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I Have Leukemia?! Seriously? A Fairy Tail Fanfiction by Fairytailanna
I Have Leukemia?! Seriously? A Fai...by Fairytailanna
What happens when your best friend collapses right in front of you? Well, you scream for help of course! And especially since he's been unwell lately... Don't read if yo...
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The Candy Striper by BeeHappySisi123
The Candy Striperby You can call me Sisi
Lance has been in every hospital in the country every since he was digenoused with leukemia. Of course because his perdiciment, Lance isn't the happiest person in the wo...
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I Was Here (Watty Awards 2012) by MusicMyLife
I Was Here (Watty Awards 2012)by That Girl
What goes on through the mind of a fifteen year old when she's about to go to sleep- forever? What makes her want to leave the world on her own terms, what makes her tak...
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Working Class Hero [Percy Jackson and the Olympians Fanfic] by eri_quin
Working Class Hero [Percy Jackson...by Eri Quin
Percy's plagued by the usual ADHD and dyslexia…but he's also diagnosed with leukemia at a young age. Now Luke gets to learn what it means to be an older brother, and Per...
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The Girl In The Mirror by MusicsInOurSoul
The Girl In The Mirrorby Phoebe + Nikki
Lyra Simmons is your average 17 year old mean girl, The Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts is her place of power, so when talented new girl Melody steps into the pictur...
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The story which misery does not end To get his best friend attention he stole his best friend's girlfriend. When his best friend found out they break apart. Then never m...
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~An Imperial Affliction~ by RoseIsBad
~An Imperial Affliction~by Rose
I decided to write "An Imperial Affliction" from the incredible novel/movie "The Fault In Our Stars." I wanted to read Hazel's favorite book so badl...
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Baseballs in the Stars (boyxboy) by larrys27tattoos
Baseballs in the Stars (boyxboy)by Callie
Leo has been battling cancer for twelve long years. It's caused his siblings and father to leave him and has robbed him from living life. He has contemplated suicide and...
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Summer Love ~ by cookiemybaby
Summer Love ~by Y
Darcy has been working for a long time to try and make her dreams alive. With a troubled past and secrets she thinks she'll never tell, she's working not only for money...
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Relapsed {Our Battle Series- Book 2} by MaraudersUpsidedown
Relapsed {Our Battle Series- Book...by ST&HP=Life
"I'm sorry to tell you this Colette but, Avia has relapsed." Imagine watching your daughter fight for her life and winning. Now imagine being told that the...
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My Romance in Room 324 [BoyxBoy] by _Nostalgia_
My Romance in Room 324 [BoyxBoy]by _Nostalgia_
(BoyxBoy) James is sick. Jackson hadn't seen him for years, since he left and went into homeschooling. A lot of kids didn't think much of James's disappearance; James hi...
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Beautiful Goodbye by dreaminginfinity
Beautiful Goodbyeby ∞ Ravishing Demigod ∞
What would you do if you discovered that you're terminally ill and there's nothing you can do about it? Clary's life is almost perfect - having the best loving family a...
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Goodbye (oc x reader) by SkeletalLie
Goodbye (oc x reader)by Andy
"One too many is never enough." "But the one that kills you is the one that you love."
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Beyond Repair by Stargazer964
Beyond Repairby Stargazer964
Claire is a 14 year old girl who has leukemia. She is a competitive swimmer and has an older brother. When she found out she had cancer, her life went downhill. Her boyf...
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Liveable § My Cancer Mate § Book Three Of The 'WOLF' Serie by BornOfWaterPoseidon
Liveable § My Cancer Mate § Book T...by S§B
Liveable Disbelief. That's what I felt when they said I had cancer. Leukemia to be exact. I would never feel free anymore. I could never visit the woods anymore. I just...
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Losing Harry (One Direction Fan Fiction) by RelentlessChaos
Losing Harry (One Direction Fan Fi...by RelentlessChaos
**This is a joint story with @QuinnWritesStories but it will be posted on my page** It was no secret that Grace Phillips and Harry Styles were madly in love. Everyone kn...
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The Bucket List by LilynChey
The Bucket Listby LilynChey
My name is Allisa Chansey, and I've just heard some terrible news; I have Leukemia... My mom and dad aren't taking it to well.. and my best friend Max. Max got all fix...
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Room 779 by Im_Nialls
Room 779by Im_Nialls
"Eu não sou bom para ti. meteram-me aqui à espera que eu morresse." "Então, eu fico aqui até ao fim."
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Cloning Her for the Cure by AlyssaRose98
Cloning Her for the Cureby Alyssa
She has cancer, they have the seemingly impossible cure. Cloning. Her parents jump at the chance to have a healthy daughter, as well as a restored image. However, she...
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Reluctance Revisited by KallikylesFier
Reluctance Revisitedby Kalli Fier
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