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By Chance || Vkook by taekoo2003
By Chance || Vkookby taekoo2003
The not so perfect mix of stress and sarcasm, a smol passive agressive ball of fluff. Meet jeon jungkook, an 18 years old kick boxer, who's ready to mindlessly throw han...
Kissing Hayes #1  by linastefanova
Kissing Hayes #1 by Lina Stefanova
Highest Ranking in Romance #12 |Previously known as "Beautiful Disaster"| *** He threw me on the bed and I held my...
The Kick Boxer's Girl by tatterzz
The Kick Boxer's Girlby Tatterzz 💕
Lauren Jauregui is the schools star athlete, but she doesn't play a typical school sport, she's a kick boxer. Camila Cabello is a smart girl with a secret she nobody kn...
My mind is a work of art by michy_addo
My mind is a work of artby Maddonya
SPIN-OFF BOOK OF 'We Align' This is the story of Kyle James Xavier. The boy with a broken soul who finds a new light behind the red and black notebooks. 'We live in a pr...
Fragmented Clouds by silverfeels
Fragmented Cloudsby Hazel
Veer Solanki and Charani Divakar meet when they are 18. Being the talkative girl Charani is she befriends Veer in no time and makes the quiet boy speak more than four wo...
Born Of Fighter Blood | ✔ by CursiveHand
Born Of Fighter Blood | ✔by a.b
There were hushed whispers about moving from Arizona. Her brother's brawling, all of the disguised limps and fractures, the dreaded hospital visits, the false rumours an...
⚠️☠️WAR OF THE UNDERWORLD ☠️⚠️ by Jiweol09
⚠️☠️WAR OF THE UNDERWORLD ☠️⚠️by Lee Ji Weol
"Someone can break down a woman temporarily but a strong woman will pick up pieces rebuild herself and comeback even stronger than ever" "Hatred cannot er...
To Love & Be Loved [Slow updates] by shakthi
To Love & Be Loved [Slow updates]by shakthi
Have you ever regretted a decision you made in the past? It's been four years and Jay is still not over what happened in the past. He knows that he messed up and as a re...
Luz Noceda, The Fighter by Jss2141
Luz Noceda, The Fighterby Jss2141
What if Luz was put in a combat sport at a younger age in hopes of making friends by her mother? Owl House AU inspired by Fighting Falls(Gravity Falls AU) I do not own...
The Cold Ground by OxygenMaskVinchie01
The Cold Groundby Alexandria
He grabbed my wrist from behind me, pulling my arms behind me away from my body. He pushed his other hand flatly between my shoulder blades pushing in. I gasped allowed...
You Can't Change Me by 11cina24
You Can't Change Meby Catt
My life is a fighting war. Once youre part of this business as a fighter for the mob, you can't get out. Being a foster kid I didnt expect the big bad son of the most hi...
Yes, Your Majesty (manxman) by krazykitten359
Yes, Your Majesty (manxman)by krazykitten359
Okay lets see...what can I write for the description.... Meet Gabriel, he's a young man who just wants to graduate without too much drama. He's trying his best to stop t...
Kulipari: Attack of the Rouges(slow progress) by lobocanisdawolf777
Kulipari: Attack of the Rouges( Lancerwolf2022
A human named Sam who lost his best friend. A wood frog named Darel trying to unite the new Amphibilands. A nightcasting frog who hates his job. And a bunch of rouge fro...
Innocent by anonymousamyleeme
Innocentby anonymousamyleeme
Tanner was the type of girl who appeared tough on the outside but was broken on the inside. She was the girl that took kickboxing lessons and never complained when she g...
Fairy Tail~ Strength To Fight✔ by Candyfuzz13
Fairy Tail~ Strength To Fight✔by xXSkyFireXx
A young woman that goes by the name Lucy Heartfilia has grown up with no mother and with a controlling, perfectionist father. She takes her anger and sadness out by doin...
Something new by beckylynch04
Something newby Liv✌️
She just moved from Australia to LA, doesn't like people and would rather not talk to anyone. He becomes curious of her and wants to know who she is. ___________________...
Best wattpad stories Top10✔ by Card16ldec
Best wattpad stories Top10✔by Card16ldec
These are the top 10 best wattpad stories so far.Shout out to all the writers,these are awesome Mixed genres so enjoy! 💎〰⬆😅👏😅😧💎⚡⚡😒👃😦😳🎃👏💃♓😧👏😅🐱🐥🐴🐱🐱🐑�...
Nejde o holé mlácení. Je v tom mnohem víc... by Robertustr
Nejde o holé mlácení. Je v tom Robert Šustr
Následující řádky berte, jako kdybychom spolu vedli rozhovor někde v kavárně, čajovně či hospodě. Jedná se o krátké úvahové pasáže ukazující moji cestu k bojovým uměním...
Don't worry Baby by WilliamSayers9
Don't worry Babyby William Sayers
Hello fellow Ayane's High Kick readers. I've been a Ayane's High Kick fan for years. And now I must say, because I'm a HUGE yuri fan and see it everywhere and because Sa...
Fundamental Flaws by brightestInthedark
Fundamental Flawsby Erica Rue
My life is a walking Wattpad cli-. Nope. My life closely resembles- Try Again. My life is nothing like a walking Wattpad cliché. Yup...That's the one. Alyssa needed to...