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My Cold Italian Billionaire by October_baby10
My Cold Italian Billionaireby October_baby10
The title may sound cliché but wait till you read it yourself. Winter Rodriguez and Enrique Facchinetti both has a devastating past that they deals according to their ow...
AND A BLOWJOB by Aellopus
AND A BLOWJOBby Aellopus
The book is about M's wild teenage life. It's mostly sex and drugs so... I am shit at descriptions, but the book is good. COVER BY @I_Sell_Potatoes This story is mature...
Captive Romance by conleyswifey
Captive Romanceby Nicole Sturgill
**Mail order wife, Rebecca Smallwood leads a boring life on her wealthy husband's Wyoming ranch. She deals with his daily remarks and annoyance toward her inability to p...
Voldemort, Tom Riddle and You - Alphas Mate (Harry Potter reader-insert fic) by pumpkinnina
Voldemort, Tom Riddle and You - p-u-m-p-k-i-n
[Omegaverse] [Alpha Voldemort x Omega Female Reader] [Alpha Tom Riddle x Omega Female Reader] [Alpha Voldemort x Omega Harry] [Alpha Tom Riddle x Omega Harry] Experience...
Beautiful Crime // Natasha Romanoff by SebStanIsBae
Beautiful Crime // Natasha Romanoffby SebStanIsBae
[BLACK WIDOW] --- In which The Hulk's brother loves an assassin. --- [EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE] [avengers - avengers: age of ultron] [natasha romanoff x mal...
Who We Were  | EDITING by ButterflyWriter13
Who We Were | EDITINGby 𝐞 𝐥 𝐥 𝐞
Alana Sole, Britney Ellis, and Piper Reagan were best friends until that fateful day three summers ago. Suddenly reunited, can the young women make amends and heal their...
Black Beauty by AnnaBadell
Black Beautyby DeLuSiOn ThE GiRl
She made them fall for her .She let them feel as if they could change her. Men and women one after the other tried to get her interest,claim her heart and capture her so...
The Alpha's Human  by Cookie_Bagel
The Alpha's Human by Cookie
Werewolves and humans had always had their conflicts for years. However with the agreement to establish the Werewolf/Human Act to make werewolf hunting illegal in 1980...
Madison // Peter Hale by SebStanIsBae
Madison // Peter Haleby SebStanIsBae
WARNING: WORST BOOK I'VE EVER WRITTEN. --- [THE ALPHA] --- In which an innocent was changed forever. --- [EXTENDED SUMMARY INSIDE] [teen wolf] [pre-season...
Glamour Of Love by KritiBhareja
Glamour Of Loveby Kriti Bhareja
"Tinkerbell has always been there for Peter. But Peter? He chose Wendy." ******* Tinkerbell Fay is a cute, beautiful, feisty yet a shy girl. She has secretly b...
CENTURION (OnGoing) by Visualdiva
CENTURION (OnGoing)by Aurora
Born on the idyllic isle of Greece, Antonius and his family happily lived their lives upon their farm, with free men and women, who were born as slaves but set free by h...
Oneshots by Fanfics-Addict
Oneshotsby Naomi
UNEDITED. Boy x girl oneshots
Night Life by satan-is-a-woman
Night Lifeby Lilith
She was a stripper. He was a gang leader. And yet he was the one begging for mercy. On wattpad for a reason but then again so are you.
The Big Night by Wiccanheart_cos
The Big Nightby Lukas Rayn
What happens when Sirius desides to propose to his long time (4 year , so since 6th year of school they are no longer in school { image the years of school work like Hog...
The Freedom in Blood  by silent1storm2
The Freedom in Blood by Silentstorm
+18 and up Manxman ManxWoman
Abducted by JhaelleTT
Abductedby Jhaelle
Sasha Murphy has just lost her job and her boyfriend. Thing's aren't looking to hot for her until she's kidnapped by a handsome, saddistic devil, Nicholas Black. She soo...
La Fleur De La palace (completed) by aliaa-aqui
La Fleur De La palace (completed)by The Author
If i was a flower, what flower would you like me to be ? Iris a young beautiful girl working as a servant in the French Palace, what happens when she misunderstand the y...
Cut-out-of-a-cliché-wattpad-romance-novel millionaire CEO, Jerome Kersavage in a desperate attempt to save his dignity, inheritance, marriage and ultimately his life mak...
Kiss It by that-awkward-moment
Kiss Itby God's Not Dead.
Excerpt "Why aren't you afraid of me?" He asked, his tone soft and curious, taupe eyes solemn. She snorted "Seriously? I have worst nightmares about fail...