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Kirito x Reader by waveybdj
Kirito x Readerby waveybdj
This story is based off the anime: Sword Art Online. You were once a normal girl living in Japan with your alcoholic mom in a decent house with good money. You loved pla...
Love Is Like A Bullet[SLOW UPDATES] (Sinon x Male Reader) by Tanker980
Love Is Like A Bullet[SLOW Tanker980
Y/N L/N is the best player in GGO he has never lost. He was a SAO survivor one of the best in it to be certain. In SAO he was always at the top of the board in SAO. He d...
Love Love Bullet! (Male! Reader! x Sinon!) by nommaj
Love Love Bullet! (Male! Reader! nomma
I don't own SAO, I don't own majority of the characters used. This is my fifth book and chances for lemon isn't really that high.
The Night Sky Swordsman (Sword Art Online X OC) by Sora_Flashing12
The Night Sky Swordsman (Sword Vgeaks
Sora Yatagami was a young boy who lost everything. His parents were framed by a mistake they never commit. After that none of his friends and other family wants to take...
Wolf Swordsman OVAs and Facts by zer0420
Wolf Swordsman OVAs and Factsby Zer0420
This book is made up of different OVA's that take place during the story of the Wolf Swordman. Along with fun facts about Nhzual and different things.
You're Mine || Kirito x Asuna by AshMariLie
You're Mine || Kirito x Asunaby ❤ Ashlie ❤
After Kirito's Aunt dies in a car accident Kirito and his cousin have to move into their close friend's house, which is hours away from their old house. Drama strikes wh...
When You Called Me Over That Day (Kirito x Sinon) by Kisoru
When You Called Me Over That Day ( Kisoru
Kazuto just got DUMPED? Asuna left Kazuto for another man. Kazuto goes to his best friend, Shino, for help. Shino started to feel something she'd never felt before. As...
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The Newbie and The Elite by TheTurquoiseSniper
The Newbie and The Eliteby Irrelevant Uploader
We all like Kinon, Face it. Screw Asuna. But I feel like it should be a third person X Reader kind of stuff. (I don't own any of the characters present in this)
Sword Art Online: Black Specter (GGO Arc Remastered) by NeonKunSama
Sword Art Online: Black Specter ( Neon
Just a remastered of my old book "Sword art online : Angel"
deku secret  by Theshipfan
deku secret by Theshipfan
~ I don't own any of the images or video or any anime used they belong to their respectful owners I only own the twist and my story.~ Class 1a finds out their class cinn...
Y/N rose was a member of the rose family he is the eldest son of summer rose his sister is ruby rose he lived a happy good life until summer went on a mission. When she...
Can You Forge Love?! (Male! Reader! x Lisbeth!) by nommaj
Can You Forge Love?! (Male! nomma
My third book, another one of your basic xreader types. Go ahead and read if you want. There probably won't be any lemon. I nearly forgot, I 100% do NOT own SAO. Go supp...
Link Start! (Sinon X Male reader) HITAUS by universewolf28
Link Start! (Sinon X Male reader) 신자
You, being an SAO survivor. Tries to play a VRMMO for the first time in a year after the incident. But what you don't know is that it is going to be better then what y...
Heaven University [On Going~~] by pretty_swaeg
Heaven University [On Going~~]by pretty_swaeg
"If you wanna taste heaven, enroll in this innocent school" publishing:2017-2018 ŅØŤƏ: This is pg na medyo spg >_< joke. etong storya na ito ay written...
The Crystal Swordsman: Alfheim's Awakening by KillerKieranQ
The Crystal Swordsman: Alfheim's Kieran Quinn
Continue on the never ending campaign of the Crystal Swordsman as he fights alongside the Black Swordsman, Kirito and his large group of friends! An expansive story line...
Guns, Swords, and Love by black_dahila
Guns, Swords, and Loveby Trini (Trinity)
After the GGO incident Sinon starts on having these weird feelings towards her partner Kirito and she doesn't know what these feelings are. Asuna also starts threatning...
Wolf Pack (Wolf Swordsman side story#1) by zer0420
Wolf Pack (Wolf Swordsman side Zer0420
This Side story takes place after the events of the Mother's Rosario arc of Wolf Swordsman and during game night date in GGO, Nhzual and Sinon are both approached by a c...
A Snipers Target (Kinon Fanfic) by _DevilsAssassin_
A Snipers Target (Kinon Fanfic)by Kitsune
Not really sure why I wanted to write this, I have nothing against Asuna or anything I might make a story of her and Kirito after the second season and after the movie b...
Guns, Swords, and Love 2 by black_dahila
Guns, Swords, and Love 2by Trini (Trinity)
About a year has passed since the terrifying B.O.B tournament. Still logging into virtual worlds, both Kirito and Sinon continue to recover from what happened and possib...