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namkook teacher by RereBo5
namkook teacherby Rere Bo
it's a about a teacher who fell in love with a student And english it's not my first language if you see me doing a mistake please correct me 21+ if you don't like it...
In This Rain (A Jikook Centric Brotherly FF) [BTS FF] by SehreenHridita3095
In This Rain (A Jikook Centric _MicroCosmos_
~YAAA! I told you not to call me- ~H-hyung...I'm so s-sorry! . . Based on the true story of Jimin and Jungkook's rainy day incident- mixed with a ton of my imaginations...
My Only Leader. {Namjoon Hurtifc} by SSears90
My Only Leader. {Namjoon Hurtifc}by SSears90
{Requested}{Oneshot} A new manager convinces Namjoon he's not a fit leader for the group and to leave BTS at the end of the week, unknown to the rest of the members.
Forced Marriage With Kpop Star by Kalukhesayali
Forced Marriage With Kpop Starby Kalukhesayali
One day her life turned upside down when she finds herself in an accident with her favourite pop star Jungkook. She saved his life. But due to a small misunderstanding...
bro thing; jjk ✔ by eilishedt
bro thing; jjk ✔by anna
it was a normal thing to have a boner for boys, but jeon jungkook just got a boner for his hyungs. "shit im gay"
[AllKook][Chuyển ver] Tuấn Hoàng Đế và Sáu Con Lang Đại Thần by rainnie2612
[AllKook][Chuyển ver] Tuấn Hoàng Đ rainnie-
Tác giả: Thần Luyến Phong Edit: Tiểu Nhiên Thể loại: NP(1x7), hài bựa, xuyên, thanh thủy văn, HE Chuyển ver chưa được sự cho phép của tác giả ;-;
BTS Oneshots by kyliestrbl
BTS Oneshotsby surreptitious
Bangtan Boys Oneshots. No specific genre, though most will be romance. Open to requests. BoyxBoy ships included. If love interest is not a band member they will be X Rea...
Unconditionally | Namgguk by TaevonJenkins
Unconditionally | Namggukby Obtain the Grain
Jeongguk is always described with a catch. He is a smart boy, but he never does his work. He is very athletic, but he lacks teamwork. He is very hardworking, but his on...
˚➶ 。˚Only Fools┊ namkook ✧ by xTaintedRoses
˚➶ 。˚Only Fools┊ namkook ✧by Luni
a story where a boy meets another boy with cute dimples. oh, did i mention that he could sing, too? extended plot: Namjoon and Jungkook are at a karaoke bar, both wantin...
bts ship imagines by hellopurdy
bts ship imaginesby Sky King
imagines of your favorite bts ships! ill take requests, including smut, and if you want me to make any of these into a full fic I will!
[AllKook] Anh không xứng để em làm vậy by myangelbts1306
[AllKook] Anh không xứng để em là My Angel - BTS
- Thể loại: huyền huyễn, đam mỹ, nhất thụ đa công, Allkook, có chút ngọt, lại có chút đắng. - Văn án: "Ngươi thấy thế giới này có công bằng không ? Khi bọn hắ...
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[AllKook] [XK] Nam Phụ Sát Thủ by Mie-520
[AllKook] [XK] Nam Phụ Sát Thủby Hoàng Thiên Di
Chỉ là bị cuồng nên nổi hứng viết hoi ^^ Mong m.n ủng hộ
✨Bts oneshots✨ by Crybabyamour
✨Bts oneshots✨by Jamaine Baker
ALL BTS ONESHOTS Requests open
Sky College by kpop71
Sky Collegeby kpop71
This is not going to be a normal fanfic. Although It will have BTS Jimin and some smut(aka sex) moments its not "how we fell inlove" or anything like that but...
Forever isn't until tomorrow  by albrosh
Forever isn't until tomorrow by Albrosh
Truth hurts but you have to know it
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love story by emilypeck144
love storyby Spencer
so jimin is gay and likes this guy named joonkook. his parents don't agree. hope u like it text me if u like it. I also know it short but forgive me I ran out of ideas
Little joonjoon by babybunnytea
Little joonjoonby baby kitten joonie
UwU little namjoonie yas ❤️ This is a little namjoonie story I hope u all enjoy