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Group Therapy by mathhomeworkandtears
Group Therapyby Sera
The story of two troubled teenagers, Laynie and Ryder. She hates him and he hates her. But in a world full of loss, pain, and every form of suffering imaginable, how t...
𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐄 (𝐒𝐄𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐋)by zaria
'𝐇𝗼𝗺𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐢'𝗺 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐲𝗼𝐮' ... ❤︎
Strangely Perfect by FamousGiraffe
Strangely Perfectby FamousGiraffe
•Book 1 of Strangely Perfect Series • ||completed|| It wasn't love at first sight, nor did I consider him as someone to love. Just a friend of a friend. We saw and encou...
That Boy [bxb] - sequel to P.B. by -angelwh0re
That Boy [bxb] - sequel to A writing account
Sequel to Pretty Boy. If you haven't read Pretty Boy, go read it first then come back here! After a fight with his boyfriend and a backwards stumble into a road, Matth...
Split - Banginho/MinChan by TuesdaysLeftovers
Split - Banginho/MinChanby nickel
Minho starts his 2nd year of college moving into a new dorm and getting a new roommate, but that means he will eventually have to tell his new roommate his biggest secre...
Mental - HyunSeungI.N. by TuesdaysLeftovers
Mental - nickel
Jeongin gets forced to go to a mental hospital to help with his kleptomania, where he meets two others going through their own struggles. ⚠️⚠️ This story contains mentio...
Taming The Disaster in Her Mind by thekhreta
Taming The Disaster in Her Mindby KC
Haven Baylon, an angel got lost in a hell. She has heterochromia, a disorder in which blesses her with a unique beauty that leads her in to a hellish world. She was bull...
WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU PUMPKINS , james potter by amaxinng
CURRENTLY BEING EDITED & UPDATED (sorry for any inconsistencies in the next few weeks!!) (slow updates??) 𝗪𝗛𝗘𝗡 𝗟𝗜𝗙𝗘 𝗚𝗜𝗩𝗘𝗦 𝗬𝗢𝗨 𝗣𝗨𝗠𝗣𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗦, 𝗠𝗔𝗞𝗘...
Punz x Y/N by sapmyluv
Punz x Y/Nby Karl
punz x yn that's it ;) Warnings: self harm, talks about suic!de Very much smut/ smut things
Manic by milliemadness
Manicby milliemadness
Elijah Jude has an illness. But the illness dosent control who he is. After his abusive father gets sent to prison, the voices came. The doctors say he dissociates to...
WAKE (Wattpad edition) by coffee-an-flowers
WAKE (Wattpad edition)by Rae
The powerful conclusion to the SCARS trilogy. Jon finally feels like he has a place where he can get a break from the weight of having to be Pastor Pete's good son. But...
INDENTED (GaWong) EDITING by Byela21
Deanna Wong is suffering Clinically Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety because of what she had experience from her dark past. She doesn't trust anyo...
A Deadbeat's Journal(Jotarokujo x blackreader) by bilbossofa
A Deadbeat's Journal(Jotarokujo bilbobagginshome
Y/n is convinced that the world is out to get her. The world is out to get her but she is the one causing the pitchforks to be raised against her. Jotaro x blackreader J...
Shy by HappilySad
Shyby Francesca Rose
-A soulmate story- Kit Taylor keeps to himself. Awkward, reserved and anxious, he doesn't expect to find his soulmate. When he finds her in none other than Clara Evelyn...
Fat Girl ✔️ by geekyIndigo
Fat Girl ✔️by Indigo Harbor
"Sometimes you have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else." Ellie Sparks stands out in a crowd... in all the wrong ways. From birth, she's...
Noyade | Rabastan Lestrange [2] ✔︎ by siriuslyenya
Noyade | Rabastan Lestrange [2] ✔︎by enya
At the end of the 1970s, the British wizarding world is on the brink of change. As a dark wizard stretches out his fingers, more and more people go missing or get hurt i...
Everything's Just A Little Sad With Me by _rmal98
Everything's Just A Little Sad RMAL
We Are Everywhere by Elandrielle
We Are Everywhereby Avalon
A collection of poems and short stories that inspire growth from pain. <3 ~ Warning: Contains mature themes and content. Advised for 18+. ~ ****Go check out my other...
His Paper Heart ✓ by DamnThatSass
His Paper Heart ✓by Mads
~Highest Rank #60 in humor~ ~#3 in death and life~ Sixteen year old Genevieve Kaelin considers herself a loner, neither a misanthrope nor a deviant. She has simply lost...
My Saviour - Tanner X Woods by SkylarWood24
My Saviour - Tanner X Woodsby SkylarWood24
With his father and sister dead, Woods is left with severe depression. As he comes home from a business trip, he decides to stop for coffee in a small, local cafe. An en...