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The Secrets of a Nation  by ladyluckassassin
The Secrets of a Nation by ladyluckassassin
It was a normal nation meeting. They held one annually at least 3 times a year. However, this meeting ended up turning the world on their heads. Their parents, the ancie...
Lying Around Me |MALIK| by Dollerle
Lying Around Me |MALIK|by 《Τηγανίτα》
Ši istorija yra apie 16 - mete merginą Luką Bower, kuri pakliūna į Melo pinkles. Ji sužino apie savo mamą, kuri susirado naują vaikiną mokykloje, o tas vaikinas yra n...
Hetalia Oneshots by Vongola_10th
Hetalia Oneshotsby Platinum
[REQUESTS CLOSED] Please enjoy!
Hetalia Oneshots!  by AllieChu7
Hetalia Oneshots! by Allie Chu
The title is all. I can do Hetalia x reader oneshots, I can do hetalia x hetalia, 2p!s, and alot of others! Warning: May contain limes, lemons, fluff, angst, and smut. S...
The Lonely Sunflower (Hetalia Russia Story) by mochikitty
The Lonely Sunflower (Hetalia | Matthew |
[ COMPLETED ] This is a story about the strong country, Russia. Behind his always cheerful smile, hides a broken country just waiting to be accepted by others. His dream...
Hetalia oneshots by kaiasarus
Hetalia oneshotsby kaiasarus
Pretty much what the title says and you can request ships and an Au to go along with it but no lemons please. I will also do other hetalia oneshots that i would like to...
To make one whole by Pintsized_Alchemist
To make one wholeby laycyldonyx
Germany has always been very good at reading right through others. One country, however, is still an enigma to him; Poland. In fact, nobody seems to understand them eith...
Hetalia: The Secrets Of The Nations in The Light (Diary Fanfic) by CFVACTSDSPOKEFan
Hetalia: The Secrets Of The Akina_VENEHRESailor
Synopsis: The Ancients have watched their descendants suffering for a long time, as well as their fellow former Ancients. They knew they had to interfere somehow, they h...
(Finished) A New Start...? (Hetalia x reader) by NataliaLovesIvan
(Finished) A New Start...? ( NataliaLovesIvan
Your the sister of Russia but you leave for training and none of the countries know about you except your brother and sisters.After 1 year they have told horrible new. T...
Hetalia Preferences by November-Rain2399
Hetalia Preferencesby November
Boyfriend scenarios with some of the less common countries. Austria, Lithuania, New Zealand etc.
I Will Be Your Knight by princessamaterasu
I Will Be Your Knightby princessamaterasu
He wouldn't call himself a hero. No, that's America's thing. But what does that make him then? A Knight maybe. For you he'll be a Knight. He'll be whatever it takes. Rus...
~CountryHuman Zodiac~ by kazuichii_sodaa
~CountryHuman Zodiac~by heheh
(discontinued) heheh don't kill me this is my first ever book on Wattpad- Quick zodiac run down!~ Aries ♈️: March 21-April 19 Taurus ♉️: April 20-May 20 Gemini ♊️: May 2...
You X Levi by xpertitan
You X Leviby xpertitan
Your name is Michelle, you are an ordinary girl until you meet him... He falls for you and you fall for him... But sudennly..-
Uncle Jesse Has A Bad Dream by ilovepicklerick
Uncle Jesse Has A Bad Dreamby markiplier
CHANGE ME FEED ME CHANGE ME FEED ME CHANGE ME FEED ME CHANGE ME FEED ME THEY'RE MULTIPLYING #48 in full thank y my adoraing fands of for reading :) <3
Angel wings (Lietuviškai) (Niall Horan Fanfiction) Complete by miglee
Angel wings (Lietuviškai) (Niall Miglee <3
Labas aš esu Nina. Mano gyvenimas buvo viena didelė klaida. Bet tada atsirado jis. Niall Horan atitirpdė mano širdį ir išmokė mylėti.
coming home by relaxtyles
coming homeby 𝐞𝐦𝐚
Cole visada norėjo Lili, netgi nuo pačios pradžios. Kaip jam seksis, kai jiedu nesimatys keturiasdešimt aštuonias valandas? Viena iš "Tomorrow" dalių, Cole per...
Submission || yoonkook by yoonbeun
Submission || yoonkookby eve
[not a yoonkook romance] Kang Yuja is living a hard life while being in her captain's Black army. Two strongest armies with the most dangerous captains are fighting wi...
I'm Pregnant Aru! by Freelance360
I'm Pregnant Aru!by Keem Scott
Newlyweds China and Russia gets a little surprise. I know summary sucks but plz read NOTE: China and some other characters WILL be a girl in this fanfic. This is my firs...
3 priežastys by SavoMalonumui
3 priežastysby SavoMalonumui
" - Pasakyk man tris priežastis ir aš nešoksiu, - tarė mergina ir gana kraupiai išsišiepė."
~Memories~ Hetalia One-Shots  by MaralinaSakura
~Memories~ Hetalia One-Shots by Maralina Sakura
Hetalia one-shots featuring all your favourite guys and girls!~ More information below~ "___? That's your name? Lovely to meet you, I'm Maralina, also known as &quo...