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Art of Middle-Earth  by SallySocker
Art of Middle-Earth by SallySocker
Fan art of different characters and ships from Tolkien's world. If you don't like one of the ships just skip that chapter. Enjoy!
Lost in the woods:A Silmarillion fanfic by JustAWanderingPotato
Lost in the woods:A Silmarillion ~Niquelótë~
My life was normal. I had a job, I had a beautiful cat and i was living in a small flat among many in New York. For a long time nothing have changed. And I liked it.Unti...
Silmarillion Request Book [REQUESTS CLOSED] by Caldar_the_Green
Silmarillion Request Book [ Caldar Greencloak
Silmarillion request book! Please read the first chapter for info. Requests currently closed due to my other projects.
A Stumble Into Shadow by awedome4
A Stumble Into Shadowby awedome4
Oromë loves all his siblings; it's just, they all screw up sometimes. He knows they are going to make mistakes with Arda; heck, look at what happened with the Music. So...
The devil's daughter by houseofbauglir
The devil's daughterby houseofbauglir
Melkor Bauglir. He is one of the most richest men in the world and probably an asshole. He earns his money from the many banks he owns, from tax evasion and fraud. Fraud...
Silmarillion Oneshots by xxWinterCloudxx
Silmarillion Oneshotsby xxWinterCloudxx
Some oneshots that mainly center around Melkor and Mairon, and their relationship. ~Cover by amazing m0rket on Tumblr~
In the land of Mordor where the Shadows lie... by tyciebo
In the land of Mordor where the Dorota Szczepanek
In the suffocating darkness of Barad-dur there sits Sauron the Great and waits for something that should never happen...
Why? by The_Owlery
Why?by Helena
Why was he alone? A Melkor/Mairon oneshot after the defeat of Melkor. (Cover art is mine)
DESTINED TO YOU by Sossy_Chixx
DESTINED TO YOUby Criz Ann Alcantara
Sa Hindi inaasahang muling pagtatagpo naming dalawa Naulit ang ating nadarama. Pilit iniwasan pero hindi Kinaya At sa huli nauwi na din sa isang relasyon hindi mabitag n...
Flamme Im Wind || Angbang by tearwreck
Flamme Im Wind || Angbangby clown in the void
To spy, acquire information and to impress his master, Mairon decides to pass the road of Helcaraxë all by himself... Melkor soon realizes, that he shouldn't have let hi...
Forged love (Mairon x Alayna (OC) by Annatar_Sauron
Forged love (Mairon x Alayna (OC)by Annatar_Sauron
Aule assigns the best craftsman or woman to take his newest member under her wing.
El desertor by Menelwen_
El desertorby Menelwen
Sauron nació de la luz y luego abrazó la oscuridad, gracias a la ambición alimentada por Melkor. Convertirse en el Señor Oscuro significó dejar atrás su origen, lo que l...
.definition by sincerelyLuka
.definitionby sincerelyLuka
The light just wasn’t in reach, it hadn’t been for a long time and as much as you don’t want to think of the truth you know that he can’t be saved. || Sauron x reader.
The Secret Of The Enderborn by MillieReadsBooks
The Secret Of The Enderbornby Millie
Maia and Aaron are friends from the UK but they get sent to Alfheim where they meet the Yogscast and the guardians.
Ib by The_Striking_Lily
Ibby Lilix Sowa
Gender bent Ib. A young boy named Ib visits an art gallery with his parents. While observing the many exhibits, he suddenly realizes he is alone. And in his search for o...
Crisythal by Valonce
Crisythalby Valonce
"when he first saw her, she didn't look scared but angry." Thranduil has fallen for an eleth he shouldn't had, as he is the cause for her family to have broken...
Baptized in Blood and Flame by Brigid_H_1300
Baptized in Blood and Flameby Fëanorian stan
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit/Silmarillion fanfiction Tauriel Thranduiliel had run away. She couldn't take it anymore; after the death of her mother when she was scarcely 1...