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A Dalex Forever  by creativeone_
A Dalex Forever by Mo 🧚‍♀️
6 years have past and Dalex is Back! Derek is a successful businessman and Alex is a household name. A lot of success come with Big Problems. New additions and Major lo...
Destiny•Star by JENAYTHABRAT
Destiny•Starby ✨JENAY✨
"everything I do, I do it with a passion" [Star Season 1] [ocxno one]
Where Have You Been? (A Falling In Reverse FanFiction) by ash1997
Where Have You Been? (A Falling Patricia
When she met him, she had no idea how much it would change her life. She had no idea things would turn into trouble. Her name is Melody, Melody Summers.
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie Radke Love Story~ by elevateinreverse
The Wonderful Mistake~Ronnie ĸεηdяα
She knew nothing. Not of who he was or that he would ever have an huge importance in her life. She didn't know he would be her best friend...her lover....but also....her...
ratchet life by bynightawriter
ratchet lifeby Milah
Occurs immediately after the events in the season three finale. Alexandra, Star, and Simone try to navigate the world and their careers with the constant craziness that...
The Story of Dalex by kearst101
The Story of Dalexby kearst101
This story is inspired by the TV characters Alexandra Crane and Derek Jones from STAR. This story begins with the aftermath of Alex's plane crash and follows her journe...
Honestly, I'm Just Like You (Jacky Vincent x Ronnie Radke) by ronnieradke2006
Honestly, I'm Just Like You ( Ronnieradke2006
Jacky Vincent's parents insisted that he go to college in America. However, when they find out he's gay, the want him shipped back to England... And away from the crush...
So Sick By Noah Brooks Ft Alexandra Crane By Chardonnayj by chardonnayj
So Sick By Noah Brooks Ft Chardonnay Jones
(Book #1) A Nalex love story. Basically a rewrite of how Nalex should've happened. This is for fellow Nalex fans who have fell in love with Noah and Alex as a couple th...
❝as far as what i'm bringing to the table❞
THE WORLD IS OURS 🌞 by bwembolua
THE WORLD IS OURS 🌞by bwembolua
Sooooooooooo This about Sangel after the shooting and yess the cast members are going to be in this story , I'll try to post 1 on Wednesday's and twice on Friday's and S...
We're In This Together  by JessicaMcCray
We're In This Together by Jessica McCray
Follow Simone and Angel and their journey after the shooting and throughout their obstacles. No matter what, they're in this together 💗
Bullied(A Falling in Reverse story) by kai_suga_life
Bullied(A Falling in Reverse story)by Shaeli
This is my second fanfic. Hope you enjoy this one. Vote, comment, share. This fan fiction is about a 17 year old girl who is getting bullied. She has a step-brother who...
WTF Ryan?? (FIR/ETF groupchat) by stormchacer
WTF Ryan?? (FIR/ETF groupchat)by LovelyEmoKøda
daddyradke: hello my friend and welcome to our group chat of which consist a lot of lonely gay ppl 2:37pm Aug. 22nd 2018 DaddyRyRy: I'm not lonely, I have Jacky, and we'...
Our Secret Love Story by PhoenixDanger
Our Secret Love Storyby Phoenix Danger Burress
A secret love story about two 16 year old girls that get into some trouble, but they meet there soon to be loves of there lives, but its a love thats not ment to be.
Band Troubles A Spanking Story by jordynproulx
Band Troubles A Spanking Storyby CassMegRoar
When FIR, SWS, PTV, and BVB move in together Derek(31) and Ryan(30) of FIR, Nick(32) and Gabe(30) of SWS, Mike(27) and Tony(29) of PTV, and Ashley(30) and CC(32) of BVB...
Coming Home (Ronnie Radke BFF) by XIdobelieveinfairies
Coming Home (Ronnie Radke BFF)by Typing Fairy
Salem and Ronnie have known each other since before Escape The Fate started now he has a band of his own and they are both sober. What happens when they meet at a concer...
A  Wild Radke Love - Ronnie Radke Fan Fiction by whorror-frerard
A Wild Radke Love - Ronnie nichollsdtd
When Ryan Seaman's sister comes to town and stays with Ronnie Radke and crew (the rest of Falling In Reverse), will her dream come true or will her heart be broken by th...
He Went Out On A Chariot Of Fire by ronnieradke2006
He Went Out On A Chariot Of Fireby Ronnieradke2006
Ronnie Radke was, as you know, the lead singer of Falling In Reverse and ex-lead singer of Escape The Fate. However, a catastrophic accident occurs and his little sister...