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Live like a bird by PancakesYum2
Live like a birdby Futaba Sakura
I noticed that there are not that many FANFICS for rurouni kenshin. So I decided to write one. The gang meets a girl named Shizuka. Her life is a whole mystery and dange...
Cory Kenshin Imagines- COMPLETE by imaginelifelikethis
Cory Kenshin Imagines- COMPLETEby imagine💕
Just imagines of my bby CoryxKenshin🥺
cory imagines🙌🏽 by mariswift00
cory imagines🙌🏽by stan taylor
cuz my name is cory kenshin March 23, 2019
Let's Play Soccer! (Discontinued) by Stella_Bella_0913
Let's Play Soccer! (Discontinued)by Stella Bella
Shinsei Mizukawa. . Soccer Player. Girl. Most of all, Second Stage Child. . Mizu didn't know she was an SSC. She just knew she was different. Knowing that her powers wou...
The Dominant Bachelor's fake wife (COMPLETED) by Keendalle012
The Dominant Bachelor's fake KendieFrancisco
#48 in Teen Fiction. Highest ranked achieved. :) "When my eyes meet his gaze as I'm staring at his eyes, time stops. Those eyes are piercing mine, and I can swear a...
Ikemen Sengoku x reader by Venulus
Ikemen Sengoku x readerby Venulus
Ikemen Sengoku and all its characters © Cybird The stories belong to me but the pictures do not.
Ikemen Sengoku: A Werewolf Story by Animefan446
Ikemen Sengoku: A Werewolf Storyby Animefan446
Alexandra Hinamori wasn't your average 21-year-old, she's a werewolf who lived the Alpha of the Moonlight pack, Dominic, who took her in when she was very young. Alex go...
A Historical Romance [Ikemen Sengoku x Oc] by Cassidy004
A Historical Romance [Ikemen Cassidy004
Miyuki, a young woman who was turned into a demon and her abilities to create crystals whenever she desires but despite the unhuman ways, she continued to have a normal...
Rurouni Kenshin One Shots by xXBree66Xx
Rurouni Kenshin One Shotsby Angel•Bree
Here are some stories about the characters of Ruruoni Kenshin. If you have any requests then don't be scared to ask! Enjoy! I do NOT own Kenshin or any of the characters...
A Good Deed Gone Unpunished by PretzelBuns
A Good Deed Gone Unpunishedby PretzelBuns
Mizusaki Mai was just trying to give a stranger her umbrella. Now she's stuck in an alternate version of history, surrounded by neurotic warlords. Without her epilepsy...
The Seventh Clan by erc2109
The Seventh Clanby Erc2109
An enemy is only after one clan, the mysterious members of the Gegga Tribes, the Khuzaimah clan. One remain and search for help, being guided and protected by her best f...
Reminiscing The Past • Rurouni Kenshin  by CELESTAILILLUSION
Reminiscing The Past • Rurouni 舞妓
Sequel to "The Bloody Jasmine". It's been 10 years since Mei Hayashi left the Choshū clan, and she is now living her life as a regular citizen in Tokyo, Japan...
Ikemen Sengoku Moments by Sk84Eve
Ikemen Sengoku Momentsby Summer Rose
How does Masamune finally win MC's heart? How many times did Ieyasu write Mitsunari in his hate list? What happens when Shingen gets stuck in a Christmas tree? Why does...
What if : It Was Written by Me ? ( Ikemen Sengoku ver.) by hazirahhusna
What if : It Was Written by Me ? ( hazirahhusna
I'll just be honest with you guys , I'm just KINDA frustrated at the original Ikemen Sengoku's MC since.. let's be honest.. she's pretty naive and the usual cliche MC th...
Warlords' reactions... [DISCONTINUED] by acupofquirky
Warlords' reactions... [ ;)
Well... I guess everyone wants to know how their favorite warlords will react in or to different situations. So, I guess you all will like it! Enjoy! P.S.: I've disconti...
Hazy Past (Rurouni kenshin Fanfiction) by JohannaMariePadama
Hazy Past (Rurouni kenshin Johanna Marie Padama
This is not mine actually this is from rurouni kenshin fanfiction i just want to share it to others so that they will able to read a very good and touching story
I'm In Love With A Devil by angrmz
I'm In Love With A Devilby Madam Potato
The more Banshee spends with the warlords of Azuchi the longer she wants to stay. However, one haughty warlord takes priority over all. IKÉMEN SENGOKU FAN FIC Character...
Yuzuki's world (Slow updates) by erc2109
Yuzuki's world (Slow updates)by Erc2109
Now that Yuzuki has been in Shinga for a year now, does she miss her home so much that it kills her. Hideyoshi has noticed her lack of behavior and finally asked her wha...
Ikemen Sengoku: The Empress of the Underworld by Luna_Uchiha1
Ikemen Sengoku: The Empress of Luna Uchiha
Alessandra Ricci famously known as the Bloody Empress of the Underworld is transported to the Sengoku Era. What happens when the Mafia boss meets the warlords of Japan? ...
Ikémen Sengoku: What the Heart Wants  by Briona059
Ikémen Sengoku: What the Heart Briona059
The timing of the wormhole is here to go back 500 years again! Do you regret the decisions you've made? Do you want to go back to the present or resolve your affairs in...