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My Best Friend's Sister by tnsjiley4life
My Best Friend's Sisterby tnsjiley4life
I met Eldon when I was 7. We instantly became best friends. We made a pact to be best friends for life. Part of that pact involved never hanging out with his sisters. Wh...
Blindsided by sleepdeprived1997
Blindsidedby Hugsandkisses
The gang is back together in celebration of Hunter and Emily's Wedding Riley and James have been apart for almost 8 years now. They drift apart and found other people, t...
Love Me Now by Fan4rtists
Love Me Nowby b
"so i'm gonna love you now, like it's all I have" the highly requested collection of james and riley one-shots. may contain spoilers. [TNS Fanfiction]
Open Minded by sleepdeprived1997
Open Mindedby Hugsandkisses
James and Riley are still going strong, 4 years since they officially got back together and Emily's and Hunter's Wedding So well in fact they've taken a lot of steps Ril...
The Next Step- Nochelle and Jiley One Shots by PommyPom34567
The Next Step- Nochelle and PommyPom34567
Pretty much what the title says :) A bunch of one shots about my two favorite ships from The Next Step, Jiley and Nochelle. Also includes TNS Season 8 (written by me)...
Across The Hall by sleepdeprived1997
Across The Hallby Hugsandkisses
Riley took it upon herself to make the big move to the city, leaving all of her friends and family back in the small town she grew up in She's a girl with dreams and a g...
Heartbreaker - A Jiley fanfiction by Dandelion-Girl
Heartbreaker - A Jiley fanfictionby Nessie M
After James and Beth's kiss what will happen to Jiley? James became Riley's safe heaven, her everything. He helped her gain confidence and overcome her fears. Now she...
jiley oneshots by cutiexjiley
jiley oneshotsby cutiexjiley 🤍
some random jiley oneshots, updating when I can <3
My Best Friend's Baby by tnsjiley4life
My Best Friend's Babyby tnsjiley4life
James has known Riley since he was 6 years old. They've been best friends since the day they met. But when Riley gets into trouble, how will James, and everyone else, re...
Fancy by xstarriley
Fancyby xstarriley
Just some jiley one shots. This is my first time writing so I don't know how it's gonna go but I'll try my best to write well.
The Last Dance by aetcrnum
The Last Danceby aetcrnum
When there's someone new things don't seem to go right. How do you act. Who do you be. Your ment to be yourself but sometimes that can be tricky. Riley is the new girl a...
All I Want by Fan4rtists
All I Wantby b
"If you loved me, why'd you leave me?" He know he had to leave it up to fate. He flipped the coin and it made the decision for him. Riley was gone and he was n...
The Story of my Life by tnsjiley4life
The Story of my Lifeby tnsjiley4life
A lot of people expect me to be perfect. I'm no where near perfect. My life is not normal, it is not ordinary. It's not average and it is definitely not perfect... Every...
Change Your Mind by sleepdeprived1997
Change Your Mindby Hugsandkisses
Every year Miss Kate puts on a showcase to show all the other talent that isn't in A-Troupe. It's right before competition season restarts for A-Troupe James and the res...
Dangerous Love by sleepdeprived1997
Dangerous Loveby Hugsandkisses
She's spent her entire life hiding, not living her life to the full potential but what happens when one argument leads to her breaking point. And the one person around a...
Discovering Jiley   by the_next_step224
Discovering Jiley by the_next_step224
As heartbreaking story about how two dancers fell in love with each other.
Faker by TNSJiley_Infinity
Fakerby TNSJiley_Infinity
James, the studio heartbreaker. Every girl has grown used to being his target, his fake flirtatious ways, and have learned to brush it off. But when Riley happens to be...
Second Chance - Jiley Fanfiction by LoverFanficWriter
Second Chance - Jiley Fanfictionby LoverFanficWriter
Jiley broke up 5 years ago because Riley didn't want to hurt James. James had moved away and started a new life, while Riley did the same. What would happen when James c...