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"I Got You. I Got Us." {a #Yoully FanFiction} -On hold- by x_shya_x
"I Got You. I Got Us." {a shya
•"The best relationships start off as friendships..."•
All we got by shipper1997
All we gotby shipper1997
Dom and Lilly decide to break up, but there's thing that will tie them together. Their daughter 6 month old baby tala. Started 12 Nov 2017
Until I met you (Completed) by asfatewillhaveit
Until I met you (Completed)by asfatewillhaveit
Lilly Singh was once a famous YouTuber with more than 10 million subscribers. Her life was perfect, with her dream job, amazing friends and an awesome career... Until on...
Roomies || z.m. #MissionDesi by zivacious
Roomies || z.m. #MissionDesiby ن
Deepika walked up to the bed with her arms crossed. "Get off." "Sorry, already called dibs." Zayn smirked as his arms rested behind his head against...
Part Of Me ( Zayn Malik FF )..☺ ✴COMPLETED✴ by SmileylovesMalik
Part Of Me ( Zayn Malik FF )..☺ ✴ Smileylovesmalik
IT IS EXCITING WHEN YOU FIND PARTS OF YOURSELF IN SOMEONE ELSE....... "Stacy, will you be a part of me?", he said making my heart smile.. This is a beautiful s...
Perfect Together- A Justanna Fanfic by Penguin0003
Perfect Together- A Justanna Fanficby A.D Schlupp
This is a Rosanna x iJustine fan fic. I ship them, don't judge me. #1 in iJustine related stories.
Amilly Story: After Math by AmillyStories
Amilly Story: After Mathby Amilly
This story is about two people; Lilly Singh: a well known Youtuber. Also known as iisuperwomanii and AmanDeep Singh: a very talented artist. Also known as Inkquistive. I...
My mom the internet star. by purple0426
My mom the internet purple0426
Zoe Brown was your average kid until one day while out on the town her parents got in a crash and died. She spent most of her life in foster care, in and out of homes. U...
The rise and fall of yoully by iiMuslim_Girlllii
The rise and fall of youllyby iiMuslim_Girlllii
Yousef and Lilly are back together again BUT theres a catch.... they're parents now. will they put their past behind them and raise their daughter or will they fail?
Distance by sugoiihowell
Distanceby Ghayda S.
They were both distant, yet they found a way back. It wasn't the easiest way, but in the end they found each other again.
Adopted by IIsuperwomanII  by dance_with_raindrops
Adopted by IIsuperwomanII by dance_with_raindrops
16 year old Leila felt there was no more hope for life. Her parents had disowned her new years eve of 2014-2015 (her 15th birthday)because they were both drug addicts an...
Til The End | Stiles Stilinski / Teen Wolf by _wxlfedits
Til The End | Stiles Stilinski / _wxlfedits
The real world? Sure, the real world. The real world involves growing up; graduating High School, moving onto College or University, or just making the most of the one...
Famous Love by Passion2003
Famous Loveby Billie's Bae😉😏
I saw her. I can't believe that I actually saw her. She is my role model, life line, person that I've always wanted to see. I became famous and now I'm here with the bea...
lumble: a baby story  by Lillyisthegreatest
lumble: a baby story by Lillyisthegreatest
What could possibly go wrong when Lilly and humble have a baby
Die Again Tomorrow  by Timberwolf7756
Die Again Tomorrow by Timberwolf7756
this is the story of James Bond stopping evil men around the world as he fights alongside many beautiful women to confront madmen manics obsessed with connecting a tarni...
The diary of Bronte , a high school girl who decides to run away leaving behind her diary as the only source of clue . She decided to run away because she already had e...
Adopted by Lilly Singh // IISuperwomanII by iishmeurii
Adopted by Lilly Singh // iishmeurii
what if you were the girl that no one ever wanted? the girl that always has bad things happening to her? well... that was me. i had a horrible life. my mom gave me up f...
Yoully- I'll Never Let Go by UnicornLover1988
Yoully- I'll Never Let Goby LillyTheMamaUnicorn
SOME MATURE CONTENT... PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Lilly Saini Singh and Yousef Saleh Erakat have know each other for years. They both had deep feelings for each other...
Adopted // Lilly & Lucy DISCONTINUED by summerfreckles
Adopted // Lilly & Lucy ^_^
Lucy gets dropped off at a children's home at age 13. Months later she gets adopted by Lilly Singh. They go on tour together. Lucy turns out to be very bad with stages a...