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Bullpen (Loki X Mobius One-Shot) by badoggie
Bullpen (Loki X Mobius One-Shot)by Mal
Loki is bored being stuck at the office, so he decides to mess with Mobius a bit ;) *Bonus Chapter!* Bonus rewrite of a scene in episode 5! (#obviousflirting #Making mob...
One shots/ Lokius  by marvel221b
One shots/ Lokius by 🫂
a bit of everything (smut, fluff, angst, a bit of all) Lokius<3 I don't own any of the characters
Gay Loki One Shots ✏️ by Megan_Danvers
Gay Loki One Shots ✏️by 💕
Requests are open! I'll do any ships including rare ones ^v^ Includes : Fandroki - Fandral x Loki Thorki - Thor x Loki Volki - Volstagg x Loki Quilloki - Peter Quill x...
Lokius One-Shots  by shurifys
Lokius One-Shots by mars
Lokius One-Shots filled with fluff, angst & smut! New Season 2 content.
His name is Loki - Lokius by Writtenbygi
His name is Loki - Lokiusby Georgia
"Mobius, just because you have some weird crush on the variant, it doesn't mean we can treat them any differently." "I don't have a crush on them, & his...
Learning how to love / Lokius by marvel221b
Learning how to love / Lokiusby 🫂
Mobius falls in love with Loki and Loki betrays him. Thats when Mobius confirms his feelings and Loki starts to wonder what love feels like
Some Lokius One Shots by Ghostboiboo
Some Lokius One Shotsby Edric :)
Hello everyone! I have created some Lokius One Shots for you to view, so enjoy! Requests are open. Photo is not mine! It was made by Hansoeii on Instagram.
A Guide to Fixing Broken Things by aster_ion
A Guide to Fixing Broken Thingsby asterion
"I'll kill Loki!" Maybe in hindsight, Mobius promising to kill the Variant he had grown unreasonably attached to was a bad idea. He had been told he had an aff...
Lokius oneshots | by Wakkocrunch and Lopkaja ❥ by wakkocrunch
Lokius oneshots | by Wakkocrunch a...by wakkocrunch
⚠️MAY CONTAIN SMUT AND LOKI SPOILERS⚠️ Loki and Mobius oneshots are here, after seeing the new Loki series on Disney+ I have a ton of ideas for the two, these include hu...
Hello, Darling. (Loki Imagines/One-shots) by NyxChaosdottir
Hello, Darling. (Loki Imagines/One...by Nyx
Short stories of the God of mischief. Whatever I feel like writing, so some will have multiple parts I will do: -Stories of solely Loki (Growing up, etc...) -Loki x read...
Love Is A Dagger- Lokius Fanfic by Raythewriterforever
Love Is A Dagger- Lokius Fanficby Ray Tag
TAKES PLACE AFTER SEASON 1, HEAVY WITH SPOILERS! All Loki's were destined to be selfish. Sylvie only looked to killing the One Who Remains as revenge, for she had been w...
Sir Saladvocate - Lokius by shiterature
Sir Saladvocate - Lokiusby SHITERATURE
In which Loki, struck with an unfamiliar feeling of regret, decides to apologize for ruining Mobius' salad. [Chapter titles taken as quotes from author Virginia Woolf.]
After she kissed me by Nonbinarywildfire
After she kissed meby Nonbinarywildfire
Also the title refers to sylvie kissing Loki if that wasn't clear I watched a bunch of lokius edits and this is what happened
Lokius Oneshots by espresso-cat
Lokius Oneshotsby Coffee Kitty
Short stories of our favourite time-jumping couple: Loki and Mobius ~These Oneshots are filled with lots of fluff and angst~ ~Feel free to leave suggestions or requests...
Lokius- oneshots  by Writtenbygi
Lokius- oneshots by Georgia
Oneshots following Loki Laufeyson, & Mobius M Mobius! These stories will contain lots of fluff, maybe some angst, a little spice, but next to no smut.
Lokius One Shots  by lauritsdarko
Lokius One Shots by Frankie Darko
After the trauma caused by the Loki series, I decided to write some comfort Lokius one shots ! If you would like to see Lokius doing something comment and I'll try to d...
Please....(Lokius)  by Evan_the_loser
Please....(Lokius) by Evan._.is._.a._.loser
Serious Tw:Cutting, Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Bad Father/Bad Mother, crying, and more Tw: Gay/Boy x Boy THIS IS A AU I MADE THIS IS NOT CANNON ofc 😭 I hate this Au bu...
Lokius Loki x Mobius Smutshot by Reign_Willows
Lokius Loki x Mobius Smutshotby 🍄Reign🍄
pure smut with fluff at the end. 18+ readers only.
The prince and the agent by A-J-Zan
The prince and the agentby A. J. Zan
A collection of short stories starring Loki and Mobius M. Mobius;. Mostly fluff and angst.
Mobius x loki fanfic by animelovewwr
Mobius x loki fanficby
Please read my first chapter for how this fanfic is set .