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Miserably Shy ( A Jacky Vincent Love Story) by secretlifeofkate
Miserably Shy ( A Jacky Vincent Lo...by Kate
Allison's life was total hell until she runs away and calls a certain person for help. What will happen when she meets her all time crush, and get closer? Will she push...
How could you love me? [Falling in reverse]  by FIR_BVB_AA
How could you love me? [Falling in...by Purdy_x_Girl
*COMPLETED* -Currently working on a sequel! "Your Lies Keep You Alive"- Taylor Green has it all! She has a boyfriend that thinks the world of her, a best frie...
Where Have You Been? (A Falling In Reverse FanFiction) by ash1997
Where Have You Been? (A Falling In...by Patricia
When she met him, she had no idea how much it would change her life. She had no idea things would turn into trouble. Her name is Melody, Melody Summers.
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke Love Story~ by elevateinreverse
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke...by ĸεηdяα
She knew nothing. Not of who he was or that he would ever have an huge importance in her life. She didn't know he would be her best friend...her lover....but also....her...
My Love For You Was Bulletproof (SEQUEL TO LEAVING HOME) by Sophy_
My Love For You Was Bulletproof (S...by Soph
What happens when Deven returns to America and her past comes back to haunt her.... Sequel to Leaving Home.
Online Dating Game (Ryan Seaman x Jacky Vincent) by LaughingJilltheWolf
Online Dating Game (Ryan Seaman x...by Kyrah Anne Radke
Jacky has had some serious bad luck with finding people who like him as much as he likes them. He takes his search for a boyfriend to a dating site, but will he find tha...
Our Secret Love Story by PhoenixDanger
Our Secret Love Storyby Phoenix Danger Burress
A secret love story about two 16 year old girls that get into some trouble, but they meet there soon to be loves of there lives, but its a love thats not ment to be.
Daddy Should Have Never Raised Me On Black Sabbath (Falling In Reverse) by StumpysFedora
Daddy Should Have Never Raised Me...by Your Only Hope
My name is Echo Melody Jackson. My father is Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse, so said my mother. She stuck me in an institution because she thought I was just like da...
Brother by ronnieradke2006
Brotherby Ronnieradke2006
Elizabeth is the infamous Ronnie Radke's little sister. She's on tour with his band, Falling In Reverse, when something she never expected happens...
Brother of Rock (A Jacky Vincent Love Story) by CyndyRadke
Brother of Rock (A Jacky Vincent L...by Cyndy Radke
Cyndy, a normal girl that lives with her brother, Ronnie Radke, gets drapped on his first big tour. She meets the band for the first time when the bus leaves for the fir...
Three Bands One Roof (A Spanking Story) by countrylover32
Three Bands One Roof (A Spanking S...by Holding_on_to_you
The three bands black veil brides, falling in reverse, and sleeping with sirens all live under the same roof. And whenever they act out they can expect punishment.
Asshole (Jacky Vincent X Reader) by fallen_thugpug
Asshole (Jacky Vincent X Reader)by Fallen_Thugpug
*This story has magic* Jacky has stayed quiet and avoided Y/N for years because of his feelings for her. He thinks she is the kindest, most gorgeous, beautiful girl ever...
Honestly, I'm Just Like You (Jacky Vincent x Ronnie Radke) by ronnieradke2006
Honestly, I'm Just Like You (Jacky...by Ronnieradke2006
Jacky Vincent's parents insisted that he go to college in America. However, when they find out he's gay, the want him shipped back to England... And away from the crush...
Placements And Polaroids  by Yapperdapper101
Placements And Polaroids by Yapperdapper101
Five years. Five years Jacky has been a foster carer. He's seen many children come and go, staying anywhere between 3 days to 9 months. He loves his job, as he gets to h...
My life has moved along quite nicely actually (SEQUEL MLFYWB) by Sophy_
My life has moved along quite nice...by Soph
Deven has been living in Las Vegas with Max Green for Three years now and is over the trauma of her drinking problem. But what happens when her best friend Kacie brings...
The one night stand by fanofalotoffandoms
The one night standby Mary
Y/n Biersack is the younger sister of Andy Biersack of Black veil brides and she decided to go on tour with her brothers band and Falling in reverse. One night they all...
The Drug In Me Is You by askinginreverse
The Drug In Me Is Youby Samantha
Jacky Vincent's adopted sister Sam is going on tour with the band. Ronnie and Sam have started dating. They can't stop fighting because Ronnie's getting jealous when Sam...