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ORANGE by mn_duh
ORANGEby mn_duh
A opacarophile type of person who loves sunset more than anything and hates school a lot, always skipped noon classes just to have a moment infront of the sky while watc...
HOME | Chaewon X Male Reader [✓] by EnergyMaker
HOME | Chaewon X Male Reader [✓]by Jinwoo
An IZ*ONE AU where your love life begins in college. (This story is a work of fiction and any similarity with other stories is coincidental) [COMPLETED] ✓
IZ*ONE ONESHOTSby Steve Shadow
IZ*ONE ONESHOTS All Member x Male Reader I'm sorry I can't make it Member x Member and Member x Female Reader. (Highest rank in 22nd March 2020 - #1 miyawakisakura) (Hig...
School Life Melodies (Male Reader x Chaewon/Yena/Minju/Sakura) by Roverflame
School Life Melodies (Male Kazuism
You are Kwon Y/N, son of a prominent family of musicians who entered South Korea's most prestigious musical academy. Heading to your school with newfound expectations...
After messing up with someone's door, An innocent girl was mistakenly accused that she's cheating when infact she's the one who's getting cheated on. Reasoning as her e...
2 SOULS IN LOVE | kim sunwoo.  by sunwoosplaylist
2 SOULS IN LOVE | kim sunwoo. by ♡.
in where the initial of your soulmate appears on your wrist when you turn twenty.
❝ once a traitor, always a traitor ❞ 𝗦𝗘𝗢 𝗦𝗔𝗘𝗥𝗜𝗡 had always been a firm believer in once a traitor, always a traitor, and she left no room for forgiveness when h...
Stacy's Brother | TG ✔️ by welcomtomeprofile
Stacy's Brother | TG ✔️by bye guys hi ladies
Kang Chaewon and Choi Beomgyu have been friends since they were little kids. --☆-- During their high school years, Beomgyu met Chaewon's brother, Taehyun (oo la la) ...
The Choices I Never Made (annyeongz version) by IVDV22
The Choices I Never Made ( IVDV22
Wonyoung is in frantic need of an escape from the city and her whole idol life. She only knows one person who can help. Or, Jang Wonyoung is reminded of the life she did...
The Day We Met by Shinobubabygirl
The Day We Metby ⋆˙⟡♡
Ryujin met her when she was 13 yrs old. Both of them were total opposites. Yeji is everyone's favorite and the typical Ms.Popular while Ryujin is the outcast and the awk...
antifragile | lesserafim sixth member (on temporary hiatus) by NEONBURZZ
antifragile | lesserafim sixth el7z up's last piece
where you become lesserafim's sixth member there is an actual story in there not just added member profile in case you didn't know (slow updates) (lowercase intended) (u...
Family Quarrel || Iz*one  by ayiziwon
Family Quarrel || Iz*one by izone_gayss
This story is different from the first books I wrote, because this book is focused on 12 girls only. The Lee family and the Kang family are rival companies. The two comp...
Be My Wife! by cyjyul
Be My Wife!by yenyulsupremacy
"Jo Yuri, marry me!" - Choi Yena "Hell no! You are selfish! You just wanna it for your own goodness!" - Jo Yuri Where Choi Yena has to marry Jo Yuri...
IZ*ONE Random Book Three | ✔ by Innocence_Maknae
IZ*ONE Random Book Three | ✔by (๑¯∇¯๑)
third and pretty sure the last iz*one random book Sarted: 4/28/19 Started: 8/16/19
Height is not a Problem | IZ*ONE by nakojjangwonyoung
Height is not a Problem | IZ*ONEby nakojjangwonyoung
This is totally not about the smol one's height.
messages ; purinz ✓ by kkurafries
messages ; purinz ✓by 🌙
wherein chaewon can't seem to let yunjin go so she made yunjin's inbox her diary. short story. date started: 07/27/21 date finished: 07/29/21 date revised: 06/26/23
Hanging on a thread by Baco0on
Hanging on a threadby Baco0on
Spider-Man AU Chaewon was pretty popular, good grades, fun friends. Being closer to some more than others. You would consider her a typical nerdy teenager. But one night...
ENOZI Highschool Investigation || Iz*one ✔ by byunpenguin
ENOZI Highschool Investigation || byun :)
Are you a fan of mystery? Do you like solving puzzles and solving cases? if yes then, ENOZI Investigators Club is for you! Join the team as they tackle all the issues an...
izone oneshot by Joyu_ri
izone oneshotby Cherly
Just oneshot by a nooby writer Fluff and angst only I'm pure no smut 😊
[Completed] The Dating Master | Kwon Eunbi x Male Reader by Yenalogy
[Completed] The Dating Master | Kazu
Can't keep it up any longer. Note: - This story is fictional. - Any events or name that's similar is coincidental PS: The pictures i use here are from the internet.