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Dumped! by XxSassyCynicxX
Dumped!by XxSassyCynicxX
Deana Carter has always been superstitious and cynical. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the inevitable - disappointment. So, when she meets...
somewhere in the darkness [c. evans] by heartbreakweather
somewhere in the darkness [c. raylee
camillelaurent: just found out my kissing scene is with spider-man not captain america... chrisevans: i mean we can do one off screen if you want...
Mismatched Compatibility (A and D Spin-Off) by fallenbabybubu
Mismatched Compatibility (A and Louisse
What if fate's playing a cruel joke on you because your soulmate annoys the heck out of you, despite sharing an undeniable chemistry? Ethan Tyler is your typical arrogan...
The Only Exception || The Big Bang Theory by Neon_Trees33
The Only Exception || The Big lexa :)
Dr. Angela Richards is a theoretical physicist at Caltech University just like our Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Both are strangers until a meeting with President Seibert changes...
Six smut one-shots by GAYtorade69
Six smut one-shotsby Gay Dumbass
AAAA I was bored
The Big Bang Theory Daughter Scenarios by Tranquil_Space_Ninja
The Big Bang Theory Daughter Tranquil Space Ninja
You are adopted by one of the Big Bang Theory characters! Yay!!!!!!!! I'm only doing Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj. That should be good. This book will have...
Lincoln Loud's Deadly Flight by Stephen_DoesntTry
Lincoln Loud's Deadly Flightby Stephen, Stop Stealing My Cri...
Lincoln gets so tired of his sisters that he decides to run away towards Los Angeles with his friends. How will the sisters react and will Lincoln be able to stay safe o...
You Belong with Me-A Jack and Kim story(Kickin it) by SynchroStar
You Belong with Me-A Jack and SynchroStar
Kim Crawford is in love. Jack Brewer. Hot, karate legend and also her best friend. However Kim is starting to lose control of her feelings. She knows Jack likes her, but...
Avery and Leah loved Marvel more than the average person. They watched movies, has marathons and dreamt of one day meeting the actors who put their favourite characters...
The Rise of the Phoenix (Marvel/Captain America/Agent Carter) by jinx1996
The Rise of the Phoenix (Marvel/ Jinx
Alexis Jane Morgan is an intelligent 18 year old girl who by some miracle manages to score herself a job with the one and only Howard Stark. She wants to help her countr...
Imagines of your favorite nerd gang with Will Weaton and Penny
Secret Trio: A New Start (Rewrite) (HIATUS) by CartoonAlcoholic
Secret Trio: A New Start (Rewrite) ו×Athaliו×
Luong Lao Shi felt a powerful wave of negative energy one night while he was sleeping. His worst fear had come true. Something... Someone evil has awoken and realized wh...
We're One of a Kind || A 'SiX Watches SiX the Musical' Fanfiction by FIORITE
We're One of a Kind || A 'SiX Ellie
Catherine of Aragon was upset. No, she was furious. She had been divorced by her husband, the King of England himself. All because a young woman, her own lady in waiting...
Samurai | (Randy Cunningham x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Samurai | (Randy Cunningham x Weird
For 800 years, Norrisville high has been protected by a ninja... and a samurai! No one knows that every 4 years, new warriors are choosen. Two freshmen to fight evil. Ra...
Best Man Wedding by ChocolateZeno
Best Man Weddingby xxZenoxx
When we last left off the the gang the loss of one beloved mended the broken bonds. Now coping the 8 find themselves more spread out and out of touch then they've ever b...
Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan)by izzy
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
A New Life by RozeyThorns
A New Lifeby Rozeeeఌ︎
(Made again since I Accidentally Deleted it) Henry the vii had six wives, but what happened to them? Did they ever get a happy ending? The wives were given a second chan...
The Ninja And The Assassin (Randy Cunningham X Reader) by AwksomeGirl789
The Ninja And The Assassin ( hubris
---> CURRENTLY FIXING GRAMMAR <--- With a great tragedy unknown to you and a special mission to complete, you suddenly find yourself being the new student in Norri...
Six the musical one shots by GAYtorade69
Six the musical one shotsby Gay Dumbass
Wattpad deleted my other one❤️
Six The Musical Parent scenarios by Nred4002
Six The Musical Parent scenariosby Nerd2002
This book will show what it would be like to be a child of one Henry the VII Ex wives. Modern AU Based of the Musical These are MY headcanons and I was bored so I mad...