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Living with Countries [Countryballs x reader] by ChairTheArtist
Living with Countries [ SHSL_Simp
Eyyy, hey people that read fanfictions! I wanted to create this story ever since I started to think about plots where I meet the countries! And guess what? I made this b...
Year of Farewell | Countryhumans AmeRus Story by Momoirobara_Rose
Year of Farewell | Countryhumans ๓ℴm̫̫o̷i̲̲̅̅яõ̰b̶αℜᴀ
Russia is put in a desperate situation, with the school musical/play starting and a psycho stalker in love with him, he goes to Canada, his science partner, for help. An...
To make one whole by hee_hooo667
To make one wholeby solodfoongoos
Germany has always been very good at reading right through others. One country, however, is still an enigma to him; Poland. In fact, nobody seems to understand them eith...
"This is the worst rom-com I've ever watched." | RusAme by darlingkitty
"This is the worst rom-com I've tendouskinnie
When America can't act his own age and ends up pissing off the wrong people, what happens then? Drama amongst his family, friends, and everyone else in between. But when...
Hetalia: The Secrets Of The Nations in The Light (Diary Fanfic) by CFVACTSDSPOKEFan
Hetalia: The Secrets Of The Akina_SassKikuIsBest
Synopsis: The Ancients have watched their descendants suffering for a long time, as well as their fellow former Ancients. They knew they had to interfere somehow, they h...
⚠︎Unknown⚠︎ (Countryhumans x Reader) Also Remaking This Crap by k4zuk9
⚠︎Unknown⚠︎ (Countryhumans x k4zuk9
!! The reader is not gonna be romanticized in the story, they can also be any gender/sexuality !! ---------------------------------------- You've been looking for the tr...
(Finished) A New Start...? (Hetalia x reader) by NataliaLovesIvan
(Finished) A New Start...? ( NataliaLovesIvan
Your the sister of Russia but you leave for training and none of the countries know about you except your brother and sisters.After 1 year they have told horrible new. T...
Stay With Me (Sequel To Lights Off) [For nevaehMP On AO3] by xx_HaleighBear_xx
Stay With Me (Sequel To Lights HaleighBear🧡
The 67th editions of the Eurovision Song Contest was just around the corner. Everyone in Liverpool is stoked for the event. Not many people were concerned with what happ...
how shed eeran conquered the world by jaswrld
how shed eeran conquered the worldby j <3
'stunning, remarkable, entertaining.' - joris bohnson 'a real page-turner. you will never get bored of this exciting story.' - lana del armadillo ⚠️⚠️⚠️TW: words, senten...
Someone has to fix it. | A poland centric countryhuman fanfic | by Ayakka_
Someone has to fix it. | A Ayakka
Poland, a country haunted by wars and betrayals, will do anything to be free again. After the western betrayal, Poland yet again has to fight for her freedom. But what c...
Connection through beliefs {Cz} by Moravian_Nationalist
Connection through beliefs {Cz}by Alexander Anastas Amoravian
The picture is mine do please do not use it anywhere. This is also my first Czech story so yeah 😅 'Láska, to je ale zapeklitá věc... Může se objevit z ničeho nic. Nemu...
Lost In The Forest (Sweden X Lithuania)(No Nsfw) by cocomelomX
Lost In The Forest (Sweden X La Pimpa
One horrible day the nordics dissapeard by God's will and so the other countries created a search party for them formed by the baltic states, Germany, Poland, Uk, France...
Submission || yoonkook by yoonbeun
Submission || yoonkookby eve
[not a yoonkook romance] Kang Yuja is living a hard life while being in her captain's Black army. Two strongest armies with the most dangerous captains are fighting wi...
~Memories~ Hetalia One-Shots by MaralinaSakura
~Memories~ Hetalia One-Shotsby Maralina Sakura
Hetalia one-shots featuring all your favourite guys and girls!~ More information below~ "___? That's your name? Lovely to meet you, I'm Maralina, also known as &quo...
Maple Syrup and Vodka by AngelDRK
Maple Syrup and Vodkaby AngelDRK
Getting to the world meeting early, and not being able to check into his hotel, Matthew goes and finds himself drinking away in the storage room. Passing out, he is soon...
Hetalia Headcanons!  by darlinqL
Hetalia Headcanons! by L
I dump all my aph Headcanons here so I don't forget them 5# in northitaly 11/2/2021 3# Uk brothers 11/6/2021
Addicted To You - BTS (Jungkook/Jimin) (+18) by Bts_versace_thongs
Addicted To You - BTS (Jungkook/ Bts_versace_thongs
Every girls dream is to find their destined soulmate and to walk down the aisle right into his arms. I was not an exception. But my parents had other plans for me. On my...
It's Just Fashion (Poliet) by I-Am-The-Only-Norway
It's Just Fashion (Poliet)by Sky
Feliks had just moved to to Lithuania from Poland. He was the average for his age, though he enjoys female clothing, fashion, and sounds.. well like a valley girl. On th...
Childhood Friend (Countryhumans|Finstonia) by NorthernChaser
Childhood Friend (Countryhumans| eee
Estonia is a 17 year old boy that goes to the European Highschool and has a part time job as a waiter. Recently some new students were transferred to the school but what...
I Need You (lietpol/poliet) by kiyotaka_ishimrau
I Need You (lietpol/poliet)by ishimondo stan
"You never know what you need until you lose it." A Hetalia theatre AU, because there aren't enough out there.