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Minion is a regular guy: he's got a wife, a kid applying to college, and an app ruined his career as a henchman. Being a villain's sidekick used to be a good job: risky, sure, but well-paying and with top-notch life insurance. But Henchr has brought the tech revolution to the supervillain business. Now it's uncertain schedules and no worker's comp. No villain is evil enough to have dreamt up the gig economy. After one too many jobs gone wrong, Minion decides to retire. This is fine. His self-worth isn't tied to his job. But it is a little humiliating when his wife starts talking about going back to work as the supervillain Dominatrix, a career she retired from a decade ago. And now their daughter is dating a girl that Minion suspects goes out at night in a mask - as a hero, no less. Only a supervillain can sort out Minion's problems, but he can't ask his wife when she's, well, part of the problem. There's only one thing to do: it's time for Minion to become Villain. THE INCREDIBLES meets DOCTOR HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG with a dash of THE VENTURE BROS ***** Contains profanity and cartoon violence Complete at 25k words

Author's Note: You Matched!

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