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Boy With Luv♡|TaehyungXSohyun✔ by tae_satan
Boy With Luv♡|TaehyungXSohyun✔by ✥김태형⛥
"You Fall In Love With The Most Unexpected Person At The Most Unexpected Time." A new student(Soo Yeon) transfers to BigHit High School and encounter with 8 ri...
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Love, Lies & Bad boys by catalystt
Love, Lies & Bad boysby Anna
Arizona Aspen is the living embodiment of Murphy's Law : Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Take her current situation for example, stuck on top of the Louvre...
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Naya's distraction. by love_richie
Naya's Ruth A. Felix
(Currently ongoing) Being constantly pressured by her strict mother to exceed higher grades in high school, Naya has to work extra hard to achieve that goal. But then...
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Shine and Grace. by zainab_morbi
Shine and Zaini ✨
How does it feel when your life gives you a rollercoaster ride just in your teenage years ? Theresa Collins , life similarly gave her that ride. Never did she even thin...
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NEVER BE ALONE by QueenHhhhhhh
NEVER BE ALONEby QueenHhhhhhh
Alexis Hilton is your typical nerd in school but outside school, she is the opposite and knows how to have fun. Jason Williams is your typical bad boy. He has good loo...
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Unluckiest Roommate  by Tae214
Unluckiest Roommate by Tae214
"Are you sure your not one of my past hookups" he said and I throwed the first clothing that I picked up at him. "Nice bra by the way" he caught it a...
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That Nerd Is A Race Car Driver [On Going]  by Iamleanpig
That Nerd Is A Race Car Driver [ Y A N N A
Siya si Lilian. Isang teenager na nangangarap ng isang normal na buhay. Wala siyang karamdaman. Actually siya ay isang race car driver kaya para sa kanya hindi normal an...
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Racer & the CEO by Havanah_Reverie
Racer & the CEOby ★Havanah★
"Shh... Listen," He smirks and first there is no sound, but then his hand slide up my butt and squeeze it. I grasp and hold my breath for a second to hear the...
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The Jerk In The Neighborhood by FolleMiracolo
The Jerk In The Neighborhoodby Lady_MintG
Thora Vin Gellion is a sister of seven 'jerks' Gellion boys. As the eldest and the only girl in the family, her brothers are her responsibility. But can she managed if...
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A Guide To Not Falling For The Bad Boy  by The_aesthete_
A Guide To Not Falling For The Lan
Naomi is used to blending into the background. Until one day the bad boy turns his sights to her. But this isn't the story where he sweeps her off her feet. Naomi couldn...
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Tame My Heart by BlakesPumpkin
Tame My Heartby 🤡Pumpkin🙂
"You won't dare," I gulp and take a step back from him. He, as well take a step toward me. "Oh," I kept stepping back until my back hit the wall. &qu...
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His Dreadful Blue Eyes by Untoldwoman
His Dreadful Blue Eyesby Maureen Santos
Conrad Alastair Legraud story.
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Destiny by ScarletteRichards
Destinyby Scarlette Richards
I always watch a magazine just to see her picture. I like her and want to her meet in person. Love at first sight? Yes, t'was true. I start loving, admiring, day dream...
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When love predominates hate by saniahahaha
When love predominates hateby Sania Seraj
(SEQUEL TO WHEN LOVE BEGINS WITH HATE) #BOOK 2 WHEN LOVE PREDOMINATES HATE. If someone asked me what's love a few years ago I would have said it's an intense feeling or...
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jerk // na jaemin {on going} by doyoungsneverland
jerk // na jaemin {on going}by ¹²(⁷ )| multi <3
nothing ever went your way. you decided to do what was best for everyone , but someone caught you in action and caught you. unfortunately that someone was your bully. d...
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Two Ices Melted (On-Going) by juliaapan
Two Ices Melted (On-Going)by juliaapan
Time could change someone, include Feeling.
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ʝɛʀӄ by -ItsCora-
ʝɛʀӄby Cora
The Jerk, of course, it just had to be him. From pestering me to calling out my name, he never left me alone. And my best friend shipping me with him was just a cherry o...
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Slower by wheadee
Slowerby W H I T N E Y
Fanatic Love Book 2 He arrived into my life and tilted my world on its axis, leaving all my hopes and dreams destroyed in the aftermath. Teddy Sykes was everything I ne...
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I Hate You, I Love You by incomparableChaos
I Hate You, I Love Youby qtttpoop.
** Some people say, 'The more you hate, the more you love.' But in my own experience? I can say that, 'The more you love, the more possibility that it will hurt you a lo...
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I'm Just A Nerd Falling In Love With A Bad Boy... by bookbitch_crimsonred
I'm Just A Nerd Falling In Love De-Jo
Ever since she met him, there has been no regrets... ************ "Truth or dare Prim?" Jared the Asshole said confidently. "Truth" "Okay, if...
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