To Love & Be Lo...
By shakthi
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Have you ever regretted a decision you made in the past? It's been four years and Jay is still not over what happened in the past. He knows that he messed up and as a result, He lost the two most precious people in his life. So after all these time, He is coming back to where it all started, Or ended...But this time, He is determined to get both of them back, No matter what. But the time has changed and Is it really possible? ****BLURB**** "Are you single?" Jay looked at me. The whole table was silent and I was frozen in my spot. "Of course not!" Aryan said rather 'warmly'. "She's already taken, Jay." " are together?" Jay asked again, disbelief clear in his eyes and Aryan brought our intertwined hands up. "Not just together, we are engaged," he laughed and turned to me. "She's mine." And I knew suddenly... I knew why Aryan took the pain to find me after all this time, why he had to doll me up today and take me to the get together. It's not me he's targeting! It's Jay! "Let's start then," Amit said quickly, Trying to dissolve the tension around and everyone nodded. But Jay was still staring at us, his eyes noted the ring; the fake engagement ring on my hand. "How long have you been together?" Aryan's smile slipped for a moment. "One year," he said and Jay raised his eyebrows in surprise. "I never saw you taking her to any of your gatherings," he said again. "She wanted to keep it low and I didn't want to pressure her," Aryan said firmly. "But why do I feel like you are interrogating me, Jay? Don't tell me that you have unresolved feelings towards my girl?" I spilt the drink over as it came as a shock and the table went quiet again. "Ooh, that's right, you never had any feelings for her to begin with, It was all a joke" Aryan said again and it was like someone had cut the lifeline out of me. I was in pain. I realised another thing that night; I am still not over it...It's still paining me too much...

#1 The debt

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To Love...
by shakthi