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Insecure Texting  by idek_larryaf
Insecure Texting by larriebby
babyhoneyharry: you only like me because you want inside my pants cockytommo: no I also like you because you have a dick in those pants 😏 Harry is insecure and hates...
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Human Luna #Wattys2016 by daaprincess
Human Luna #Wattys2016by ✴ s l i m ✴
"You stupid bitch!" Screamed the red head turning to face me. Her drink spilled all over her. "I'm so sorry, i didn't mean to." I said backing away...
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His Blind Mate by Chloe_Elizabeth01
His Blind Mateby Chloe Elizabeth
Meet Mia Gray, she was an outgoing, funny, caring, amazing, and bubbly person. That all changed when she turned ten and got into a car accident making her loose her eye...
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𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐝 | original by bloomlrh
𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐝 | 𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲
connor davis is the star baseball player of every team he's on. guys want to be him, and girls want to date him. he seems to have to perfect life, a girlfriend, all the...
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Me and my Magnus  by magnus_bane_lover
Me and my Magnus by - Angelina ♥️
This story was malec smut but now a story about Alec becoming immortal from the help of Magnus' father, but the new things he haves can lead to good or bad things, there...
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Taming Terra by rinahgithaiga
Taming Terraby Rinah Githaiga
××××××× I roll my eyes. "We are just friends. We plan to keep it that way." CJ looks at me with hurt in his eyes. "I don't plan to keep it that way and y...
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Soulmates✔️ ||Kaminari Denki| by Cookie_Monster_427
Soulmates✔️ ||Kaminari Denki|by Monster
(Y/N)'s life was never a golden one. She lived with her foster parent's since the age of eight and had been abused by them ever since. No one is there for her and she ha...
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Charlie's Hero (#nanowrimo2015) by KenZ_Dizzy95
Charlie's Hero (#nanowrimo2015)by KenZ_Dizzy95
Charlotte sat there unmoving, tears falling down her cheeks. She could not do anything as she watched her sisters casket go down into the ground. She did not look to her...
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Noah Baker by jmttt03
Noah Bakerby Jeana
"Sometimes when I am at school, I feel like I'm just another student with the same average grades, personality, humor, dirty humor and that's just what people think...
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Girl Meets Lilith/ #Wattys2019 by Trelhu60962
Girl Meets Lilith/ #Wattys2019by Trelhu60962
A new girl arrives at Abigail Adams High school. She's everything anyone could ever want. Pretty, smart, talented, funny. But deep down she has a secret. Riley, Maya, Lu...
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The bad boys baby by that_crazy_girl66
The bad boys babyby ❤Megan❤
This book is about two people that don't get along and they fall in love with each other and that the girls friend doesn't want her with him so will hes away the friend...
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Four Horsemen to Save the World (percy jackson fan fiction) by OkamiAkuma
Four Horsemen to Save the World ( OkamiAkuma
What if you were betrayed? What if the person you loved the most turned her back on you? What if you left the only place safe for your kind, heading out into a world tha...
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The Wolves of River Falls by LizzieWildblood
The Wolves of River Fallsby Lizzie
He is Captain of the football team. Most popular Guy in school. Can get any girl he wants. Next in line to be Alpha. Logan's not ready for a mate, he was enjoying his ea...
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A bet with Mr. CEO (COMPLETE!) by HollyJohnson
A bet with Mr. CEO (COMPLETE!)by XxHeavy_StormxX
What the hell is wrong with me? Seriously? I can't believe i just did that! I cant believe i just made a $50 bet with a man i have never met before, who turns out to be...
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The Bad Boy And His Princess by BookLover12300
The Bad Boy And His Princessby Ade Oluokun
Highest Rank: #88 in Teen Fiction Meet Aurora Winters, a perky, seventeen-year-old, good girl loner. Meet Jeremiah Summers, an ever angry, antisocial, eighteen-year-old...
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My Best Friend's Brother (Daniel Seavey) by fancygirl39
My Best Friend's Brother (Daniel fancygirl39
"Good girl" he said as he grab my chin making me face him. "Your learning not to talk back but make sure you keep that pretty mouth of yours shut about th...
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Spying is my life... But now I have to play soccer by KenZ_Dizzy95
Spying is my life... But now I KenZ_Dizzy95
On Sadie's last mission, she ran into Sam. after all the drama that went on she brought Sam back with her. they are now being partnered up for another mission in Califo...
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She Will Be Mine One Day by skye8cutkelvin
She Will Be Mine One Dayby skye8cutkelvin
Ayli Williams is a very quiet and shy person. She is very observant which gives her the upper hand to select her company(friends) she keeps in her circle. But for this o...
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They call me mute girl. by drMischievous
They call me mute drMischievous
Highest rank #60 Meet Binali Lewis. She is mute. But she chooses to be. She's cynical, when it comes to talking. She finds no use in it. But then a new teacher comes alo...
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The Gang Leaders Outcast by NightShadowLina
The Gang Leaders Outcastby NightShadowLuna
#2 and 5 in thegirl #24 & 100 in Leader #7 in newfriends #33 & 647 & 858 in gangs #36 in oldfriends #40 & 702 in scars #419 in past **** Iris Hill is an Outcast...
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