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A Gold Lining ~  jim hawkins x reader by thevollyball
A Gold Lining ~ jim hawkins x thevollyball
Warning: has swearing In every difficult situation there is a gold lining, nothing is as hopeless as it may appear. As ann orphaned girl raised by Sarah hawkins, you an...
Sing: I'm Still Here by DiaryLH531
Sing: I'm Still Hereby DiaryLH531
This is a Johnny X Reader. You guys are human, for the most part, but you and all the characters will have animal features and traits. I apologize. As much as I want to...
Looking for Someone- Part 2 by _Sass_Queen_
Looking for Someone- Part 2by Anukrati Sekhri
#6 in horror. Lisa has read all that was written in Katie's diary but will she be able to put two on two and make sense out of it? Will she ever be able to get rid of We...
A Perspective You See(A Female Version Of Ennard X Michael Afton) by Kzkitty452
A Perspective You See(A Female Kz
They try to hide their serious feelings well finding out the other one has feelings for them! P.s: Hi! I'm the creator of this book and I love how MichaelxEnnard(Noah) f...
The girl you didn't notice(Return of Wendy) by _Sass_Queen_
The girl you didn't notice( Anukrati Sekhri
#16 in horror Continuation of 'The girl you didn't notice' series. This is the 5th part to that book. The order of the series is- The girl you Didn't notice I'm still he...
I'm Still Here || A Downton Abbey Fanfiction by AlyBurrSir
I'm Still Here || A Downton Aly Burr, Sir
Matthew lived. He was severely injured, but he lived. Once again he wondered if it would have been better if he had died. He has nothing to give. He had forgotten every...
Hidden Ways by AliiBaii
Hidden Waysby AliiBaii
This is just a story. I was kinda inspired by 13 reasons why,about the tapes..just in this story there are no tapes..just a journal❤️ I'm not sure if I'll be continuing...
him. by addiclaire546
#8 addiclaire546
is it supposed to kill me that your happy with another girl?
I'm Still Here by Tikitwin
I'm Still Hereby Tikitwin
After "The Perfect Boy in the Shadows" comes the sequel "I'm Still Here." Lily has just entered her senior year of highschool, and things are startin...
Some Thoughts About Life by just_some_dumb_kid
Some Thoughts About Lifeby Zak
I don't know what this is, except the ramblings of a confused teen. Also I think I might use it as a journal. *Trigger* I'm fucked up and I talk about it
I'm still here a ponyboy fanfic by crosscountry95222
I'm still here a ponyboy fanficby crosscountry95222
Annie and Ponyboy have been together for what seems like a lifetime, but it's only been four years. They still love each other but what happens if they completely forget...
Self Journey  by Rasperry0Riptide
Self Journey by Ripley Akira Eden
it's been a long ass time since I've been on wattpad, I've changed my name again and I've changed alot overall but one thing that hasn't changed is the fact I wanna sha...
BABY GIRL LOVE QUOTES by user25020679
~A Nights S T A L K E R~ by Kzkitty452
~A Nights S T A L K E R~by Kz
(Based on a true story but, not all is true.) Koro Kadami gets a weird text from someone. She doesn't know who it is, and if she had ever met or seen them before.
to a friend not forgotten by chanelskinny
to a friend not forgottenby Shattered Astrid
This started as an Enriched English project for my final assignment of the year, but then I started getting in depth and stuff and I thought to myself, "Hey, Myself...
Im still here. by mollywilsonlol
Im still mollywilsonlol
two lovers that know they cant be together. a short story completed
Im still here. (Goldycorn story) Completed by CrimsonFox21
Im still here. (Goldycorn story) Crimson Fox
After the day Goldy died in a car Accident.... Unicorn hasn't been doing well... He's hasn't been making the jokes that everyone loved. Not helping people... and not eve...
Good Ol' Updates by Pedalwing
Good Ol' Updatesby Pedalwing
Instead of giving you fake hope of a new chapter, I will just spam this instead! Shoutout to: @Septiplier_Away13 For giving me this idea! Thank you!