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TO BE SO LONELY by passionately-
the musings of a forlorn soul with paper wings. [poetry&prose] #4 in poetry, 09.20.2020 © 2020, passionately- the cover image does not belong to me, all credits to th...
Consonants by euminnn
Consonantsby 🌺
HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENTS #1 in experience #1 in expressions #1 in expressyourself #1 in latenightthoughts #1 in reality #1 in thoughs and feelings #1 in poet #1 in expressi...
the covered blossoms (TW) by solxrr
the covered blossoms (TW)by solxrr
TW: Suicidal thoughts, toxic relationships, manipulation, abuse mentions poetry(?) thoughts, rants, little things things i love or hate. dont read if you dont wanna, im...
The Reoccurring Thoughts of a Depressed Teenager by Ferret_Princess
The Reoccurring Thoughts of a Caitlyn Shaffer
Hi, my name is Caitlyn Shaffer. This is my journal. Inside it contains all of the emotions I've been experiencing lately. Some are good, some are bad. Yeah, mostly bad...
The Colours of Us  by Hazel0334
The Colours of Us by Hazel
This is a poetry book that describes the feeing, smell, and taste of colours. Some colours' topics are heavy and some are lighter. Some are about the ups of life and so...
Late Night Thoughts II by Pen_Ink_Thorn
Late Night Thoughts IIby AnxiousAce
For the ones who have been reading the first LNT, this is the next one!
Late night thoughts keep me awake. ── self written quotes.ㅤ © yaya
Unspoken Thoughts by um_okay_14
Unspoken Thoughtsby ° bubbles °
Collection of late night poetry and thoughts. Madness, heartbreak, love and isolation. A mess of my mind depicted in a book.
Hm, I wonder.... by foxesbeyond
Hm, I Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Ever think of high thoughts even though you're not high? I've never done any sort of drug in my life, yet here's what comes to my mind sometimes. And, I like sneks, oka...
Dreams in the form of Words by Alexis_Lexi_Locke
Dreams in the form of Wordsby Lexi~~
This is officially the place where I go to write. To distance myself from my other books. To practice, or try new things. To not have to worry about quality. I can just...
Sad Thoughts by 1a1b2c3d41
Sad Thoughtsby Kol Mikaelson>>>
sad thoughts for y'all hope you guys like it! a/n: small caps for aesthetic purposes only please reaD i'm new aha love y'all ♡
Pillow Thoughts  by RaineEsha
Pillow Thoughts by Raine Esha
Reserved for my late night thoughts that I have nowhere else to put
Fever Dreams by Ara713
Fever Dreamsby Ara
Night is the most beautiful time to be awake. There is something so peaceful about the late hours that brings out the creativity in me. This collection is inspired by so...
Random Shiz- owo by IbukiandKokichiSimp
Random Shiz- owoby SHSL FuyuPeko Stan
I'll be updating everyday with more and more random crap that will take over your Brain cells and devour your soul
Solace by __breakingfree__
Solaceby e s c a p i s t
Musings in symphony of elation and lamentation.
Bittersweet (Excerpts) by SeranLovenMoonstruk
Bittersweet (Excerpts)by That Girl
This is going to be several different things actually, it's not really a story? I dunno It's going to be short little love stories, late night thoughts, depressing tale...
Sad // GirlxGirl / Short Story by cheythenutella
Sad // GirlxGirl / Short Storyby cheythenutella
"Goodbye." Warning: If suicide affects you, don't read it. Everything's pretty alright, nothing too harsh.
Her by Zebruh_Sauce
Herby Dawn-Marie
So I was just thinking about some stuff and decided to write it and actually share it with people. This is basically just some late night thoughts made into poetry, so d...