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Unlikely Love? by Endya_njr
Unlikely Love?by Endya_njr
I quickly cut my sharp hazel eyes at him, as he whispered something in Dani Alves ear and they both start laughing. I had it. I was so frustrated, why did he hate me so...
FOOTBALL FCKBOYS  ✧ high school edition ✧ by hazardsbooty
FOOTBALL FCKBOYS ✧ high school ☽
your favourite football players ranging from fck boys, daddies, jocks, nerds, class clowns, punks, bad boys, drug dealers, foreign exchange students you name it! we got...
Miss Piqué | Sergio Ramos by ErinLindsayX
Miss Piqué | Sergio Ramosby ErinLindsayX
When Barcelona refuses to hire her due to her gender, Eleanor Piqué is determined to make them regret their decision. Even if it means leaving her brother and her friend...
living with rm ➳ real madrid by marcorooster
living with rm ➳ real madridby britney
avery ends up spending her summer with real madrid.
With CR7! (Cristiano Ronaldo fanfic) by SarahSvenxoxo
With CR7! (Cristiano Ronaldo Sarah
A unique love story of Cristiano Ronaldo
Route | Toni Kroos by hvitserkk
Route | Toni Kroosby giu
Onde Violete Georgiou é uma guia turística e Toni Kroos um estrangeiro perdido na mágica Grécia. 2020| llorentezete
Bom Vida! by BrasiliaBabe
Bom Vida!by Leila
Leila needs money, like now. So she signs up to be a nanny. After several unsuccessful interviews she finally gets a job. Turns out it is for the Neymar Jr. Throw that i...
Blank Space// S.Ramos by dramaqueenRamos
Blank Space// S.Ramosby HalaMadrid
"Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."
Untouchable»Cristiano Ronaldo [EDITING] by threemillionn
Untouchable»Cristiano Ronaldo [ M☀️
°•ιn wнιcн нe ғιndѕ тнe мιѕѕιng pιece•° °•нe ғιndѕ нer υnтoυcнaвle•°
Rock The Rants(Cristiano Ronaldo)(Completed) by Suckerlove825
Rock The Rants(Cristiano Ronaldo)( Suckerlove825
Ever since the age of 13, Paige Lazaro loathed Cristiano Ronaldo. She hated him with a passion and couldn't wait to graduate so she wouldn't see his face ever again. 8 y...
in which gareth becomes infatuated with a girl he meets on instagram, becoming her sugar daddy in exchange for nudes and sexts. ╰╮ (GARETH BALE X OC) (INSTAGRAM) (SLOW...
alternate | asensio  by avsensio
alternate | asensio by vivian
when life gives you the royal crown, you accept that you're part of the royal family or, instead you put that behind your back and work as a sales person, then pretend...
Drunk by SnxkeVenom
Drunkby Nova V. Lyric
I'm instantly overtaken by the need to sleep in the comfort of this man's bed. I slowly drift off, my head rested lightly on his shoulder. I'm almost wrapped comfortabl...
Let me give your heart a break(Neymar Jr) by niazzkillam
Let me give your heart a break( zquad
'Immature love says 'I love you because I need you. Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.' -Erich Fromm @Copyright 2014 @neymars All rights resserved.
Un motivo. / Marco Asensio. by blacklaw
Un motivo. / Marco Ana Sánchez
-¿Por qué lo has hecho? -Odio todo lo que se interpone entre tu cuerpo y el mío, así sea el aire.
A Year With Real Madrid by iamzebanaaz
A Year With Real Madridby Z💜
She didn't know that becoming bestfriends with someone on Facebook could lead her to spend a year with her dream club, Real Madrid! When a young girl leaves her home, f...
Criscelo( Cristiano Ronaldo & Marcelo )  by ilovefootballaalot
Criscelo( Cristiano Ronaldo & ilovefootballaalot
~ I love these two so much, and they're so adorable. I just can't believe there isn't any fanfic about these two! But incase you're someone, like me, who was looking for...
preferences | real madrid by realmadridcf-
preferences | real madridby madridista🇪🇸
❃real madrid's players and their crushes❃ ⇢ t i m e o f t h e i m a g i n e ⇠ •Sergio Ramos• •Isco Alarcón• •Marco Asensio• •James Rodríguez• •Nacho Fernández• •Marco...
Give Me Love (Sergio Ramos/Marcelo Vieira) by annielovesnekos
Give Me Love (Sergio Ramos/ annie
Give Me Love (Sergio Ramos/Marcelo Vieira) (Sequel to Build My Dreams) The last thing Adalinda Thompson wanted was to break the heart of an innocent man, the man who hir...