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No puedes gustarme (Profesor y alumna) by yurihonjo2021
No puedes gustarme (Profesor y Yuri
Tory, una estudiante temperamental de 17 años cursando su último año de preparatoria. Dan, un profesor de literatura de 25 años. Tory, una chica un tanto problemática tr...
Something In The Air  by pinkzoie2678
Something In The Air by pinkzoie2678
Parker Forsyth is Kristina Corinthos' new professor. They seem to have an uncanny attraction to each other. Can they stop it before it's too late? My own take on the soa...
Up in the Stars by sapphox
Up in the Starsby sapphox
Enid is moving across the world to attend university. Away from all that she knows, she soon finds herself at the center of three men's unyielding attention. Three men...
Hendrix ✓ by softsloth
Hendrix ✓by softie ❥
‶Your little mate, what is she like?″ ‶She's wild, but all the best flowers are.″ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ ★ ✰ No one has ever seen Alpha Cedric Veiler smile. He i...
Project Oxygen by violadavis
Project Oxygenby kt
When someone dies mysteriously during a Psych experiment, Rhiannon becomes enmeshed in a conspiracy that includes both the survivors and the killer. ...
Oblivion by nosleepgangx
Oblivionby nosleepgangx
she wanted to be his. and he wanted to possess her mind, body, and soul. the desire she felt for him sent her deeper and deeper into oblivion. highest rank: #1 in darkac...
My Professor Is My Heartless Husband (Under Revision) by Xandra_Louise
My Professor Is My Heartless Keith Alexis Angeles
Madaming nag sasabi na perfect na daw buhay ko, lagi nilang sinasabi na "Xandra ang perfect mo, perfect ng buhay ko at ang swerte mo" pero sa kabila ng lahat n...
Howling at the Moon by Whyisthisnotworking3
Howling at the Moonby Magpie
A Remus Lupin fan-fiction. Alternative love story taking place during the Prisoner of Azkaban. A young Hufflepuff has the ability to sense the moods of those around her...
A Beautiful Mess by Sarahbeth552002
A Beautiful Messby Sarah Jones
It only took one awkward and accidental encounter at her parent's anniversary party for Sydney Mitchell to make a wrong impression on Dr. Cole Easton. She had been his s...
The Professor's Wife - a Benedict Cumberbatch fanfiction by benedicting
The Professor's Wife - a ǝʇʇoןɹɐɥɔ
Everyone knows that Professor Cumberbatch is a married man. "Wait, when was his wedding again?" "Can't believe we've been colleague for years and I never...
Music Theory (lrh) by parawhorre
Music Theory (lrh)by Anne
"Music theory fucking sucks," "That's no way to talk in front of your professor." "Sorry sir" Or Where Mona Irwin starts anew at college. ...
Florescence {Complete} by VenusEGaius
Florescence {Complete}by Venus E. Gaius
Professor James Carlyle expected to sit in darkness forever. In many ways alone, and bearing the burden of forgiveness, how could he ever expect to find any sense of jo...
Marrying the professor by may00m
Marrying the professorby may00m
Elena Parker is in her second year in college, she stays with her roommate Laura at the girl's dorm. Most of her time is spent reading Stephen King's books or watching...
Diana by yazzzy_54
Dianaby yazzzy_54
Diana is 18 and already a sophomore in collage. She graduated high school early. She is wealthy but not rich and she is a Gem seeking to find herself . A good girl gone...
Wild Things | Remus Lupin by GryffindorGlader
Wild Things | Remus Lupinby ais
Nora Weasley expected many things from her final year at Hogwarts- parties, studying, placing bets on how the new Defence professor would leave at the end of the year. ...
When Life Gave a Second Chance  (Completed) by Aishwarya5007
When Life Gave a Second Chance ( Aishwarya5007
Arpana could hear guests murmuring about the bride swap and the judgemental talks on how it is her second marriage. Arpana was immune to this kind of talk. What bothered...
Mrs Olsen  by kdogzzz
Mrs Olsen by kdogzzz
what happens when a new teacher catches the eye of y/n a girl with a troubled back ground and a huge secret. y/n is a typical bad girl and she causes a lot of trouble...
🍷 THE MOJO 🍷  by OpiumCoca
🍷 THE MOJO 🍷 by Opium Coca
"I am The Mojo. People pay me, but they don't own me. I work for money, but money means nothing to me. I sell my body, but nobody can buy me. People can adore me, w...
Friendly Competition by JayseHasNoGrace
Friendly Competitionby JayseHasNoGrace
Harry is going to be the new Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. He needed a change from the way his life had been going. Unfortunately, he finds out Draco...