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Love Me Now by Fan4rtists
Love Me Nowby b
"so i'm gonna love you now, like it's all I have" the highly requested collection of james and riley one-shots. may contain spoilers. [TNS Fanfiction]
Begin Again by aetcrnum
Begin Againby aetcrnum
James and riley had their own version of a perfect relationship. Riley always refers to it as a summer romance. Their relationship ended harshly after Riley had to leave...
Jiley Oneshots by Jileysxbray
Jiley Oneshotsby -s
Just a collection of Jiley One-Shot stories formed in my mind. Some are related to each other, others not so much.
Blindsided by sleepdeprived1997
Blindsidedby Hugsandkisses
The gang is back together in celebration of Hunter and Emily's Wedding Riley and James have been apart for almost 8 years now. They drift apart and found other people, t...
The Project by sleepdeprived1997
The Projectby Hugsandkisses
One small town, two high schools. One long time feud.. But when the teachers of the school come up with a genius idea to break the tension between the kids. They have t...
Heartbreaker - A Jiley fanfiction by Dandelion-Girl
Heartbreaker - A Jiley fanfictionby Nessie M
After James and Beth's kiss what will happen to Jiley? James became Riley's safe heaven, her everything. He helped her gain confidence and overcome her fears. Now she...
Getting Out by sleepdeprived1997
Getting Outby Hugsandkisses
She hadn't ever thought that she would be stuck in the type of relationship that has more bay days then good. She never thought she would have to pick up and run away fr...
The Ghost Of You by sleepdeprived1997
The Ghost Of Youby Hugsandkisses
5 years ago, James left for the first Tour with his band. He was 21 years old and as far as we he was concerned he had his whole life ahead of him. He had his family, hi...
Open Minded by sleepdeprived1997
Open Mindedby Hugsandkisses
James and Riley are still going strong, 4 years since they officially got back together and Emily's and Hunter's Wedding So well in fact they've taken a lot of steps Ril...
Just Another Jiley Oneshot Book... by jameshair
Just Another Jiley Oneshot Book...by -caitlin
the title says it all [cover by @jiley_obsessed] dedicated to chlo 😌
Left or Right by Jileysxbray
Left or Rightby -s
Riley and James had the perfect relationship: they loved each other, saw each other all the time and protected one another no matter what. Despite a few obstacles, they...
Meant For Another by sleepdeprived1997
Meant For Anotherby Hugsandkisses
JAMES It's always been the tradition that the oldest relative is to pick the marriage arrangements for the younger generation of the family. For James this meant him Gra...
Journeys Begin with a Step (Jiley/Trittany Alphabet OS) {DISCONTINUED} by canwenotplzthx
Journeys Begin with a Step (Jiley...by 🖤Halo🖤
These are cute stories about Jiley/Trittany! Each story starts with a letter of the alphabet. Enjoy!
If you love me you'll say so. -Oneshots  •Discontinued• by galacticalxlight
If you love me you'll say so. -One...by galacticalxlight
Oneshots about jiley and trittany. ○●○● ♧ Started ♧ ♤ ;November 18 2016; ♤ ♧ Ended ♧ ♤ ;September 20 2017; ♤ ♡ If you see any of my oneshots posted on...
Growing Apart by sleepdeprived1997
Growing Apartby Hugsandkisses
6 years ago, James and Riley made one choice that neither of them had expected they would need to make Riley was heading to business school, James was heading on tour...
Bad Blood by sleepdeprived1997
Bad Bloodby Hugsandkisses
Simple, Easy, Perfect. Three words that you should never use to describe a relationship James and Riley are no stranger to this, nobody ever say what happened behind c...
James and Riley: LOVE IN A HEARTBREAK by onexdirectionlol
James and Riley: LOVE IN A HEARTBR...by onexdirectionlol
Love In A Hearbreak describes this situation perfectly.
Coming Home by sleepdeprived1997
Coming Homeby Hugsandkisses
The last 10 years of my life weren't my own. I had no say in them, no control over what happened. Some things worked out for the better, but others shook my reality enou...
Behind The Scenes by sleepdeprived1997
Behind The Scenesby Hugsandkisses
James and Riley are nothing but strangers They live pretty separate lives, different schools, different dance studios The only time their paths cross is competitions. ...
My Big Brothers Ex Girlfriend by sleepdeprived1997
My Big Brothers Ex Girlfriendby Hugsandkisses
Riley and James, each others right person, wrong time.. It's been a year since James went off to college leave Riley and his family behind with nothing but a deal betwee...