed together...
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One Night Stand by StephanieLanier
One Night Standby Stephanie Lanier
The only thing Jade Meadows has ever wanted, but never gotten in life, is simplicity. Just as she begins to grow comfortable with her mundane life in the suburbs, she un...
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Dear Peter by Mya_Yvonne
Dear Peterby Cloud Puff☁️
The pain of his wife's death weighed down on him and broke him to the point of no return. He winced when he thought about all of the things he did and said to her. The n...
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My Cheater Husband [On-going] by BinibiningInfinity
My Cheater Husband [On-going]by Kaykayiiee
There was a WIFE named Beverly Kate Biñas- Blackwood. And yes, she's a wife. Pero what if everyday niloloko siya ng asawa niya? Magpapaka martyr siya ganun? She will no...
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CAMREN - The Price of Salt by MarkByCamila
CAMREN - The Price of Saltby Ouch
The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith The beautiful classic novel where the film 'CAROL' adapted Converted to CAMREN
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The Mighty King & Queen  by flugpucker16
The Mighty King & Queen by flugpucker16
The world has change so much as time passes by, humans were once on the top food chain but shapeshifters and magical creatures appears leaving them as the number one pre...
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Unsure || KTH vs. JJK by tae_guccisssss
Unsure || KTH vs. JJKby -;xee
"How can you love two persons at the same time even when you're fucked up?"
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The Perfect Mistress by brainjunkies
The Perfect Mistressby brainjunkies
"You know I never wanted this marriage." "Then go get a mistress." she suggested. "You know I would." he said with his face in disbelief. S...
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