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Deal (Hiatus )  by jojionyc
Deal (Hiatus ) by Jojo
" Okay. If my team wins and I score the first goal...... Then I have to kiss you on live TV and travel with me for the rest of the season . So that means traveling...
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Four years by Milenaj98
Four yearsby MILENAAAA
What if you got pregnant at 18 with the baby of a complete stranger? What if your whole life was put on hold to raise the baby? But what if the father was a world famo...
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Football Imagines by princesabarcelona
Football Imaginesby K
Football (soccer) Imagines about Football players from all kind of different clubs. I published all of those on my tumblr before so you might have read them on there bef...
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Mark my words (Neymar Jr Fanfic) by neymartois
Mark my words (Neymar Jr Fanfic)by N
Imagine getting the chance to be friends with the whole FC Barcelona team.. Well for Mira it's not that big of a deal until she meets that certain person. She lost her t...
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The Other Half by ItsRoselleB
The Other Halfby ཞo ♡
We all fall in love . Sometimes we fall foolishly and completely that we wont be able to let go of that special person anymore . Ella and Neymar were - what you call t...
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sparks ✦ n.j by laacolee
sparks ✦ n.jby kamz
"she broke her own heart loving him." { editing coming soon }
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Yours & Mine. by Neymarjrstory
Yours & Neymarjrstory
He didn't seem to see me, his head was in his phone. I closed my eyes and hoped he wouldn't notice me. "Are you gonna hold your breath in this entire ride?" He...
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Soccer/Football Imagines by SportsStarE
Soccer/Football Imaginesby SportsStarE
Original soccer/football imagines I have reached the maximum of 200 chapters on this story. So, if you want to keep reading my works, go to Soccer/Football Imagines Par...
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fireworks ↳ neymar jr by Iionelmessi
fireworks ↳ neymar jrby m ♡
❝my only mistake was choosing the wrong sister.❞ » In which he falls in love with his girlfriend's sister. » © Iionelmessi 2016.
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adopted by neymar by moorhousecrazy4
adopted by neymarby moorhousecrazy4
Milly is four years old and she was a orphan untill Neymar adopted her
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Finding home (Lionel Messi's daughter) by TheChallenge03
Finding home (Lionel Messi's TheChallenge
Max was a ten year old who lived on the streets of Barcelona, Spain. Her mother was a junky who left her and moved to America with lucky man number three. She was bitte...
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New Mom 💗 by neyyy27
New Mom 💗by neyyy27
Charlotte Martinez is a young student at UCLA. She's also a part-time model. One day she went to Brazil for a photo shoot, but she didn't know that this photo shoot will...
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Soccer imagines  by nataliegodinez_
Soccer imagines by Natalie.godinez
Title says it all. There from tumblr and credit goes to them.
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Snapchat | Karim Benzema by cristiano-
Snapchat | Karim Benzemaby ♡
In which Karim Benzema thinks he's sending a snapchat to Raphael Varane but ends up snapchatting with a girl who cannot believe her luck. #309 in Fanfiction on 18/07/16...
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Football/Soccer smuts by khaleesigail
Football/Soccer smutsby スベタ
BITCH I cant find one then Imma make one this story include the following team Real Madrid Juventus Paris Saint - Germain Manchester City F.C Barcelona etc. (or whoever...
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El clasico [Lionel Messi] by Lovemessi
El clasico [Lionel Messi]by Lovemessi
El Clasico. Barcalona, Spain. A Lionel Messi Fanfic! Enjoy :) This is a story of how Lionel Messi and Antonella got together in my imagination!
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groupchat ↳ fc barcelona by Iionelmessi
groupchat ↳ fc barcelonaby m ♡
❝no, messi please don't! i'll give you a cookie.❞ » in which the fc barcelona players talk in a groupchat. » © Iionelmessi 2016.
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Would You Rather? (Football) by Saudah01
Would You Rather? (Football)by Saudah Mohammed
A 'Would You Rather' book on football. Just for fun!
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Lost Love (Neymar Jr) by creativegurl
Lost Love (Neymar Jr)by Saada
Carol and Neymar were considered the most perfect couple. But what happens when Neymar screws up and Carol breaks his heart? Will they ever get back together? or is the...
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ON HOLD! What happens when an Asian brings home a European boyfriend? JULIAN DRAXLER FANFICTION (crazy rich asians x football)
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