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Sweeter Than Fiction by sbregier2
Sweeter Than Fictionby sbregier2
Sequel to Everything Has Changed
Kaylor: The Timeline by kaylorfanfiction
Kaylor: The Timelineby kaylorfanfiction
My own interpretation of the realistic Kaylor timeline, written to be as realistic and descriptive as possible. This is a work of fan FICTION. I do not mean any disrespe...
UNSOLVED by hat-full-of-stars
UNSOLVEDby hat-full-of-stars
Kaylor AU // Taylor is a new intern at a digital media company. Karlie is a successful content creator. (40k words)
A Cruel Summer by Folkmoreslut
A Cruel Summerby Folkmore sloot
Karlie reuniting with Taylor at Eras and what went down prior! I promise the writing gets better after the first couple chapters. Karlie and Taylor broke up in 2019, Kar...
Incredible Things  by justkaylorthings
Incredible Things by justkaylorthings
Kaylor AU. The girls meet while attending their first semester at college.
Holy Ground {Kaylor} by Kaylorbabe13
Holy Ground {Kaylor}by Kaylorbabe13
Kaylor au: Karie Kloss is an ex-model and Taylor Swift is a struggling musician who meet each other at the right place at the right time. Hope you enjoy the story!
My Folklore by J_Swifty_10
My Folkloreby J_Swifty_10
*Warning* in no way to I think this story is real. It is a fictional story that just happens to have real people in it. Description- "When you left it hurt Taylor...
Cake/Kaylor - LEZZ CHAT by aiisia
Cake/Kaylor - LEZZ CHATby Ayii
Some random chat convos starring Cake and Kaylor😚 IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK AND CARA'S BORED.
[kaylor] strippers and unrequited love; by karliesmiles
[kaylor] strippers and unrequited...by karliesmiles
taylor is becoming distant and detached from her friends and one night reluctantly goes out with them. what follows suit is something she never expects
Daylight (Kaylor) by intheafterglow
Daylight (Kaylor)by intheafterglow
Two black sheep found each other and somehow that was everything. Struggles with mental health are easier with someone you love by your side. Kaylor au
in the cracks of light, i dreamed of you by mkenny1989
in the cracks of light, i dreamed...by Maddie
kaylor fanfic but set in highschool the chapters will start off fairly short but I will do my best to update frequently. this is my first story so bear with me :)
"I HATE HER" by WayToStupid
"I HATE HER"by WayToStupid
"We may love the wrong person and cry for the wrong reason, but one thing is for sure, mistakes help us to find the right person." -Taylor Swift Inspired...
light of my life, kaylor by taylorswitfs
light of my life, kaylorby ⋆
in which karlie kloss meets the new shy student, taylor swift, and wants to become friends with her. taylor however is reluctant to become friends with karlie because of...
Quiet | Kaylor by lov3lettersonly
Quiet | Kaylorby ☆
{A Kaylor Family Fic} "I wonder if inside my head I'm not just a bit different from some of my friends" Josefina has always been that being different is bad...
stay here, honey {kaylor} by _newromantics
stay here, honey {kaylor}by _newromantics
They've fallen into a routine of sorts. They drink, they kiss, they touch, they fuck, then one of them leaves. A Kaylor fic.
Explosions by stateofGould
Explosionsby Kay⚓️
The Kloss-Swift's next adventure begins, a bumpy road is ahead of them. Sequel to Stay and Stolen Kisses, Pretty Lies.
Dorm 113 ( Kaylor ) by SedgeTheLeafwingX
Dorm 113 ( Kaylor )by Taylorswiftismywife
Taylor lives in Nashville. Well, she used to. This summer, Taylor and her parents move to St Louis, which means a new school, a boarding school. When Taylor shows up for...
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Kaylor's Song (Oh My My My) by justkaylorthings
Kaylor's Song (Oh My My My)by justkaylorthings
First love is only a little foolishness, and a lot of curiosity.
Kaylor AU : How It All Started. by thingspeopleread
Kaylor AU : How It All Started.by Big Kaylor Fan
Set in a universe where Taylor is still a singer but Karlie is a cute vet who works at her own animal clinic in NYC. It's gonna be sappy and fluffy most of the time. Cau...
[discon.] in another life, darling [kaylor] by tskk36
[discon.] in another life, darling...by tskk36
[kaylor au] "I'm Karlie, by the way. But my friends call me Kar." "Taylor. No nicknames." taylor meets someone completely enchanting. when their liv...