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Homestuck/Hiveswap One-shots by lololdogs
Homestuck/Hiveswap One-shotsby ash ketchup
Requests are accepted! But please, no lemons, I feel uncomfortable writing stuff like that- Most of these will be 'x readers' but I am open to 'character x character' as...
No One Really Understands by Censored4YourSafety
No One Really Understandsby Peach
Karkat felt alone. Friendless. An outcast. He thought he was alone in the world. Until he met Dave. He understood. They weren't so different, the two. They understood ea...
Red Secrets (a Davekat fanfiction) by underversefalls
Red Secrets (a Davekat fanfiction)by Jean Vantas
This is only my second fanfic, so it might not be the best thing ever. Oh, and there WILL be cursing. I'll make one chapter a lemon, if it's requested too. So make sure...
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED} by Stamp_Crab
Homestuck imagines {DISCONTINUED}by Noodleneck 💀
Fuck. by Sal_Fisher_5
Fuck.by Castiel
Karkat Vantas has had the hugest flush crush on Dave Strider for the longest time, and when Karkat decides to act on his feelings, he most certainly does not regret it...
butt jokes - dirkjohn by wormsboy
butt jokes - dirkjohnby rocketman
a young man by the name of john egbert stands alone in his bedroom, pissed as fuck because his roommate terezi and dirk strider are on his couch, watching fucking my lit...
Kill Me Romantically: A Davekat Fanfiction by lexibird210
Kill Me Romantically: A Davekat Fa...by ~Lexi~
It's difficult enough for a young mutant prince to choose between the hand of the princess of the sea dwellers and the prince of humans. Add one begrudgingly attractive...
~Davekat~ MERSTUCK by johnegboii
~Davekat~ MERSTUCKby spaghetto
Karkat's entire life was going to change after his father won the lottery. "A private island", he said. He never said they weren't alone. I'm updating the stor...
i care - karkat x reader by marineeds2sleep
i care - karkat x readerby #1 KARKAT SLUT
-complete high school au ! possible trigger warnings if you're sensitive to self harm, violence, and foul language :) ! this book uses female pronouns **no longer respo...
Demonstuck [Davekat] by TheFloralWizard
Demonstuck [Davekat]by ❄️
Your name is Dave Strider. You're 16 years old. You have an.. Interesting career. ---- 16 year old Dave Strider is a demon hunter with his older brother, Dirk. The Stri...
Red And Yellow ( Solkat ) by erisolshipper
Red And Yellow ( Solkat )by ESS
Solkat Karkat Vantas just moved into a new town along with his brother Kankri and Porrim. He has this internet friend he likes to open up with but he has no clue who thi...
Red Eyes and Red Blood (Davekat) by Paris_Noodles
Red Eyes and Red Blood (Davekat)by Sebastian Rose
A story about a troll/demon named Karkat, and an annoying douchebag hipster named Dave.
Not so Homestuck Anymore by just_a_homestucker
Not so Homestuck Anymoreby M&M
The reader (you) has just found out that you are the sole survivor of your Homestuck game session in which Sollux was your matesprit. The only problem is: You don't reme...
Locked Wheels by Censored4YourSafety
Locked Wheelsby Peach
Great. Just fucking great. First Karkat's dad dies, then he has to move halfway across the fucking country with his brother and his stupid fiancé to some shitty suburb i...
davekat smutshots by marineeds2sleep
davekat smutshotsby #1 KARKAT SLUT
davekat sexy times ;) uH IF U KNOW ME IRL YOU DONT SEE THIS!!! NOPE, DOESNT EXIST- ➳ davekat (dave strider x karkat vantas) ➳ homestuck ➳ boy x boy (with the exception o...
The Pages Between Us (Karkat Vantas x Reader) by astrometrixx
The Pages Between Us (Karkat Vanta...by x
You have been paired together with Karkat Vantas to accomplish a partner diary. Meanwhile, you try to figure out your flushed feelings for your online friend, carcinoGen...
Like real people (davekat) by homestuck_trash20
Like real people (davekat)by Kazimir
Karkat starts 10th grade at new school soon and he is terrified. On top of all his anxiety and worries, he meets someone new who might change his life altogether. Will i...
Homestuck book of smut by Solkat_Ships
Homestuck book of smutby Solkat_Ships
yeah... so this is going to be HOMESTUCK smuts any ship you want EXCEPT NEPKAT! Sorry but I hate that ship with a passion so strong it would melt the sun. I don't really...
Drown [A Davekat/Merstuck Fanfic] by UhhKarkat
Drown [A Davekat/Merstuck Fanfic]by GalacticTrees
This is my first story, so I am terribly sorry if this is uninteresting/poorly written. Cover credit goes to Ikimaru
Behind the Shades [davekat] by decidowolf
Behind the Shades [davekat]by ??????
Humanstuck! High school davekat AU. Karkat Vantas is the new kid in town and is a social outcast. He's struggles with his life at home, and can't seem to find his happin...