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Salty love (Sangwoo x reader) by goddessofgreatness
Salty love (Sangwoo x reader)by Liya
You are from the sea, and he is from the land. People from the land and sea don't mix... or do they? What happens when a gentle soul from the sea gains the affection of...
Why You? ( A sangwoo x reader) by Alexismiku34
Why You? ( A sangwoo x reader)by alexis
what happens when a psycho killer finally meets his match?
Broken Goods  - Killing Stalking (18+) by Sasakure
Broken Goods - Killing Stalking ( 🦋
I understand I sound a bit strange; one minute I'm getting turned on by her presence, the next I'm insulting her for trusting me. Trust. The worst thing anyone can ever...
PSYCHOPATHIC is a lemon book filled with different stories featuring Oh Sangwoo and the readers. Warning: Some stories will contain violence and explicit contents that...
Oh Sangwoo X OC [killing stalking] by DonnaMeow0-0
Oh Sangwoo X OC [killing stalking]by DonnaMeow0-0
" you love me? ~ " He's murderous, merciless, monstrous She's innocent cheerful kind quiet She loved his mask What a mistake 💔 I don't own the killing sta...
Copy Cat (Oh Sangwoo Ambw)  by Tearsonlyknow
Copy Cat (Oh Sangwoo Ambw) by Bre
I'll become what you like, this is what you wanted right?
Sangwoo x reader 🍋🍋🔥 by soggy_pancake
Sangwoo x reader 🍋🍋🔥by soggy_pancake
Disclaimer*** story does NOT belong to me. I'm just tweaking it a bit to my liking. ✨NSFW ✨18+ 🤌🏼 gets spicier as you read ✨ if you haven't read killing stalking, ⚠️...
killing him softly by eunoiabun
killing him softlyby eunoiabun
sangwoo x him (male reader) ⚠nsfw, ddlb smut ⚠
ill-fated || Killing Stalking Fanfic [On-hold] by himithehomo
ill-fated || Killing Stalking himi
whats worse then stubbing your toe against furniture or stepping on a lego? ah yes, getting reincarnated into the popular psychological thriller, Killing Stalking. ...
My beautiful flower by NatashaPalma
My beautiful flowerby VienneauWolf
This is my first time making killing stalking Fanfiction of Sangwoo x reader x yoonbum If you want me make more chapters of this book comment in the book I own none o...
X Male Reader| one-shot book! *REQUESTS CLOSED* by BeeAnxious
X Male Reader| one-shot book! * 노란색
Check the first page for anime, games, manga/manhwa/ shows i will do one shots for :) I will also do AU's if requested Top rankings: #140 - Free #1- dramaticalmurder #8...
Sangwoo X reader lemon by quiet_yoonbum
Sangwoo X reader lemonby Alex
What are we? One minute we're like a couple the next he's either with someone else or hurting me. (Ack- hello, so I usually don't write these so it may suck a little but...
Sangwoo x reader (LEMONNNN~) by peyton_howse
Sangwoo x reader (LEMONNNN~)by peyton_howse
You have broken into one of your crushes house,little do you know he's a psycho serial killer will problems....but he ends up falling in love with you...
parenting Sangwoo x child reader by Suga__Bunny
parenting Sangwoo x child readerby Isrish Queen
One of sangwoo's victims shows a photo of there sister. For some strange reason he felt attracted to the child. He asked questions and got the information he needed. Soo...
Yoonbum x Sangwoo  by person2o2
Yoonbum x Sangwoo by person2o2
sangwoo comes home to find yoonbum trying to escape as yoonbum begs for mercy sangwoo says not to kill him but a instresting form of punishment
S⃣a⃣n⃣g⃣w⃣o⃣o⃣ ,⃣  I⃣  l⃣o⃣v⃣e⃣  y⃣o⃣u⃣ by hiiasked
S⃣a⃣n⃣g⃣w⃣o⃣o⃣ ,⃣ I⃣ l⃣o⃣v⃣e⃣ Mommylonglegs
Lowkey idk I made this book at 3am so hv fun and it's about sangwoo but what if he was kidnapped. This book might have a happy ending, so have upfun marrying Sangwoo if...
Special... by prancing_from_issues
#18 Prancing from issues
"You're special Y/N..." he purred, running his blade over my soft skin, leaving a crimson trail behind it. My eyes burned into his, not buying his words, he wa...
Blonde by Ackermanloveylle
Blondeby Ackermanloveylle
eren's friends keep disappearing. they all have one thing in common, blonde hair. the police can't do anything about it, so eren decided to find out himself. will he reg...