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One shot by tijanlayi
One shotby Jan
الون شوت يحتوى على مثليين !! +18/عاميه/مثليه
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A Gentle Glow || Flower Husbands (Empires) by stargazing_owl
A Gentle Glow || Flower Husbands ( ERYN !?
When Scott has to get married to the future queen of Rivendell, chaos ensues.
Imperial Love: We'll Meet Again: Richard and Alexander's story Book 6 by PurdonSara
Imperial Love: We'll Meet Again: HistoricalActress
General Richard Burdwick returns home to Virginia to spend time with his wife, Marjorie, but then when he reunites with his good friend and Bunkmate Alexander Grey, the...
my love~ by yesimchloehbu
my love~by chloe
this is by no means shipping the real people themselves. this is just an AU about tubbo working at a coffee shop and then they fall inlove yk? its your typical fluff sto...
Above The Chinese Restaurant - XINGYUN ★ by loverrei
Above The Chinese Restaurant - cheri
MADE BY: @loverrei MADE ON: April 17, 2024 PUBLISHED ON: April 20, 2024 - - - - - - - - - - Hello everybody! Good morning/afternoon/evening, this fanfiction will be abou...
LOVE YOU, PAR 💕 [ON-GOING] by LoveButterflyWrites
LOVE YOU, PAR 💕 [ON-GOING]by Love Butterfly
I never had a dream come true, 'till the day that I found you 💕 Published : August 13,2018 Finished : **********
the story of us  by lrftdt
the story of us by key; vio a louis🫶🏻
Un grupo de amigos se embarca en su último año de escuela antes de la universidad, mientras sobrellevan las aventuras de verano, admisiones a la universidad, las noches...
Into The Deep by Dana8834
Into The Deepby Dana8834
အတ္တဆန်တဲ့အချစ်လို့ပြောလဲခံမှာပါ..... ခံစားချက်တွေက ပြောင်းလဲတတ်တာမို့ မင်းပေါ် ကိုယ်ခံစားချက် ရှိနေချိန်လေး အဆုံးထိချစ်ပေးချင်မိတယ်
Soulmate String by ilikecheesee99
Soulmate Stringby fufu :3
A world where everyone is connected together by a string. Different types of strings. Colour determining the feelings you have towards them, and the width meaning how cl...
21 QUESTIONS | NAEGAMI by MsSleepyKiller
21 QUESTIONS | NAEGAMIby The Moonsickness System
Byakuya Togami has never felt particularly fond of Makoto, in fact, he may even say that he dislikes the boy. However, when they're forced together on a school project...
Secret but never forbidden by ttpdtaylorsversion
Secret but never forbiddenby Archer/lacy!!
Adam,a student from Seris High School has just moved into this new town called yeasting.He's planning to make it through the year without any distractions,but as he bump...
Bubly is Dead by ur-mom-is-sus
Bubly is Deadby ur-mom-is-sus
Michael Bubly is dead. Four teenagers are blamed. Who commited the murder?
♡ⓘⓣ'ⓢ ⓗⓘⓜ♡ by moaning_from_my_ass
♡ⓘⓣ'ⓢ ⓗⓘⓜ♡by moaning_from_my_ass
3 years after tord had blown up his friends house and betrayed them tord comes back, and it isn't too pretty. He comes back in hopes of becoming friends and gaining matt...
"Is this what love feels like?" || A TanZen Story. by starb0yyyyy
"Is this what love feels like?" || starb0yyyyy
TW: Self harm. || My first story!!! I don't know if i'm ever going to finish this story but if you guys like it let me know and i'll try to finish it!! || Fluff & Angst.
An Oarfish's Dreams by catticoon
An Oarfish's Dreamsby catticoon
A young merman named Elliott washes onto the shore of Stardew Valley unconscious. Trying to figure out why he ended up there, he learns the lifestyle of the people in th...
Equally Angry || BL by UrFavoriteFemboy
Equally Angry || BLby Wikuś ^_^
''We are equally angry and equally in love..'' Hayden is a young boy, in his last year of high school. He attends there with his best friend Evan. They both support and...
Kurume VBC by basichaikyuu101
Kurume VBCby basichaikyuu101
This is a fan made team with ocs of many different people who will be linked below (I DONT CLAIM THE COVER IMAGE)
🌺Verbena🌺 (Bowhawk Shera) (MxM) by heyMytaco
🌺Verbena🌺 (Bowhawk Shera) (MxM)by —linguini—
Bow has spent his entire life being put second, first by his fathers and second by his best friends. Then college starts and he meets a man with a mustache and tendency...
Dont be shy! by its_your_gal_angie
Dont be shy!by itsyourgal~
enemy to lover's./mlm/gay/bl/lgbt/. romance+lust+strong words
Dancing in the rain. . . ~A BL story~ by Cinna_bunz
Dancing in the rain. . . ~A BL ☆*{Izzy} *☆
"The rain is so much more better when your dancing in it. . ." 〜☆〜 Being a waiter is hard. It's even harder when there's a grumpy old man bossing you around. B...