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The Wolf Swordsman ( Sword Art Online Anime OC/male reader insert)  by zer0420
The Wolf Swordsman ( Sword Art LEadFARMER 420 .
Nhzual was only 14 when his life got turned upside down. On his way home from Martial arts practice he came across a drunk man trying to force himself on a woman and wit...
Wolf Swordsman Alternative( Sword Art OnlineOnline Oc x Philia) by zer0420
Wolf Swordsman Alternative( LEadFARMER 420 .
This is a different alternative time line to the original Wolf Swordsman book where it is a what if scenario of what if Kotone/Philia survived and didn't die.
Glass Bullet (A Kirinon / Kinon / Sinorito fanfiction) by FuyukaiWrites
Glass Bullet (A Kirinon / Fuyukai_Writes
I'm not very good at descriptions. But just know that this is a Kinon/Sinorito/Kirinon fanfic. That will also have another ship in it. I hope you all enjoy. KINON FOREVER
Wolf Swordsman OVAs and Facts by zer0420
Wolf Swordsman OVAs and Factsby LEadFARMER 420 .
This book is made up of different OVA's that take place during the story of the Wolf Swordman. Along with fun facts about Nhzual and different things.
After Alicization by RSF_09
After Alicizationby Raisa Saffa⭐
It's my first fanfic, so please understand This story takes place after alicization. Kirito just woken up from alicization after 3 months inside that virtual world.
Asuna X Male Reader: There For You by TheSpectre21
Asuna X Male Reader: There For Youby Spectre
In Alfheim Online, a new user has joined the world, but is different from the rest. A spriggan, with incredible power, and is currently renown to be unbeatable. In the r...
Wolf Pack (Wolf Swordsman side story#1) by zer0420
Wolf Pack (Wolf Swordsman side LEadFARMER 420 .
This Side story takes place after the events of the Mother's Rosario arc of Wolf Swordsman and during game night date in GGO, Nhzual and Sinon are both approached by a c...
Crimson Rosario - An SAO Fanfic, Yuuki Konno X OC by MageProfessor_Simon
Crimson Rosario - An SAO Fanfic, Simon Patrikof
Another random SAO fanfic yaaaay... theres over thousands of these already. The book I wrote here is based on my own original character with his love interest from the...
SAO Hollow Wolf by zer0420
SAO Hollow Wolfby LEadFARMER 420 .
The third book in the gameverse series, Nhzual and and friends are invited to be beta testers for a brand new VRMMO said to be the predecessor to of Sword Art Online, no...
Say You Love Me | K x E (discontinued) by Mikualu
Say You Love Me | K x E ( ꕥ Ethereal ꕥ
"Is it okay for us to fall in love?" ----oOo---- The adventure of two young boys that love one another. Because of society, their love has been one sided ever...
The New sword art online ( fem Kirito x Eugeo ) by im_yuki_wolf
The New sword art online ( fem 🖤Wolfy💙
What everyone remembers before they were in the new sword art online was darkness. No one knows how they got there or how they post to get out because the suppose ruler...
Kirito x eugeo in college (SAO Fanfic) by user21513713
Kirito x eugeo in college (SAO Pudge
Love this anime so much. This takes place after the events of the first two seasons of the anime, before this eugeo and kirito had never met, however kirito and his grou...
Treasure (Suguha X Reader Fanfic)  by 9678-GW
Treasure (Suguha X Reader Fanfic) by 9678-GW
This is my first book.... I hope it isn't bad. Despite being a loser and being isolated who had done something that you regretted for years before and yet an excellent h...
Anime Imagine/one shots by MonStay-L
Anime Imagine/one shotsby OiFelix
Main animes I will be writing One Piece My Hero Academia Fairy Tail Katekyo Hitman Reborn D. Gray-Man Haikyuu Noragami Bleach OHSHC And More! *All characters are not mi...
Kayabas daughter  by Mayanater
Kayabas daughter by Mymy
Ever since you were little you loved video games and when your father released sword art online you wanted to play it but he forbid you to play the game you were only a...
New Game? *YES*  by her0ic_Stick
New Game? *YES* by her0ic_Stick
As Kirito wakes up from the events of SAO, He realizes he's been moved to the States. Follow Kirito as he returns to Japan to reunite with Asuna and as they and the gang...
The Survival Logs || Sword Art Online Fanfic by Teddyzenpai
The Survival Logs || Sword Art Zyan Toh
In a game where many players perceive to be the dream world to be in, Sword Art Online has taken the world by storm, giving 10000 players across the globe the chance to...
Barrier | Asuna x Kirito by elleskyie
Barrier | Asuna x Kiritoby 𝔞𝔩𝔱𝔞𝔦𝔯
Kirigaya Kazuto wondered in every being he had why Kayaba trapped all the players inside of that stupid game, Sword Art Online. He however liked the game, he could escap...
Our World (A SAO Fanfiction) by JoyfulBangtan
Our World (A SAO Fanfiction)by JoyfulBangtan
Nana Minami, a pro-gamer and a bit of a socially awkward person (also a bit of a closet freak) enters the world of SAO, thinking that it was just for fun....until Akihi...
The Story Of Broken Lives (SLOW UPDATES) by aijazzy
The Story Of Broken Lives (SLOW Jasmine 💛✨
It's been four years. Four years since they've seen each other, and four years since they've talked to each other in person. ********** 2 years ago they broke up, due t...