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#1 (1/2)by Eve Kun
So Hinata is a figure staker and he still plays volleyball but doesn't have time to ice stake " what will he do , will he quit volleyball or ice staking ( Oh and H...
Feels good  by heyitsalocalloser
Feels good by heyitsalocalloser
This book is about schmico (of course) And Alex(nico) has a huge crush on Jake (Levi, Schmitt) Well one thing leads to another and they fuck basically :) enjoy I'm no...
Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader by xbroadway_girlx
Lin Manuel Miranda x Readerby Fandom Stuff ;-;
For those of you who like Lin 😂 You rush towards auditions for the new musical called Hamilton when you bump into Lin on the way. You suddenly develop a huge crush on...
Psycho Mafia Love by Taesation
Psycho Mafia Loveby Taesation
[COMPLETED] Had an abusive father . Bullied and hated . She never told anyone hoping it will change . And it did but never knew the one responsible for the change was th...
When Will You Love Me Back?-Running Man Animation-A Gaiyo Love Story-Gai X Miyo by GaiYoShipper127
When Will You Love Me Back? GaiYoShipper127
This is about what happened to the RM contestants and even the DV7's after the battle with olcus in season 1 and PWEASE DONT BE MAD WITH MY STORIES IM NEW!!! :3(and my l...
Just friends... no seriously by JustSimplyKay
Just friends... no seriouslyby JustSimplyKay
Being just a regular preschool teacher, Billie has some friends that everyone knows and would die to be in her position. Meeting the Evans family years ago on family vac...
Hi I'm From another dimension (Diabolik Lovers X Modern Reader) by prettypsycho24
Hi I'm From another dimension ( prettypsycho24
ok so i'm the author of hi i'm from another dimension the other book from prettypsyho so this is the continued again i say my phone have problem and i can't log in cause...
Doianne and the secret  by diannebuzz135
Doianne and the secret by Amy Louise
When something strange happened 💕
I keep seeing greek names on wattpad stories with their wrong meaning or history,,,, so if you don't know what they mean or want to use some of them for your characters...
Idol? I Am One! by DaBlueCrystale_
Idol? I Am One!by Misha Minables
The woman's head keep tilting and felt drowsy after a long research on a new technology.. She is now in a train to her new studio told by her manager. A genius in any su...
Lexa's payback (pt 2 of The different wolf) ' by drama_queen77
Lexa's payback (pt 2 of The Drama :P
Read the first book first called the different wolf
Ct Pj x reader The Daycare by SupaSnipaGurl
Ct Pj x reader The Daycareby SupaSnipaGurl
hey there um this is my first story i might get words wrong and i most likely will have bad grammer and i make short chapters so get ready to cringe. I post on Sundays a...
Yurio x otabek by Gethelpu
Yurio x otabekby cjf
Otayuri hardcore shut Atleast I think
Teenage Years(18+) by storyslayer420
Teenage Years(18+)by storyslayer420
When your expelled to a camp with 2 boys and your bestfriend Jasmine, can you resist your urges? Or will you be happy?
Superhero School by JoseniaParker267
Superhero Schoolby JoseniaParker267
This is something I had in my head. This whole story is out of my imagination. Mostly all of my content is original. 😁
my mafia boyfriend by jorghieyassie
my mafia boyfriendby jorghieyassie
main character Jennie and taehyung I met taehyung because of our father and my father is the most dangerous mafia and her father is the 2nd most dangerous Mafia I met h...
Mattia smut...💦🤤 by ValeryFlores425
Mattia smut...💦🤤by Valery Flores
Hi Watty!  by impossibletosave
Hi Watty! by alreadyhacked
About Delphini Ekaterina Lawrence Riddle... 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫