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Dream And The Bad Sanes by Mr_Tiny
Dream And The Bad Sanesby Dtiny
WARNING! (This story contains 18+ graphic parts(lemon in other words)and Self harm please don't read if your not allowed to or if you don't like any of this) Thank you (...
AU Sans X Reader One-shots by Little_Blue805
AU Sans X Reader One-shotsby Blue
Completely female readers unless a request asks different. That's...really about it, enjoy!
The wolf Turned sheep by RjOwO9
The wolf Turned sheepby Rj
A love story of a sensitive cannibal and a pain loving farm boy. (Some fluff and lemon 🍋)
Horror! Sans X Bitty Reader by Octo-skelly52
Horror! Sans X Bitty Readerby AUprotector32
(Y/N), a small, abused, bitty human, manages to find her way into the Underground of Horrortale after being abandoned on Mount Ebott. She's so small that the thin layer...
Swapped Over by ItsSwapPapyrus
Swapped Overby Teutonic
Having little to no memories on what happens, you wake up to find two skeleton brothers who look awfully similar to yours. Confused and slightly disoriented, you later d...
Black Roses (Overprotective!Bad Guy Sans' x Child!Reader) by JulesRedenger
Black Roses (Overprotective!Bad Gu...by JulesRedenger
Nightmare found a young child a long time ago. When they fell into a coma it sent him over the edge. several hundred years later the child wakes up in a castle of darkne...
Bloody Desires; Horrortale!Sans X Reader by KingKaltac
Bloody Desires; Horrortale!Sans X...by Mia & a random child
It's been a few months since the last neutral run and things have taken turns for the worst. No one is happy, Everyone is starving. An you are the perfect prey, falling...
What's in the attic  by shadowandblack
What's in the attic by shadowandblack
Sans loved her! He really did! He...he just could not let her leave! Now he will do what ever it takes to keep her with him which now includes keeping her from his alter...
Creepypasta x Horrortale by Dragon17122
Creepypasta x Horrortaleby Dragon17122
What would happen if after the Horrortale Pacifist ending Sans, Papyrus, Toriel and a few other monsters escape the underground. They hide from society and soon find tha...
A Skeleton's Hope (Undertale AU's x Reader) DISCONTINUED/BEING REWRITTEN by Just_Vibing_Man
A Skeleton's Hope (Undertale AU's...by Dead
Sans and Papyrus were your best friends until randomly they just cut off all contact with you. This went for everyone else in your life so it didn't really hurt that muc...
the unamused captive by Fandomfrenzy625
the unamused captiveby Fandomfrenzy625
being pulled away from your home while your simply enjoying some alone time can be annoying and to make it worse you have no say in the matter as 2 teams keep throwing...
Naturetale : reborn as lavender  by KarmaAkabane425
Naturetale : reborn as lavender by Karma Akabane
(As far as I know, no one has made a story about naturetale like this so..and the only reason why I writing one like this is because of fatal error part 5? Or part 4, go...
Three Bitty Monsters (REWRITE) by Fff3ff
Three Bitty Monsters (REWRITE)by Fff3ff
You thought your life was like any other fools. A tragic backstory, and then you grew up and had to work till you died. That's it. Not much... much... uh... not uh.... ...
Reborn as fellswap san and now I'm kinda blind!? by KarmaAkabane425
Reborn as fellswap san and now I'm...by Karma Akabane
What if..someone from our world was reborn as fellswap sans? But an accident when he was young leads to becoming blind for a long time and papyrus feels guilty about not...
Becoming an error by KarmaAkabane425
Becoming an errorby Karma Akabane
What if someone from our world became error and didn't destroy au's and left that for nightmare and his gang and claims au's? ( different things including personalities
We are Bloody Stars by KillerSD23
We are Bloody Starsby KillerSD23
(HorrorxDream) Dream is pushed into Horrortale and meets Horror. While Horror see's Dream as a totally cutie and a possible love interest. Dream see's a possible creepy...
𝐔𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐲(Horror Sans x Reader) by Sydneybeartwo
𝐔𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐲(Horror...by Sydneybeartwo
​🇦​ ​🇳​​🇪​​🇼​ ​🇸​​🇴​​🇺​​🇱​ ​🇮​​🇳​ ​🇹​​🇭​​🇪​ ​🇺​​🇳​​🇩​​🇪​​🇷​​🇬​​🇷​​🇴​​🇺​​🇳​​🇩​...​🇴​​🇳​​🇪​ ​🇴​​🇫​ ​🇲​​🇮​​🇽​​🇪​​🇩​ ​🇹​​🇷​​🇦​​🇮​​🇹​​�...
Reborn as the tree of feelings by KarmaAkabane425
Reborn as the tree of feelingsby Karma Akabane
What if someone died and became the tree of feelings from dreamtale? Well things won't stay the same, that's for sure. (Different everything etc, different personalities...
Sans Aus x Reader Oneshots (Infrequent Updates) by good_night51
Sans Aus x Reader Oneshots (Infreq...by ᶜʰᵃʳˡᵒᵗᵗᵉ
If you can't tell what this is from the title idk what to tell you... I will do requests and they can be as detailed or as vague as you want. I will do OCs if you want. ...
Your Odd Neighbor (Horror Sans x Reader) by OreoDaSkeleton
Your Odd Neighbor (Horror Sans x R...by ~Oreo~
Y/N's best friend Blueberry (also known as Underswap Sans) invited them to move into the shared/connected apartment next door. They could hang out all the time! It's an...