Kiroshitsuji Stories

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Black Butler x Modern Reader by Witch-chan28
Black Butler x Modern Readerby Abbey
[DISCONTINUED] Y/n was a shy teenager who loves Black Butler and singing. The problem was that she never sang in front of people. What happens when she sings in front of...
Alois Trancy, Reborn by phantomhivebruh
Alois Trancy, Rebornby Ciel Phantomhive
The threads of a spider's webs can be renewed, but can Alois Trancy pass the test?
Amnesia - Sebastian x Reader [DISCONTINUED] by Pretty_Maids_In_Rows
Amnesia - Sebastian x Reader [ Nomophobia
Kiroshitsuji fanfic! A girl with a talent for seduction is propelled back in time into an anime, with no memory and know knowledge of why she came to be there. She stays...
A lovers Dispute by WhiteRabbit14
A lovers Disputeby WhiteRabbit
( short stories ) ( cielXalois ) ( One shots )
various anime x reader by Sakka-chan
various anime x readerby Wren Yakushi
Juicy lemon or cutesy fluffs about you and your favorite anime boys. this collection purely runs on requests so be sure to.
The Phantomhive Manor by phantomhivebruh
The Phantomhive Manorby Ciel Phantomhive
The Phantomhive Manor is full of surprises. What will happen this time? A strange man is seen lurking around the garden. Who will it be? And what will they want? A Black...
Sebastian (Kiroshitsuji) X reader by XxPhilTops2k16xX
Sebastian (Kiroshitsuji) X readerby Harley Quinn
You young reader are about to go on the magical adventure of Sebastian have fun child
the party by aloisttrancy
the partyby aloisttrancy
party games gone to far (smut)
This Girl (black butler story) by Pizzasm
This Girl (black butler story)by Pizza the Slice
A girl with a bad past, orphaned and makes a living by stealing, finds herself as a Phantomhive maid. What could possibly happen? (Original writer for chapters prologue...
Cielois~ How Does It Feel Like To Be Loved by IAMBOREDPLZHELP
Cielois~ How Does It Feel Like INEEDHELP
Hello everyone! This is my first cielois fan fiction that I have made to entertain you guys. Hope you enjoy. Bai Bai~
Black Butler One-Shots (ON HOLD/UNDER EDITING) by LamaSenpai
Black Butler One-Shots (ON HOLD/ L.A.N.A
Hello! Welcome! To the gay fanfics club! (You probably already joined since your reading this shit) Anyways, ello. As told by the title, this book is filed with one shot...
My Master (Ciel x Sebastian) (Black Butler/Kiroshitsuji) [Yaoi] by Jillloveswriting
My Master (Ciel x Sebastian) ( Jillloveswriting
He's my butler forever, until I die, which I never will. He will forever serve me, he's stuck with me for enternity. I'm not cruel. I cannot resist Sebastian. Maybe it's...
Claude's Past (Claude x Reader) by Fan_Grell01
Claude's Past (Claude x Reader)by Otaku Shit
Your mother was murdered by a golden eyed man and you have made a contract with a demon to find this person. When you get a letter from your unknown cousin Alois trancy...
One Hell of a Chatroom by aliienfreakk
One Hell of a Chatroomby zombie
please don't read this. i wrote it in 2016 and it's the worst thing ever. original description: WARNING: EXTREME RANDOMNESS WANT TO SEE THE FOURTH WALL BE BROKEN? WANT...