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Stay With Me(Kaylor) by klossysunshine
Stay With Me(Kaylor)by ☀️klossysunshine☀️
Taylor Swift is in her first year of teaching an English class for high school juniors. Karlie Kloss is a junior and meets Taylor, who is her teacher. Karlie lives with...
Incredible Things  by justkaylorthings
Incredible Things by justkaylorthings
Kaylor AU. The girls meet while attending their first semester at college.
Calamitous (Kaylor) by Silvalucky
Calamitous (Kaylor)by Lover
Detective Karlie Kloss has been on the trail of criminal mastermind, Catastrophe, for quite some time. When she hears from a secret informant, she might finally have wh...
you belong with me || karlie kloss x taylor swift by xxdesaphi
you belong with me || karlie kloss...by esme
karlie kloss is the cheer captain. taylor swift is known as the lesbian who has an obsession with karlie kloss. need i say more? kaylor au inspired by the song, "Yo...
Dorm 113 ( Kaylor ) by SedgeTheLeafwingX
Dorm 113 ( Kaylor )by Taylorswiftismywife
Taylor lives in Nashville. Well, she used to. This summer, Taylor and her parents move to St Louis, which means a new school, a boarding school. When Taylor shows up for...
Breakable Heaven by bblitss
Breakable Heavenby bblitss
Rumors swirl around Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss' friendship, but is there any truth to them? After a 1975 concert in New York and a very public kiss, the two girls are...
𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙰𝚆𝙰𝙺𝙴𝙽𝙸𝙽𝙶 by NightWolfsTales
If only her parents knew the things she did in the a.m... ✎ this fanfic contains: ➢ girl penis (g!p karlie) ➢ sex scenes ➢ some violence ➢ mature langu...
GETAWAY CAR by lovedinsecretswift
GETAWAY CARby 💛Danielle💛
When Taylor Swift is faced with a daunting and uncertain future, how does the twenty six year old decide what's right. Staying with him isn't an option, she can't risk i...
light of my life, kaylor by taylorswitfs
light of my life, kaylorby ⋆
in which karlie kloss meets the new shy student, taylor swift, and wants to become friends with her. taylor however is reluctant to become friends with karlie because of...
Quarantine - {Kaylor} by darkgreytshirt
Quarantine - {Kaylor}by Maia
Karlie and Taylor are stuck together during quarantine. Will they resist the temptation of finally acting on their feelings while confined in the same apartment? Peaked...
Kaylor AU : How It All Started. by thingspeopleread
Kaylor AU : How It All Started.by Big Kaylor Fan
Set in a universe where Taylor is still a singer but Karlie is a cute vet who works at her own animal clinic in NYC. It's gonna be sappy and fluffy most of the time. Cau...
Karlie Reblogs It by awesomeannanymous
Karlie Reblogs Itby Kaylorfanhere
When Karlie joins tumblr she discovered the Kaylor fandom, and she discovers something more than just a ship found in the internet, but also her undiscovered feelings to...
❝ Let's come to some terms here. I'm married. I want to stay married. But I really like you, a lot. So until your Mr. Right comes along, I think we can have a lot of fun...
Nutella ( kaylor one shot ) by perfectgayyy
Nutella ( kaylor one shot )by :)
Taylor Swift x Karlie Kloss Mature Content
[kaylor] strippers and unrequited love; by karliesmiles
[kaylor] strippers and unrequited...by karliesmiles
taylor is becoming distant and detached from her friends and one night reluctantly goes out with them. what follows suit is something she never expects
august by shhh-its-a-secret
augustby shhhh
Taylor and Karlie after the Rep Era. Taylor has lost trust in Karlie and has to let her go. Little does she know fate has a funny way of bringing things back in ways you...
Cake/Kaylor - LEZZ CHAT by aiisia
Cake/Kaylor - LEZZ CHATby Ayii
Some random chat convos starring Cake and Kaylor😚 IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK AND CARA'S BORED.
kaylor oneshots by thatoldcardigan
kaylor oneshotsby c<3
a place to post oneshots when i feel ~inspired~
Kaylor Oneshots by taylorscupcake
Kaylor Oneshotsby 💫
Just a bunch of fluffy and smutty Kaylor oneshots for your gay pleasure.
So Casually Cruel by invislblestrings
So Casually Cruelby invislblestrings
Taylor's tour is going well until a friend shows up to the show. Later that evening, she gets a text that would start something more than she could handle. Disclaimer:...