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Noah's Nightmare (BxB / BDSM) by TieMeXXX
Noah's Nightmare (BxB / BDSM)by Hell4 Swan
🔥Warning ⚠️ 🔥 *Please check the tags before you start to read *Contain abusive scenes, humiliation, forced *No pedophile *BXB, MXB, gay, yaoi, BL *Sick-minded author...
Stripping Tzuyu by xonatina
Stripping Tzuyuby xonatina
Tzuyu saw her life flash before her eyes. "Hey, what if she's hairy down there?", Momo asked, with a laugh. "Oh my God, that would be so embarrassing!&quo...
Bullied and Humiliated by Deathstroke_123
Bullied and Humiliatedby Chiller Dude
Andrew shares his personal story of being bullied in 7th grade. He and his friend Tyler were targeted by a group of bullies who humiliated and intimidated them, ruining...
Stripping Rosé by xonatina
Stripping Roséby xonatina
Jennie rolled her on the side and started pulling on her pants. Rosé felt a rush of heat throughout her body and couldn't believe what Jennie was about to do. Nayeon and...
Grade A wedgie  by wedgielover34
Grade A wedgie by Wedgie_lover34
The classic scenario a boy dealing with a bully at school...but not a typical bully.
(Mantan) Preman Sekolah by DirtyLittleSecret89
(Mantan) Preman Sekolahby DirtyLittleSecret
Hidup laksana roda yang terus berputar. Namun bagaimana jika roda tersebut berhenti berputar saat kita berada di bawah? Itulah yang terjadi pada Reza si preman sekolah...
[Short Story_Completed] by AshlehQueen
[Short Story_Completed]by AshlehQueen
She was right at that place where she was then. In the very same highlighter orange overall having the company's monogram and distributing flyers... maybe. I don't know...
Humiliating Lisa by xonatina
Humiliating Lisaby xonatina
Jennie ran towards her and yanked her pants down in one go, leaving her in her underwear. Lisa lost her balance from the sudden movement and stumbled to the front and al...
The danger of loving the popular guy with a dark secret by Story_Obsessd
The danger of loving the popular Story_Obsessd
Ellie Parker is 14 and goes to Edworth High. She has a huge crush on Charlie Davis. Once they become biology partners and Ellie has to start giving lessons to improve. P...
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (the brute story) by siberianhuskylove
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (the brute siberianhuskylove
This is my first please bare with me..
A Wave of New Beginnings (Harry Styles AU) by livie42
A Wave of New Beginnings (Harry Olivia
Coral Tide Mangrove usually gets made fun of for her unusual name. It's the first day of high school, and everyone in homeroom laughs at her when there's a mistake on th...
The Wattpad Support Group by CampHalfBlooder
The Wattpad Support Groupby Child of Poseidon
Hi my name is - Holly. (I'm sorry Dan ik I m probably going to hell for that.) I am a complete failure in life, so to make all of you lovely readers feel better about yo...
Drama queen (HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA-1) by Arabesque_lady_17
Drama queen (HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA-1)by Ivy Seymour
Aurelie is just your normal teenage girl. But, as everyone knows, durst day of school can be highly annoying. Especially when you have to face the one and only drama Qu...
The Reject by TakesABitchToKnowOne
The Rejectby That's a secret ;)
Audrina Parker is a fat and ugly loner with a sarcatsic and witty side; who everyone despises. The reasons are stupid. Her appearance and weakness. So when she is reject...
Whisper (on hold) by happypanda1718
Whisper (on hold)by Brianna (Sal)
After Erin Casey's mom dies in a car accident, she isn't the same. Her moms death has affected her greatly, and she doesn't know what to do. Her brother Quinn has his gi...