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Save me || Jungkook ff by dissismashitteu
Save me || Jungkook ffby bts shit
Jk- hello? Y/N? I started crying as soon as I heard his voice. Me- Jungkook..... save me Jungkook have had a big crush on Y/N since they met 6 years ago. He's been try...
Twisted ➠ anakin skywalker x reader {2} by cuddlyhemmings
Twisted ➠ anakin skywalker x jen
"I don't believe that for a second." { Story playlist, any suggestions may be left in the comments:
He Used Me Vsoo by VsooTaechichi
He Used Me Vsooby 나나 뷔
He used me. " I cannot trust you again.i think i also already moved happy with her ( sana ).k.js " Can you atlaest trust me?? Am begging you jisoo."...
Don't call me angel(seoson1) [Completed] by kingripper_stories
Don't call me angel(seoson1) [ King Ripper
نام فیک: به من نگو فرشته فصل اول🏹 ژانر: سوپرنچرال،امپرگ،اسمات🔞 کاپل: کوکمین👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨یونمین وضعیت: کامل نویسنده: King Ripper🍷
Every Season With You [Taehyung ]  by zz_purple_rainvow
Every Season With You [Taehyung ] by WWH
"Are you really married? Why did you cheat on me? Why didn't you tell me when you first met me? Why! Why Taehyung ?!" I really regret trusting him. I'm angry w...
DAYDREAMER THOUGHTS - Words I Get When I'm Daydreaming by aestheticainee
DAYDREAMER THOUGHTS - Words I auroaravv 🌈
[Unplanned Updates] ~~~~~ I look up through the window. The sun very clear today, so do the clouds. While every...
The Red Cat by vanyRuor
The Red Catby Vany
Mi vida es salvada por mi misma, el infierno que vivo se ha vuelto mi único alivio, lo que eh cometido no remuerde mi consciencia al fin respiro. Solo me faltas tu. Lo q...
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♥️♥️Dibujos mios a mano ♥️♥️ by Valentina_Happy
♥️♥️Dibujos mios a mano ♥️♥️by Valentina Glitch'dswap
Mis dibujos son mis dibujos, pedir permiso si quieren utilizar
Don't call me angel(seoson2) [Completed] by kingripper_stories
Don't call me angel(seoson2) [ King Ripper
نام فیک: به من نگو فرشته فصل دوم🏹 ژانر: سوپرنچرال،امپرگ،اسمات🔞 کاپل: کوکمین👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨یونمین وضعیت: کامل نویسنده: King Ripper🍷
En las garras de Lucifer. by mey_lynn_
En las garras de so f*cking weird
¿Quien diría que terminaría viviendo con un demonio? ¿Que ese demonio sería jodidamente atractivo? ¿Que las reglas están echas para romperse, que Lucifer es un Dios y e...
Naruto vida diferente by Nerospard
Naruto vida diferenteby Dante Sparda
Después de el ataque del kyuby mis dijeron que yo era el kyuby bla bla bla mucha mierda saliendo se sus bocas decía un pelirubio bueno al menos solo tengo un arrogante h...
Experiment Me by muffindigo
Experiment Meby F.E. Muffin
Op een dag werd zij wakker uit een diepe slaap. Muren stonden ontzettend dicht op haar. Waterstralen stroomden over haar heen. En zij zat daar. Gevangen. ©Muffindigo...
Ask And Dare Series [ON HOLD] by PrismaticPrissy
Ask And Dare Series [ON HOLD]by Andromache Galaxy
Finn: *fix his tripod with B-pro on the table as he turn back see everyone* okay guys!! It's ready!!! Momo: ANNYEONG!!! *waves like crazy while sit beside castro on top...
أنا / ME by G-DRAGON-ii
أنا / MEby G.H.D.M الحساب متوقف
هذا كتاب فعلته لكي تستطيعوا معرفتي جيدا به معلومات عني وأيضا سأخبركم فيه بأخبار رواياتي
Dear the Younger Me ✔ by aestheticainee
Dear the Younger Me ✔by auroaravv 🌈
Dear 10 years ago of me, I have messages for you. I miss you, in a way no words could describe. Sincerely, The older version of you. {Full english poetry} na🌸, one fi...
Fnaf chat (SZÜNETEL!)  by inthefunrealprocess
Fnaf chat (SZÜNETEL!) by Starlight Simpz
A könyv születése : Én : unatkozok... Szintén én : *felnézek Viberre...* Csevegés : wattpad, wattpad, wattpad, wattpad... Én : ok, töltsük le! Fél órával később~ Én tisz...
our wedding by getoffmytr0users
our weddingby theklocka
this is basically me getting married, again don't worry I'll still be very married to @BeaKrnkt ❤peter❤