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Fake Love | JJK / KTH ✔️ by kazylols
Fake Love | JJK / KTH ✔️by kazylols
"I guess fame really did change you." I scoffed. "And you never changed, still little miss perfect." He said as sarcasm filled his words. "Oh pl...
Metal Heart | bts Jungkook x reader by chimmtea
Metal Heart | bts Jungkook x readerby chimmtea
bts fantasy au| bts robot au| Y/n wasn't sure how she ended up abandoned with no memory of her past after being rebooted. All she knew was that she was programmed to sta...
Angel Beside Him by MysterySender
Angel Beside Himby rosie is inactive
"Jeon Jungkook, I like you." You said, your eyes wide and cheeks on fire. You finally had the guts to tell your long time crush what you feel about him. Jungko...
The 7 Princes [BTS x Reader] by FireTiger8
The 7 Princes [BTS x Reader]by Deidrea DeWitt
Surprise! Your parents have been keeping a secret from you - you are royal princess and sole heir to the throne. To break the news to you, your parents have sent you to...
XL || J.JK by golden_usagi17
XL || J.JKby usagi-chan!
Wherein she loves him for all that he is, but he hurts her by pointing at her biggest insecurity.
My prince (jungkook ff) by jeonisu
My prince (jungkook ff)by jeonisu
She is his every thing . She is the one who showed him life. She is the one who made him feel the things that he never felt. She is the one who changed his life. He will...
Mine To Love (Jeon Jungkook ff) [21+]✅ by Hisname_isjk
Mine To Love (Jeon Jungkook ff) [2...by Yoongi marry me
"Cause you are mine to Love, mine to Adore, mine to Keep, mine to Spoil, mine to Pamper and mine to Fuck" - J.JK Another age gap cliché story.
Meeting Our Future Kids? by xtremedark
Meeting Our Future Kids?by Jessica
Yang Y/N and Jeon Jungkook have been rivals since they were 5. Ever since they are always messing with each other. It was until they are partner up for a project in clas...
unafraid [bts x you] by Fxrnxndxx
unafraid [bts x you]by fern
a gang affiliated romance with a hint of stockholm syndrome and bruised kisses - ie. in which you steal yoongi's wallet and break your leg
Age Gap (Jeon Jungkook FF)✅ by Hisname_isjk
Age Gap (Jeon Jungkook FF)✅by Yoongi marry me
When Jungkook met a girl he wants to cherrish his all life.
My enemy became my home || Jeon Jungkook by maknaefiction
My enemy became my home || Jeon Ju...by ☁
"I said get the fuvk out yn" But little did he know he would run for her and become her shield that would protect her till the end..
PlayDate by crystalrx
PlayDateby beautiful
Jeon Jungkook is quite a curious child, always so keen on finding out new things. Being born into royalty gives him treasures most cannot even envisage, he gets what he...
Love From The Devil✔️ by ddaktaee
Love From The Devil✔️by ℳเ᥉ꫀᥙtᥲꫀ
She doesn't mind if she falls in love with a demon as long as the devil loves her as much as he loves hell. Started:October 22,2020 Opened: August 22,2021 Ended: Decembe...
HATE TURNS INTO LOVE || Jungkook X Reader by kpopauthor_multi
HATE TURNS INTO LOVE || Jungkook X...by Exonct_forlife
How jungkook started loving an Indian girl which he hated the most?? Its a story written by an Indian bts army!!!! Hope you enjoy!!!!!
Caught In The Middle | Jimin & Jungkook x Reader by BTSFFTae
Caught In The Middle | Jimin & Jun...by Jolesও
Y/N, a police officer in the anti-robbery squad, has been working really hard to catch an infamous robbery squad. Her motive in catching these guys was bigger than that...
Angel, Say My Name |JJ•K ✔️ by LaikaTaehyung
Angel, Say My Name |JJ•K ✔️by ★
He's got you pinned, hands rounding your struggling form as his piercing cold gaze continues to devour you whole. You don't hesitate to glare back. "I'll say this o...
My Secret Diary [ Jungkook FF ] [Complete] ☑ by OT7_Wifeu
My Secret Diary [ Jungkook FF ] [C...by Namjoon's poop smells like Ja...
Y/N was a girl who had a big crush on one of her classmate Jeon Jungkook . One day Jungkook finds out about Y/N's feelings for him by her personal dairy . What will Ju...
noonas little bunny | jjk ✔️ by Winter_417
noonas little bunny | jjk ✔️by fu ♡
★彡 childhood friends with a rather long backstory are finally in highschool. will they realize that their strong bond is more then just a friendship? a new found love bl...
we got married // j.jk x reader // completed by lovelyjm-
we got married // j.jk x reader...by ♍︎
as the maknae of a rising girl group, things couldn't be better. from the exciting schedules to meeting idols you've fantasized about since before you were a trainee, it...
Temptation | jjk ✔️  by jayeonnjk
Temptation | jjk ✔️ by jayeonnjk
; in which a girl is constantly chased after annoyingly to prove jeon jungkook's friends wrong.