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The Origin of a Champion by HylianAtHeart
The Origin of a Championby Mary Christi
Many see him and think he is simply a talented individual who hasn't seen a bit of struggle or a hard day in his life. Everyone knows of Link, the Hylian Champion who wi...
Not My Daddy by noonetooimportant
Not My Daddyby noonetooimportant
I'm a neko..I work as a stripper in my daddy's club...hes scary but I cant do anything..I dont wanna get hit or the passed baby boys.. but I dont need fo worr...
The muted hero (Legend of Zelda)(Zelink) by Mutedboy
The muted hero (Legend of Zelda)( Alex
The story begins when one day at hyrule high, with zelda hyrule...the most popular girl in school and the mute warrior named link. What happens when they collide? Can Z...
Male Gamer x RWBY by Uptown2022
Male Gamer x RWBYby Uptown2022
This is a story how I died, and was reborn in a new different world. Follow me into a whole new world. This is where I get my happy ending.
Haunting Shadow of the Past by CaptainR3x
Haunting Shadow of the Pastby CaptainR3x
Calamity Ganon is on the brink of returning and all citizens of Hyrule are concerned. Link has a new amount of stress on his shoulders ever since he pulled up the master...
Ganondorf's Malice by Riptide755
Ganondorf's Maliceby Hero of the Wind
Imagine a world crumbling. Darkness, and nothing but blood and ash. That was her life. But, things got better. No more ash and dust, no more tears. Peace. Life and freed...
Botw Champions Group Chat by ripcitytws
Botw Champions Group Chatby Teh_apple_tree
This is a group chat wear the champions, Link, and Zelda all chat about random things. P.S. there may be an special guest. Dis my first story soooo... it's gonna suck...
Come find me, dumb bunny... I need you (legendxreader) by LegendOfZelda4life
Come find me, dumb bunny... I Animelover
Full credits to Jojo, creator of Linked Universe. Female reader insert Hi, I'm Y/n. I loved the legend of zelda games and wished I was lucky enough to become a chosen he...
Wildflower || LoZ: BotW {Various x Reader} {A Oneshot Collection} {Editing!} by LivFreely
Wildflower || LoZ: BotW {Various Queen Of The Clouds
"Nothing is more lovely than a wildflower. . ."
Just one drink by Shoto_Todoroki_xluv
Just one drinkby ._.
"One drink, one kiss and I'm his" ------ "One night, one taste and she's mine" ------- this story is a story between y/n (you/reader) and Liam
Touken Ranbu x Reader/Saniwa - Baby Toudans by user36715413
Touken Ranbu x Reader/Saniwa - Carmen-chan
It was another peaceful day for the toudans and the Saniwa . Yagen had made a potion which could make people younger . Tsurumaru find out the potion and use it to prank...
The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Legacy by EffervescentElixir
The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Aaron Chiplocke
The legend of the hero, Link, the Goddess reborn, Zelda, and evil reincarnate, Ganon has been ingrained in the history of Hyrule from its very inception. Link, a young b...
Koko and Cottla by MarvelandZeldafan
Koko and Cottlaby Marvelda
It's been been 6 years since the Great Calamity was defeated, and Koko couldn't be happier. Her father, and her sister are safe, and Link, the restorer of Hyrule, always...
I'd Give My Life | BotW Link x Reader by -Naydra-
I'd Give My Life | BotW Link x 𝑅𝑒𝑒𝑠𝑒
You've been scorched by the blazing sun in the Gerudo Desert, drowned by the the rapids of Zora's Domain, frozen by the frigid air of Rito Village, and sweltered by the...
【 HYBRID 】[Link x Reader x Zelda] by -ZELZEL-
【 HYBRID 】[Link x Reader x Zelda]by 【 ZELZEL 】
[Legend says that a Deity was born when a catastrophe far worse than Ganon happened. Demise was not truly dead, but his soul was secretly being kept in the underworld g...
The Hearts True Nature... by soloplayer123
The Hearts True soloplayer123
Who... Who am I...? What was I doing here...? Why am I here...? And what is this mark...? Follow the young man named (Y/N) as he roams all of Hyrule in search of his ide...
The Twilight Blade: the goddess keys by ZeldafanHj
The Twilight Blade: the goddess Zelda fan Hj
Sequel to The Twilight Blade. A race to find the three goddess keys.
The Twilight Blade: Hylia's Wrath by ZeldafanHj
The Twilight Blade: Hylia's Wrathby Zelda fan Hj
Hylia goes silent, and the world goes into chaos.
Dimensions; The Brother Band by ZeldafanHj
Dimensions; The Brother Bandby Zelda fan Hj
The sequel to the dimensions series. About Grace's three brothers.
Memories Of A Sacred Sword by abbietung11
Memories Of A Sacred Swordby 🌴Zelda🌴
Hi! This wasn't supposed to be puslished, but then i was like," This is a good cover..and it has a good why not?" Anyway, here's the descriptio...