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Prologue : Loving Blake Coster by beyondlocks
Prologue : Loving Blake Costerby Janice Martana
Prologue Blake Coster One of the richest Billionare in America. He got the face, the money and fame. He always get what he wants and now he wants the heritage that his...
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The Star Section by mechichi
The Star Sectionby R
Windsor High is a renowned school in the whole world, Mr.Windsor owns this school, many people believes that this school create a name for itself because of the excellen...
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The Badboy,Player and me by izzallamas
The Badboy,Player and meby izzallamas
"Do you want me to kiss you?" He said That made me really mad... then i pushed him and kick his 'D' well you know what it is. "Your such a jerk! Your s...
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Maid To Be by bluewriterrose
Maid To Beby Chandler
We were the only ones on the elevator, and to make matters worse, we were on the seventeenth floor which meant that we had a long ways to go before we reached the ground...
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The Klutz and the Suit  by tamlou95
The Klutz and the Suit by Tammy
Amelia is a hardworking waitress in her grandmothers coffee shop. Her luck is unfortunate. Those who know her, understands what she has been through. Those who don't...
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THE REVENGE  by Rukky360
THE REVENGE by Rukky360
The mate pull they say is the strongest connection between two werewolves who are paired from above. When Liam has nothing but hatred towards his mate whom he thinks pre...
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Bad Boys Meets Good Girls (Smith #1) by beeyoully
Bad Boys Meets Good Girls (Smith Witch
Akala ko noon, na siya pa rin ang mahal ko. Akala ko lang pala ngunit ikaw na pala ang tinitibok ng puso ko. Pero bakit mas lalong nadurog ang puso ko nang makipag hiwal...
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The Homeless Girl by misfit_thoughts
The Homeless Girlby misfit_thoughts
A billionaire falls for a homeless girl...
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L.T.Y.D  by Mitsunnelophy_Peach
L.T.Y.D by Mitsunnelophy_Peach
"Hindi lang pala magkadugo ang maaring ituring na kapatid o kamag-anak at lalong hindi lang pala kamag-anak ang pwedeng damayan at tulungan." Ang quote na iyan...
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I Want To Die, Let's Isekai! by Jackitalyy
I Want To Die, Let's Isekai!by Jixplosion
"Today will be my final day in this dull world." Our delusional main character wants to die to escape reality! Aoki Kaito, a young Japanese student and also th...
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Dreams by shdfhshaa
Dreamsby chocshake🌙
everyone need a beautiful life . not a pathetic life .
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CAGED Little Bird by AvaLarksen
CAGED Little Birdby Ava Larksen
"I'm not your prince, little bird." I ran my fingertips up the right side of his throat, following the swirl of wyrmfire ink to cup his cheek. His thick black...
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I Hate You To The Moon And Back  by Mizu_Zafiro
I Hate You To The Moon And Back by Lei Cris
•Read at your own risk• She's sweet, kind, thoughtful, and understandable but they just ruined her. He is always at her side, protecting and comforting her. He can do a...
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Me, Myself and I by _OwlFace_
Me, Myself and Iby _OwlFace_
When you think of a nerd, or a geek, or even a socially awkward girl, you'll most likely picture a girl with glasses, who dresses nicely, who gets bullied and all that s...
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I Owned Her From The Start by kammy001
I Owned Her From The Startby kammy001
This novel is centered on 2 young adults CHERYL AND DALLAS. Cheryl is a young attractive lady who didn't work had to earn until the death of her father after their campa...
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Chasing Sin by BitchyPeachy
Chasing Sinby Bitchy Peachy
HIGHEST RANKING #1 Mob #1Thief "Run!" Vlad shouted and with that I kick the third men on his groin grab the briefcase and quickly run away from that room. I w...
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Beneath Your Beautyful by SonyaTegavota
Beneath Your Beautyfulby sonya tegavota
Meet 17 year old skyler clare devilia. A girl with choclate brown skin Long brown curly hair and a body like model and with her own dark secrets..skyler is a shy girl wi...
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That jerk by jjerlynneth
That jerkby jjerlynneth
Prologue Alam mo yung feeling na hindi ka gusto ng taong gustong gusto mo? Yung akala mo kasi hanggang crush lang pagtingin mo pero malalim na pala.Mahirap ng umapaw kas...
The Three Guys and Me by msdyosamaganda
The Three Guys and Meby msdyosamaganda
hi! I'm Leona Mary Kim I'm half korean base on my surname, by the way I'm high schooler. And I have friends,don't need to mention their name here. In my third year in h...
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Nepopravljivi kreten by Micika-cicika
Nepopravljivi kretenby Milica
Random o svemu i svačemu
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