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Kirisuna LEMON by Anime_4or_ever
Kirisuna LEMONby B r o k e n
Kirito and Asuna have been dating for 5 years since the SAO incident. What will happen when Asuna shows Kirito her other side? BTW this is my very first time. Please do...
The Undefeated by STARKINGKIRITO19
The Undefeatedby Kirito
Kazuto Kirigaya, a five-year-old boy has seen many things a person could only think of as their worst nightmares. he has seen people die or get slashed and he saw his ow...
Legend of The Solo Blackswordman by Pridesfear
Legend of The Solo Blackswordmanby justin reyes
Disclaimer: every character is from the LN sword art online. I Do Not own any of these character. Credit goes to original author. This is a story about kirito(kazuto) wh...
From Swordsman to Assassin by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
From Swordsman to Assassinby Fire Hero: Inferno
After Sachi's death, Kirito begins going down a dark path. Not long later, word is spread about a man in black robes with weapons never seen before killing red players...
SAO: The Legend Of The Black Swordsman by Knight_Fall
SAO: The Legend Of The Black Knight_Fall
If someone told a young Kirigaya Kazuto that one day, thousands of people would look up to him in a game based on virtual reality, he would have laughed on the spot. But...
True Love With or Without Memories  by Shui1003S10
True Love With or Without Memories by Shui
A Kirisuna story (first one) The events of SAO have been finished. The memories are foggy and people have forgotten all about the famous Black Swordsman. This takes pla...
From Swordsman to Assassin by UnlimitedSW22
From Swordsman to Assassinby Unlimited Story Works
After Sachi's death, Kirito begins going down a dark path. Not long later, word is spread about a man in black robes with weapons never seen before killing red players...
SAO One Shots  by awesomeSPNfan
SAO One Shots by Asstiel213
A collection of one shots from my favorite anime, Sword Art Online! A lot of these will be Kirito X Asuna as they are my OTP.
Trust & Regret (Asuna and Kazuto Story) by InanimateTears
Trust & Regret (Asuna and Kazuto Jocelyn
I want to do things my way. I want to prevent things from happening to me. Who is he? Who is she? He must be like the others. She must be the daughter. I hope he isn't l...
Falling in love with my teacher (KiritoxAsuna) by ArturoRT12EN
Falling in love with my teacher ( Arturo Reyes
-Would you believe in love at first sight? -Kirito asked. -I'm not a very believer in that but I don't doubt that it could happen. -Eugeo replied. From that moment, Kiri...
Kirito x Asuna a love story(DISCONTINUED) by Maestro5767
Kirito x Asuna a love story( Maestro5767
Asuna Yuuki is a highchool senior and has lots of friends yet living alone in her dorm....for now..... Until Kazuto Kirigaya or more known as Kirito moved in her school...
Kirigaya Kazuto is living a normal life with his twin brother Kirigaya Eugeo. They both are attending Highschool just like everyone. Every day both of them enjoy themsel...
I Will Always Love You by RSF_09
I Will Always Love Youby Raisa Saffa⭐
This story happened after SAO. Kirito is not just an ordinary boy, but he is the crown prince of Japan that no one know he exist. How is going to tell his friends? Will...
Want you back by Dark_Knight_Lipia
Want you backby Lipia
What if Kirito fails the fight with Quinella? What if he becomes her personal Integrity knight? This story takes place in between Kirito's and Quinella's fight. How will...
My Other Half (Sword Art Online FanFic) [Completed ✅] by MrMcGibbons
My Other Half (Sword Art Online MrMcGibbons
With Kirito and Asuna both out of High-school and into their young adult lives how will they react to the newly found challenges? Will they crumble and fall apart, or st...
Until the End ⭐Kirisuna⭐ by DYoongiT
Until the End ⭐Kirisuna⭐by MinJinx
After Kirito and Asuna finally escape Sword Art Online things begin to go back to normal. Well, only for Kirito. Asuna's anxiety is now nearly killing her while her mom...
No More Nightmares (KiritoXAsuna) by InanimateTears
No More Nightmares (KiritoXAsuna)by Jocelyn
The death of Asuna's parents was horrible, and since that day she has had nightmares constantly. Her best friend Rika helps her the best she can, and even got her a job...
SAO drabbles ~ by Staciaisourgoddess
SAO drabbles ~by Harucization
short stories about characters from the Sword Art Online universe, focused mostly on Kirito and Asuna's lives / cute moments with them both. Some stories are based in...
My Opinion on Ships by STARKINGKIRITO19
My Opinion on Shipsby Kirito
Just my Opinion on Ships from Different Animes. Tell me Which ship and from which anime the ship is and I will make a Chapter and my rating about it
SAO- Alternate story (kirisuna) by minami_zz
SAO- Alternate story (kirisuna)by Minami ss
Fanfic kiritoxasuna ❤️❤️ enjoyyy (i do not own all cover pictures !! ) love you guys !!