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honey; by Juullezs
honey;by Juullezs 💕
"I like my girl just like my honey, sweet." "I like my women like my money, green, a little jealous" She's sweet like honey, but her girl...
The World We Share.. | Kiribaku~ by paytonVaught
The World We Share.. | Kiribaku~by ~Payton._.BNHA~
Eijiro Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou have been unbreakable since high school. Together, they've built their lives with each other, working for what they have now. they...
The Watson-Holmes (Sequel To The Perfect Cradle) by MpregExpertTex
The Watson-Holmes (Sequel To The Tex
Things have been hectic for the unusual family of four at the residents of 221B. Hamish and Violet are growing up fast, almost too fast for the blogger and his detectiv...
Minion by ccstarfield
Minionby CC Starfield
Minion is a regular guy: he's got a wife, a kid applying to college, and an app ruined his career as a henchman. Being a villain's sidekick used to be a good job: risky...
The Memories We Lost(BXB) by CEBRRII
The Memories We Lost(BXB)by DefinitelyNotYours
"Nakalimot ka Kaya nakalimot din ako." Isang taong binabalot ng nakaraan habang ang isa ay naghahanap ng kasagutan para makatawid sa kasalukuyan. Magtatagpo si...
transformers prime till two are one : book one: by queenofpred23
transformers prime till two are queenofpred23
as a ragtag team of Autobots find that the Decepticons are running a multi-billion International weapons manufacturing business as a cover to there true intentions of ta...
Assassination Love by cosmic_poutlaw
Assassination Loveby Maddei
Amber was going to be assassinated, that is until a oddly innocent assassin swoops in to save her from the first, and later, attempts on her life. While running across A...
Aidens Halloween costume by SnowFlake105
Aidens Halloween costumeby SnowFlake105
It's Sarah and Edens first Halloween as Mommies so they go costume shopping for their 11 month old son Aiden.
Mick's First Easter  by olicity4ever4
Mick's First Easter by Olicity&Coldwave4ver
Mick and Lens First Easter together and with their four month old twins
Anything but Nuclear  by weirdo-bird
Anything but Nuclear by weirdobird
A gay man (Allen) and lesbian (Leigha) are roommates and have an adopted daughter (Fionna). The story switches perspectives giving each character's unique outlook on lif...
Perfected for Sin by ThyBitch2
Perfected for Sinby ThyBitch2
Tanner and Autumn Sin try to juggle their marriage, careers, children, and family through good times and bad.