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Death is Around the Corner by LastLightAlive
Death is Around the Cornerby LadyNebula
Transformers Prime x Grim Reaper! Female! Reader Cover made by @Kurokine ---------- It was just any normal day really.. Collecting souls and crossing out names in her bo...
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The Grim Reaper Effect by ariella-denise
The Grim Reaper Effectby ari
Death is a funny thing. It's the ultimate step out of our comfort zones. You realize this world is the biggest comfort zone there is. Earth has always been a constant in...
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A Taste of Winter ~Jack Frost x Reader~ [✔] by Marlena7338
A Taste of Winter ~Jack Frost x marl
One of the oldest Spirits, the Grim Reaper, likes to keep a low profile. The Grim Reaper knows everything there is to know about each and every of the Spirits and Guardi...
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Reaper ✝ M.Y by d3athbeds
Reaper ✝ M.Yby ♡
Goblin inspired. min yoongi as the grim reaper AU
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Hello Again! (Undertaker x reader) by taztaz92
Hello Again! (Undertaker x reader)by taztaz
The reader is a human. She hopes to find a better future in London, but bad luck seems to follow with a creepy smile...and a butler?
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Limerence | Death The Kid x Reader (Was 'Secrets and Lies') by Phantomhive_Butler
Limerence | Death The Kid x Fantumhive Buttlr
Was "Secrets and Lies" ---Currently being rewritten, chapter by chapter--- When _____ _____ seeks training from the DWMA in order to control her power and star...
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How To NEVER Summon The Grim Reaper! by Freakskullz98
How To NEVER Summon The Grim Freak Skullz
[Grim Reaper Male Reader X How To Not Summon A Demon Lord] A New Journey Begins And The Grim Reaper Awaits For That Journey To Come... But When He Is Summoned To A New L...
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[Nightmarish Virus] by Freakskullz98
[Nightmarish Virus]by Freak Skullz
[SAO X Male Grim Reaper Reader] ... ... ... [Loading Description... ] ... ... ... [Error...] ... ... ... [Reloading Description...] ... ... ... [Error...] ... ... ... [L...
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❝ what happen if one day a grim reaper come and take away your soul from you? what will you do? ❞ ❝ i do nothing lmao.. what can i do more thought, they already take my...
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Deal with the Devil || K.Th  by X_Diva_X
Deal with the Devil || K.Th by Diva
❝You have got 15 days...❞ He said, his eyes not leaving mine as he grinned which made me annoyed. ❝15 days for what?❞ I asked confused. ❝15 days to make me fall in love...
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Kuro Shinigami | H E A R T L E S S by KiraKiera
Kuro Shinigami | H E A R T L E S Sby ★kiera★
Meet Adelaide Blackthorn. She's a grim reaper that is currently prancing around London, stirring up conflicts among humans for fun as she collects souls. The higher-ups...
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Love You A Hundred Times (Mio Naruse x Reader) by ItzGazza
Love You A Hundred Times (Mio Gaz
At a young age, Y/N was set out of the underworld due to him being the newest Grim Reaper. Thing is, he doesn't know this due to his memory being whipped clean. Y/N was...
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Black Butler Characters x Pregnant Reader by Crystal-Elena-Lilian
Black Butler Characters x Tori, Otaku!
Description Disclaimer the characters belong to Yana Toboso. The story prologue: a girl named (y/n) who has been a servant at the mannor for a few months. In this time...
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Welcome To Black Butler by Daytime-Dreamer
Welcome To Black Butlerby •ARMY•
(Y/n) (L/n) always wished for a adventure. She's a trouble maker and a risk taker who doesn't care what others think of her. What happens when her wish finally came tru...
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The Truth Untold  by Airafsadu
The Truth Untold by Airaf Sadu
Story of a Grim Reaper whose job is to collect souls after death as a punishment for his past life's sins. What if he tries to protect someone from death? "You are...
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Shadows heart (Sebastian x reader) book 1 by SashaSpittle
Shadows heart (Sebastian x reader) Sasha the wanna be writer
This is my first time writing this sort of thing so sorry if it's bad. (Y/N)= your name (L/N)= last name (F/c)= favourite colour (H/l)= hair length (H/c)= hair colou...
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The Girl Grim Reaper (Completed) by kristineeejoo
The Girl Grim Reaper (Completed)by joo.
A Grim Reaper who fell in love with a human.
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𝙈𝙍𝙄𝙏𝙔𝙐 ━ elijah mikaelson by recordplayer
𝙈𝙍𝙄𝙏𝙔𝙐 ━ elijah mikaelsonby 𝐓.
❝I AM A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH.❞ One thing has been constant in Elijah Mikaelson's thousand years of life, no, not his unbearable siblings or his lust for rich crimson bl...
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why we cant be together? Jennie x fem reader by ren-ryuki
why we cant be together? Jennie Yuju’s girlfriend
the song y/n who can see all ghost! she seeing every ghost! ugly! scary! pretty! and have a no face. all.. name it.. until.. she meet a pretty woman.. she stare at tha...
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What am I? (Refund High School x Reader x Oc) *Remaking* by Jul_was_never_here
What am I? (Refund High School x Jul the Nightmare Angel
I never thought my Life would take a U-Turn just as I found out why or What I am Life was Great Until an Accident happen resulting for my Sadness and Grief I died but wa...
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