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Imperium by ZaniaLeerose
Imperiumby Zania Leerose
"Didn't you say that you were utterly disgusted by Gangsters? ", Katherine asked. "It's hard to resist a gangster who is a good man", I replied with...
Innocent Prisoner  by QueenHayaat
Innocent Prisoner by Rabia💗
Life is filled with endless unanticipated, unexpected situations, some for the better and others with no apparent explanation. It only lasts a few moments, a few days, a...
Veiled Love(On Hold) by Midnightdiaries_49
Veiled Love(On Hold)by Umama.Ustad
Two souls, unaware that they are destined for each other,wander the Earth until the finally meet.. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● "اراك بقلبي لا بعيني" "I see you with my...
Running Up ★ stranger things by st4rface
Running Up ★ stranger thingsby ★
in which i (yep me), create an awesome stranger things season 4 fan fiction ;) © ST4RFACE 2023
Fairy Or Human by Godess679
Fairy Or Humanby Jasmine McCray
Alayna is fairy who is interested in humans but what happens if She finds one.
Forged love (Mairon x Alayna (OC) by Annatar_Sauron
Forged love (Mairon x Alayna (OC)by Annatar_Sauron
Aule assigns the best craftsman or woman to take his newest member under her wing.
The Orange Hue & The Red Prejudice by blairwaldorf_27
The Orange Hue & The Red Prejudiceby \\Sarah & Leah//
"Yes", I say and colour lights up his then pale cheeks. "Really?". I nod but the whole things scares me. The way he looks down at his feet when I hol...
Unreadable  by ayeshasxx
Unreadable by ayeshasxx
2nd August 2000 at exactly 20:30 Alisha Porter was born! Everyone's born with a sign, a sign on their right shoulder. Which signifies their personality, their group and...
TMNT The book of Dares! by REBEKAHtheBRAVE
TMNT The book of Dares!by REBEKAHtheBRAVE
The turtles are in for some payback! Leave a dare in the comments and they will do it!
This Isn't Goodbye by AgentOfSHIELD
This Isn't Goodbyeby grassi-hoying
Alayna Taylor meets an arrogant young man at a party, who soon falls for her broken heart. After Alayna has been cheated and abused by her drug addicted boyfriend, Cla...
The Vines' by _ashharlow
The Vines'by Ash Harlow
Alayna, an award-winning author, has been running from fate for quite some time. She's fled from the arms of the man she loves and created a life revolving around her st...
She's a Queen by Myth4Them
She's a Queenby Jazmine
Alayna Wilson, your not-so-average nineteen year old girl who serves the royal family of France. Alayna is mistreated, underrated, and looked down upon just because of t...
Quick Shift by Kittyandfifi
Quick Shiftby Katie and Casie
When best friends, Alayna and Kamren realize that the simple five minute shift into a werewolf for them became 3 days for all of their loved ones. Which can only mean th...
Misguided Ghosts (Formerly Haunted Experiences)*On Hold* by AlaynaGlover
Misguided Ghosts (Formerly Alayna (Ally)
I've always been into the paranormal.I loved the way the adrenaline rushes into your veins as you jump out of your skin. Even as a little girl, I would go to haunted hou...
But Wrong Feels So Right by Pink_493
But Wrong Feels So Rightby Pink_493
Sometimes in this world we do things that we probably shouldnt do. But Alayna Brewer thinks otherwise. The twist of events in Alayna's life teach her to believe in what...
I'll Never Let You Go... (Sequel To: Adopted By Kendall Schmidt) by maddiehenderson_
I'll Never Let You Go... (Sequel Maddie Henderson ✓
James propesed to Sarah and they are finally getting married! Logan is NOT a happy camper and he wants to stop the wedding and ruin everything for James and Sarah. Carlo...