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The Heart Remembers  by AkiKyuuka
The Heart Remembers by AkiKyuuka
When he was near, they were apprehensive. When they thought he wasn't there, he often overheard them describing him as "cold-blooded" or "monster". I...
What Fate Chose for Us- A Lalin's Curse Fanfic {HIATUS} by Ink_and_Pen_on_Paper
What Fate Chose for Us- A Lalin' Ink
<CURRENTLY ON HIATUS DUE TO BURNOUT> Unedited The boys of Lalin live a relatively normal life. Sure, now and then David drags the gang off on some crazy exploratio...
∂υѕк тιℓℓ ∂αωη [вαкυ∂єкυ] by LRyusakiLight
∂υѕк тιℓℓ ∂αωη [вαкυ∂єкυ]by ☠ 𝕴𝖒𝖕𝖔𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 ☠
'You'll never be alone, I'll be with you from dusk till dawn. Baby, I'm right here.' Bakugo hasn't visited his hometown in six years. Now he's finally come around to do...
Angsty Prinxiety One-Shot's by smolplantbaby
Angsty Prinxiety One-Shot'sby Hey! I'm eridan
This book is for all the people who want to see them sad and kiss. (maybe fuck who knows). It's all angst here. Enjoy your stay. The one part there is (so far): Virgil a...
One of Those Days |GrimmIchi| by ThatRainbowAngst
One of Those Days |GrimmIchi|by Chaotic Ace
One of these days, our hearts will stop and play their final beat. None of these days, you'll leave my memories, or my heart.
Loveb Irds by goose_purple
Loveb Irdsby goose_purple
So, this is a weird one. This is the same storyline of the musical "Be More Chill" with a few exceptions. I changed the gender identity and sexuality of some o...
Clairvoyant Rain by MultisFabulis
Clairvoyant Rainby MultisFabulis
Rainfall gives us the opportunity to voice thoughts that previously teetered on the edge of existence. It serves as a cleansing in which a new self is born. Yet the sun'...
An Inescapable Ennui [Meloghia/Ghialone] by waywardinmate
An Inescapable Ennui [Meloghia/ Wayward Inmate
Ghiaccio's depression gets the better of him and so he refuses to get out of bed. Melone's worry for his boyfriend pushes him to do something about it.
Boyf Riends by goose_purple
Boyf Riendsby goose_purple
Jeremy Heere is a junior in high school, and all he wants is to survive. This turns out to be harder than he imagined seeing that his father is depressed, his mother lef...
Hey, Turn Around, Bend Over (I'll show you where my shoe fits) by Premacolor
Hey, Turn Around, Bend Over (I' Cock Pocket
I want to tell you how much I love you but my words get stuck on my tongue. Then don't tell me, show me. Let me sense it through your movements. Let me see it in your ey...
- •M O N S T E R S• - by PikaGaby123
- •M O N S T E R S• -by PikaGaby
Just a "poem" I guess you could call it about the things that go on in my mind... so yeah. Sorry the description isn't great but I do hope That you like my wri...
An Account of His Reason by Thatcherbatch
An Account of His Reasonby Thatcher Greene
Sherlock's new neighbor in 221C almost seems to enjoy his deductions about her and he certainly enjoys having someone around for intelligent conversation. But when their...
The first touch by Happy_Ball99
The first touchby Happy
What if everyone had a soulmate? What if on your 14th birthday, you were able to take a pen and write on your skin, making the same markings appear on your soulmate? Wha...
Too much by BuhBuhBubbles
Too muchby BuhBuhBubbles
I guess it all got too much for me to handle...
A Fool's Dream [Les Miserables] by SkyFireForever
A Fool's Dream [Les Miserables]by Dennis Orpheus
Grantaire always knew that he wasn't good enough for Les Amis. It just hurt to have proof.
You're The Only Friend I Need by 7writes
You're The Only Friend I Needby Seven
A look into the lives of Lilith - a girl struggling with bipolar disorder with psychotic features and her best friend Drew - a depressed gay boy struggling with himself.
Just Like Old Times by PaigeLyons751
Just Like Old Timesby Paige Lyons
"I can't do this Aiden. I'm sorry but this is it. I'm just done." Trigger warning: Implied cutting and suicide