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Mcr Halloween one shots by SnippyDaSpookyTurtle
Mcr Halloween one shotsby SnippyDaSpookyTurtle
I'm making a story for all the days of October. There will be death, fluff, angst and some other shit.
The sharpest lives  by giveemhell109
The sharpest lives by Pilgrim steppers
Y/n has been in love with Gerard way for years, he my never love her back. But stories change
Stage 4 of Trying - Frerard by Emolilshit
Stage 4 of Trying - Frerardby Better When High 🚬
Frank Iero. 25-years-old Married to Jamia Nestor (Iero) ...And infertile He tried for ages to start a family with the one he loved most but just couldn't. And that is wh...
.inferno. by whydoeswatersuck ‘ ⚣ ‘
"you could come with me." he tried again, but, again, i refused. "you know that's impossible-" i began, but halted my words as the bearded teenager...
"i'm not okay"story of highschool lovers by glossyrxmance
"i'm not okay"story of 𝑳 𝑼 𝑪 ✨
Adults often say that being teenagers is easy, they say that the only thing it should matter to us at the moment is studying, do they not remember how hard being a fucki...
Frerard OneShots by literally_lee
Frerard OneShotsby literally_lee
Some oneshots people might enjoy. You'll find anything but mostly fluff in here :) Requests are open! !currently (october 2020) on hold/on hiatus/slow updates cuz i'm st...
gerard way oneshots by iIlness
gerard way oneshotsby illness
oneshots about the one and only, gerard way. relatively well written but definitely very cliche. i hope u enjoy!
Frerard Reclist by Arro_Sohng
Frerard Reclistby Arro_Sohng
My Frerard reclist. Because I want to.
A Little Help Along The Way  by fabulous-killjoy445
A Little Help Along The Way by Night Venom
When Taylor gets kicked out by her abusive mom for Being bi she has to survive on what she has until she meets someone who's willing to turn her whole world upside down ...
Daydream Of My Funeral (Frerard) by justemotrsh
Daydream Of My Funeral (Frerard)by mis.yu.trrbly
Tw: anorexia, depression, self harm, anxiety, suicide, slurs.
EMO BAND PREFERENCES by ActualFuckingSatan
Idk(how) what I'm doing anymore. This piece of trash emo book is pReFeReNcEs CAUSE WHY NOT?! Idk(how) who made the cover I found it on google. This includes (deep inhale...
- Gerard Way x Reader Oneshots - by UniIsOkayNow
- Gerard Way x Reader Oneshots -by Uni
Oneshot: A one-shot (or oneshot) is defined as a fanfic that has only one chapter. ... One-shots can also have sequel fics and still be considered one-shots. - Fluff: Fl...
Insubordination [Frerard] by R0NNIEH3ARTBR3AK
Insubordination [Frerard]by +.~*Ronnie*~.+
Gerard Way is your typical "Fag" in New Jersey. Frank Iero is your typical "Skank" in New Jersey. While Gerard is someone with a homophobic abusive...
GIVE US MORE DETONATION! (Party Poison x reader) by immasipmahtea
*mature language! tell me ur thoughts about my fanfic :)* Run away from your past is not as easy as you think. You tried to escape but the past ain't through with you. T...
[ L i m e r a n c e  // G. Way ] by sxmmertxme_
[ L i m e r a n c e // G. Way ]by ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝕴𝖟𝖟𝖞
Autumn // Frerard  by scenetwo-rogerrabbit
Autumn // Frerard by scenetwo-rogerrabbit
September started, and school was in session. Gerard, although used to it, was sick of school. Despite every day being the same it was only a new challenge for him to ke...
Anytime You Want. . . (Lyn-z and Gerard Fanfiction!) by theskinnysneverdie05
Anytime You Want. . . (Lyn-z and theskinnysneverdie
The token "how gerard and lynz met" fic, as realistic as possible. Super cheesy, super fluffy, super cute.
Commit Me Already  by -idkwhattoputhere-
Commit Me Already by Emo Hype
Eliza Cuts wrote about her relationship with Gerard, this is the edited version. Note that this is exaggerated and part story.
DEMON!Frank Iero x Male reader by MCRmy_ho3s_only
DEMON!Frank Iero x Male readerby MCRmy_ho3s_only
yes, there will be a female version, don't worry--
Killjoys: A new arrival by TheKillerKate
Killjoys: A new arrivalby TheKillerKate
Grace is a plain and simple 13 year old girl. But in her family's eyes, shes an outcast. In life, in society, and in amongst her friends. Despite being brought up on the...