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The Millionaire is a Vampire by theNobody05
The Millionaire is a Vampireby theNobody05
Where Lisa Manoban is a substitute teacher in a university where Jennie Kim studies. Jennie grew to admire Lisa Manoban's attributes but what she doesn't know is that so...
Living With My Future-Ex °[KathNiel] ✓COMPLETE by MadamKlara
Living With My Future-Ex °[KathNie...by Zyra Claire
Dear future-ex, Please let me stay longer. I promise I will leave, just not today.
SECRET LOVE (4 Stories) - (3) Love Thy Choice [Completed] by ImperfectOne73
SECRET LOVE (4 Stories) - (3) Love...by LB🧚🏻‍♀️
Can you marry someone you don't love? Can you love someone you hate? Time heals. Love moves. And the heart falls in love... KathReid short story😊
TORTURING HER INNOCENCE °[KathNiel...by Zyra Claire
[The Palmer Brothers: UNO] I was just heartbroken one night. In the morning when I woke up, I was naked. Then, my world ended.
When Forever Ends With You by semper4mare
When Forever Ends With Youby Kley
2/2 [Highest rank #2 on FAN FICTION] #WHENDoulogyBook2
(COMPLETED)He Was, She Was [Austin Moon/Ross Lynch Remake] by smolathenabug
(COMPLETED)He Was, She Was [Austin...by olivia_maureen.jpg
"Falling in love is for chumps," Kathryn snorted. Ally started giggling, and she looked her way. "What? What's so interesting this time?" Ally adjust...
My Best Friend's Heart (GirlxGirl) by CSwartz
My Best Friend's Heart (GirlxGirl)by CSwartz
Kathryn and Natalie have been friends for at least five years. They work together where Kathryn is an accountant and Natalie is her secretary, although Natalie acts like...
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You Changed Me (Kathniel Fanfic) by typicalluv
You Changed Me (Kathniel Fanfic)by typicalluv
Now, tell me. Did it work?? Did you change?? -Kathryn At first, i really dont care. But now, why? Why did I change? Is this bad? Or is this a good idea? Argh! Fuck u Kat...
THE LAW OF LOVING YOU °[KathNiel]...by Zyra Claire
[The Palmer Brothers: FIVE] - The law of loving you states that it is a major offense, punishable by lifetime imprisonment.
The Ultimate Transformation (Continuation) by ILYLJS
The Ultimate Transformation (Conti...by ILYLJS
a KathNiel Fanfiction where in Daniel Padilla falls in love with a lesbian, but how can he make her his? BE WARNED. THIS STORY IS RATED SPG. It contains nudity, languag...
Byaheng Forever by HeartlessQueen_
Byaheng Foreverby M
This is a KathNiel Fanfiction about two people who crossed into each other's paths and unknowingly, fate has plans for them and they can't run away from it. Will they ab...
FAKE PREGNANCY °[KathNiel] ✓COMPLETE by MadamKlara
FAKE PREGNANCY °[KathNiel] ✓COMPLE...by Zyra Claire
She's so used to getting everything she wants that when she found the man she believes she loves, she promised to get him back-by hook or by crook. The answer on her min...
The MISCHIEVOUS Virgin (The Virgin Series 1) °[KathNiel] ✓COMPLETE by MadamKlara
The MISCHIEVOUS Virgin (The Virgin...by Zyra Claire
Meet Zylanne Cher Emerson, the only daughter of the CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT who is a "sweet little criminal". YOU READ IT RIGHT. She's a badass and...
Kaelie's Revenge by fordever_
Kaelie's Revengeby Gab
Sabi nila, ang taong dahilan ng iyong sakit ay ang s'yang makakagamot rin ne'to. Ngunit paano? Paano kung napuno ng galit at poot ang sarili mo? Paano mo gagamutin ang s...
Teamiplier Preferences by borkdorkk
Teamiplier Preferencesby Jane Minecraftツ
You knnoowww... Includes! - Mark - Ethan - Tyler - Amy - Kathryn - Jack (chapter 23+) - Felix (chapter 23+) May have some slight mature themes. Nothing serious though. (...
Cold hearted (COMPLETED)  by Lealista_forever
Cold hearted (COMPLETED) by HopiaDeLeAga
Please read the note before you read the first chapter, Enjoy!!!
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To the Moon and Back °[KathNiel] ✓COMPLETE by MadamKlara
To the Moon and Back °[KathNiel] ✓...by Zyra Claire
In a world where only ordinary princesses are in, there wanders the divergent one whom everybody refers to as tomboy. However, unlike the other tomboys as they call her...
The Wedding Planner (KathNiel) by daniellap
The Wedding Planner (KathNiel)by daniellap
A girl who is afraid to give her heart away... and a man who is willing to win her heart...