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The Boxer and the Model (Kendall x OC) by Bolox2541
The Boxer and the Model (Kendall Bolox2541
Josh Tyler is the future promise of the middleweight division. His dream is to be the champion. But what happens when he meets a certain model?
married? by lisayahoppa
married?by K
I'm married to Kendall Jenner. but I'm not supposed to be -Katherine Brimner
kardashian | h.s. by rockstarstyles
kardashian | rockstarstyles
DISCLAIMER: i never edit my chapters so if you notice a typo or something just let me know and i'll fix it! :) kaia jenner is the second youngest of the kardashian/jenne...
The Groupchat ; Lights Out Tour by multi-book
The Groupchat ; Lights Out Tourby fics abt my stans !
jus read it ;) a payton moormeier fanfic ! *slow updates*
so this is love? by JellyBeanssuck
so this is love?by JellyBeanssuck
Kennedy Rose Evelyn Jenner falls in love with a tiktok boy and maybe he falls in love with her too
✔️| JENNER. JACK AVERY. by -herronsbaby
the 6th youngest sister of the karjenners fall in love with some boy band? °°° "I love him!" "Oh please, you don't even know what love is kensley"
Texts - Kendall Jenner by kendalljennerfanfics
Texts - Kendall Jennerby kendalljennerfanfics
Text conversations between Kendall Jenner and yourself.
Kendall Jenner Imagines by vectresss
Kendall Jenner Imaginesby jackie
I read too many fan fictions. And I'm basically in love with Kendall Jenner.
Kardashian's-Jenner  by serean234
Kardashian's-Jenner by serean234
Y/n is the daughter of Kim Kardashian and kanye west she is famous like her family and love her siblings one day she goes with her aunt kylie Jenner aka bestie to a socc...
The Youngest Jenner by BooBooButt_BB
The Youngest Jennerby Fanfic
Love, Y/N by 247pill
Love, Y/Nby 247pill
A love triangle between Kendall Jenner, Y/N and Ariana Grande. "It started as an exciting summer fling when our whirlwind of quick romance turns into something ser...
Khloe Kardashian is my mom? by therealkardash
Khloe Kardashian is my mom?by Kardashandjbiebslova
A girl finds her real mom again
THE MISSING SISTER by kickyilb14
THE MISSING SISTERby silvia lopez
What would you do if you were famous out of nowhere how would you react. I personally don't know how would react to becoming famous overnight. Follow me Kayla Jenner on...
Kendall Jenner Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
Kendall Jenner Imagines (gxg)by Kaylee♡
Requested 🌻 Kendall Jenner x Female Reader Imagines Message me for any requests you have 💫💗 Started: 4-22-20 Completed: Highest rankings: ♡ #3 in kendalljennerimagin...
Kelsie Jenner (discontinued) by delilahighnote
Kelsie Jenner (discontinued)by Delilah
Kelsie is the new Jenner. She is Kendall's twin, 24 years old, and living it up in the rich lifestyle. Kelsie is facing a lot of things like the press, modeling, and rel...
✓ | gender neutral gif series, kylie jenner by -winchesters
✓ | gender neutral gif series, ✧
In which I write short gif imagines for Kylie Jenner for mine and your entertainment. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ GENDER NEUTRAL || KYLIE JENNER GIF SERIES || COMPLETED
The Dancer (Camila/You) by papicabello12
The Dancer (Camila/You)by kthlnocmpo
Hi! My name is Y/n Y/l/n I live in Miami, Florida. I'm an only child. I have been dancing since I was little, it's been my passion since. Camila Cabello who I have been...
Rough Roads - Kendall Jenner Imagine by kendalljennerfanfics
Rough Roads - Kendall Jenner kendalljennerfanfics
Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. It certainly wasn't in your plans road tripping with a strange girl you met on the way. And it certainly wasn't in your...