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Band fluff/imagine/smut book by Creature530
Band fluff/imagine/smut bookby Creature530
Exactly what the title says. **REQUESTS ARE CLOSED** Due to a high volume of requests and absolutely no time for me to be able to write them, I'm closing requests. I ho...
Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack) ✔️ (editing) by LexusRat
Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack)...by Mouse
Alexis (Lexus) Ratliff is an aspiring musician, and close friends with the five men of Black Veil Brides, her closest relation being to their singer, Andy. They decide t...
Ronnie Radke Bit Me by tiffersxo123
Ronnie Radke Bit Meby tiffersxo123
This is a love story its a little confusing but I think you will enjoy, this is my first story so wish me luck any one who reads this shall be new best friend XD I love...
Sexy Drug (A Ronnie Radke FanFiction) by AliaRadke
Sexy Drug (A Ronnie Radke FanFicti...by LittleMissRowdy
Riot is a 19 year old girl who loves music, as long as its not country, pop, or anything like that. Her favorite bands are Falling In Reverse & Motionless In White. She...
Sound Of Madness (a Ronnie Radke fanfiction) •EDITING** by InAlicesMind
Sound Of Madness (a Ronnie Radke f...by Nothing
Reya is not an average girl, her life was flipped upside down when she was five and she has many secrets. Reya does some really insane things; with a guitar and an amazi...
Sister of Rock ♥ -Jacky Vincent Love Story- by AnchoredTo5sos
Sister of Rock ♥ -Jacky Vincent Lo...by -OfMice&poop-
Meet Alli, she's 19 and the little sister of Ronnie Radke. Yes, Ronnie Radke, singer of the band Falling In Reverse. Alli is a very outgoing person, she's funny, gorgeou...
Brother by ronnieradke2006
Brotherby Ronnieradke2006
Elizabeth is the infamous Ronnie Radke's little sister. She's on tour with his band, Falling In Reverse, when something she never expected happens...
Ronnie Radke Fan Fiction:Sink or Swim((Editing)) by falling-twards-death
Ronnie Radke Fan Fiction:Sink or S...by K bye
What happens when you go to the mall with your friend and she gives a ridiculous dare?What happens when you fall in love for a rock star?Find out in Sink or Swim.
The Mistakes I Made °Ronnie Radke Love Story° by someweirdflowerchild
The Mistakes I Made °Ronnie Radke...by Some Weird Flower Child
Originally uploaded on my quotev account. When Craig Mabbit is your brother, you have to hate his enemies too. Thats how Jaccolin thinks anyways. Which is why she origi...
I'm Falling by boo_bear2121
I'm Fallingby boo_bear2121
My first story...ever so please no hate. It's a Falling in Reverse fan fic mainly about Ronnie.
One and Only [Ronnie Radke LoveStory] by RaveReckless
One and Only [Ronnie Radke LoveSto...by Rave Reckless
"Look. I totally screwed up." I muttered, tugging on the collar of his shirt. "Naw." He whispered, pulling me closer. "Ronnie?" "Yeah...
Good girl? Nice try Mr. Radke by twinkies68
Good girl? Nice try Mr. Radkeby Ari
Nikki Serenity and Ronnie Radke were bar buddies before he went to jail. Nikki tried to stay away after she read what he said in an AP magazine. But when her cousin gets...
ronnie radke; imagines, one shots & more. [TAKING REQUESTS] by dumbdylan
ronnie radke; imagines, one shots...by dylan
Just some one shots, imagines, and preferences that I come up with. Fair warning not all of them will be good. Enjoy! Also leave some suggestions please and thank you! ...
Moved (#2 in the 'Outcast' series) by TheWalkingDaryl
Moved (#2 in the 'Outcast' series)by Z.
Being forced to move all the way over to California and having to leave all his friends and Juliet behind, Andy's life is just getting worse and worse. Having to live wi...
I Tried To Stay •Ronnie Radke Love Story• (completed) by someweirdflowerchild
I Tried To Stay •Ronnie Radke Love...by Some Weird Flower Child
(Finished) Karma and Ronnie are both rock stars with a connected past, but what Ronnie doesn't know is that Karma was pregnant when she ran off to New York City. No one...
I'm an Asshole | a Randy Radixx (Ronnie Radke/Andy Biersack{Sixx}) boyxboy by ItsBetterUnfabulous
I'm an Asshole | a Randy Radixx (R...by UrBabe
Ronnie Radke: an asshole(but innocent/broken on the inside), horrible parents(where he gets it from), goes to Woodhill High(known as the hot player) Andy Sixx: quiet, sa...
Sex, Drugs and Emo Rock by LaughingJilltheWolf
Sex, Drugs and Emo Rockby Kyrah Anne Radke
Max Green was, as you know, on drugs. But, he's since got cleaned up and is now back in Escape the Fate. Although Max has his eye on his best friend, Ronnie Radke, he al...
Ronnie Save Me! by tiffersxo123
Ronnie Save Me!by tiffersxo123
This is the sequel to Ronnie Radke Bit Me god Last known things winter and Ronnie are engaged and then dun dun duhhhh she's taken but by who?
The Band Slut (Ronnie Radke/Falling in Reverse) by torasaur4
The Band Slut (Ronnie Radke/Fallin...by Tori
Warped Tour can be fun, especially when you're touring with the one and only Ronnie Radke. Not to mention when you have a reputation like Avery's. Can Ronnie save her fr...